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Ashtaawakr Gita: The Scripture of Knowledge for All Times

An indepth analysis of the dialogue between the sage Ashtaawakr and his student King Janak. The Sanskrit verses of this ancient text about the vision of Oneness are fully explained and the word-for-word translation is given.

312 pages

Bhagavad Gita

A classic translation of the Bhagavad Gita. This edition, first published in 1985, provides extensive commentary on the verses. It contains a unique introduction which elucidates many aspects of Gita that have never been explained before, including the symbolic meaning of the characters in the book.

224 pages

Doubtless Meditation

With delightful creativity, imagination and humor, Swami Shyam tells the story that occurs in everyone's head — the story of ongoing questions, concerns and worries. Everyone who inquires into Truth will relate to this witty portrayal of the doubtful human mind, and, of course, to the answer to all doubts, questions and worries. That answer is the knowledge of one’s ever-free Self, plus the technique that everyone can apply to make it a practical reality.

116 pages

Why Meditation?

A short introduction to meditation. This book enables the reader to understand the unfoldment of highest awareness and attain inner peace.

64 pages


Initially addressed to young people, Mastermind provides invaluable information and guidance for people of all ages. It begins by explaining the importance of thinking and proceeds to describe the subtle functioning of the mind and its source. It tells the reader how to meditate and enter the superstate of consciousness, and introduces the mantra Amaram Hum.

280 pages

Ashtaavakr Gita: Simplified Knowledge of the Self

Swami Shyam completed this translation of the Ashtaavakr Gita in the summer of 2001. Rendered with effortless lucidity, it delivers the understanding of Self-realization and the knowledge of that which is pure, free and forever. This book is a pocket-size gem.

134 pages

Ashtaavakr Gita: A Precise Study of the Human Mind

A pocket-sized book, this translation is completely different from Swami Shyam's other versions of the classic scripture. Each verse is rendered in just a few lines, conveying the essential nature of the ever-free Self.

298 pages

The World Is Oneness

Seven chapters that lead the reader to know how to remove the human sense of disturbance “It is imperative for human beings to remove the sense of disturbance from their heads and hearts and bring about the state of fulfillment …” Swami Shyam writes. “The realized one, even with his body form, is ever established in peace eternal, the state of Bliss Consciousness.” … “It is Oneness, the Source, in which humanity and the world rest.”

48 pages

Research Findings in the Field of Consciousness

A selection of 14 writings describing different aspects of consciousness. Through these writings, the reader develops the ability to understand his own subtle fields of awareness, how he becomes divided from his source, and how, in fact, he is never divided. Topics include the sense of I and you, surrender, individual efforts, the sense of separation and the sense of well-being, meditation, how to attain freedom, purity of the Self and Self Realization (Aatma Saakshaatkaar).

125 pages

108 Verses from the Bhagavad Gita

The short English translations of select verses from the Gita present the knowledge of Self and descriptions of action, devotion and meditation. This pocket-size edition contains an entirely new commentary which not available in any other publication. The original Sanskrit is also included.

119 pages
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