About the IMI  


"This pure Being is the pure Existence, which cannot be cut by weapons and cannot be burnt by fire, cannot be made wet by water and cannot be dried or blown by the wind. It is forever the same Self-existing Self."

—Swami Shyam, Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, verse 23


Rather than asking,
Who am I?
Swami Shyam answers,

The IMI was founded so that people could unfold the knowledge of inner peace and Self-knowledge by practicing the technique of meditation. Founded by Swami Shyam, the IMI is situated in northwestern India. However, Swami Shyam says that a center is not a place. Every person who meditates and knows the meaning of "I am I" is a center.The correspondence courses offered here were created so that people living anywhere can study the teachings of Swami Shyam and practice them in their daily life.