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Swami Shyam has written over 50 books, most of which are in English. He has written many short writings called "Research Findings in the Field of Consciousness," based on the direct experience of highest awareness, and has translated many of the great Sanskrit texts. In addition to his Hindi books on meditaion and the vision of Oneness, he has published seven volumes of poetry, for which he has been lauded by renowned Hindi poets of the 20th and 21st centuries. Many of his works have been translated into French, German, Norwegian, Hebrew and other languages.

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Meet Your True Self through Meditation

A view of the Self through the eyes of the enlightened being. Reading this book directly transforms one's consciousness into the state of meditation and knowledge of the Self as the free Space. Written in an engaging and intimate style, the text includes anecdotes; references to the Bhagavad Gita; an in-depth description of the meaning of samaadhi, or the superstate of consciousness; and the technique of meditation.

238 pages
(Soft Cover)

Light of Knowledge

Light of Knowledge is a new, illuminating translation of Shankaracharya’s Vivek Chudamani. Swami Shyam clarifies the eternal wisdom of Vedant and the practical means to attain Self Realization, the knowledge of Brahm, the Highest Awareness. Light of Knowledge gives the answers to our deepest questions. It is a treasure for anyone who wishes to attain the vision of Oneness and perfect peace while living with joy and wisdom on Earth. (English with Sanskrit verses.)
258 pages
(Soft Cover)

Bhagavad Gita: The Importance of Human Life

New commentary on the Bhagavad Gita published in 2009. 18 chapters of dialogue between the the Guru and disciple, the free mind and the bound mind, the Liberator and the aspirant. The reader is led to his own liberated state of Self-realization from every angle. He realizes the eternal, unchanging Self, which appears as form and world, yet remains “pure, free, forever.” With original Sanskrit text and word-for-word translation of Devnagari to English.

522 pages

The Avadhoot Gita of Dattatraya

Addressing "my dear mind," the sage, Avadhoot Dattatraya, gives knowledge of the ever pure and free Self. In verse after verse, he describes all the ways in which we are truly free from all the ideas and fears that appear to bind human beings. He repeats, "I am the nature of Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness, Oneness. I am immortal space, like the sky."

145 pages

Raj Yog

Raj Yog, based on Swami Shyam’s direct knowledge of the pure Self through meditation and pure perception, “is a work of immense value to present and future followers of the Yog system of philosophy.”
–Dr. S. D. Tripathi, Punjab University

144 pages

Patanjali Yog Darshan

A clear and unique explanation of the cryptic Sanskrit verses by the sage Patanjali. This book elucidates the different states of human consciousness and provides a map for the unfoldment of highest awareness.

205 pages

Nine Lessons

Swami Shyam speaks to the reader through a series of lessons on the subject of Yog, or Oneness. The fields of Karm (action), Gyan (knowledge), Bhakti (love or devotion) and Raaj Yog (expansion of the mind), as well as Shyam Space (the source), are illuminated. Other topics include meditation, education, the breath and the distinction between Oneness and otherness.

109 pages

Shyam's Philosophy

A completely modern, original, free-flowing exploration into the nature of the vision of Oneness, including the sure technique for bringing it consciously into our own lives. The reader is led through varieties of scenes and stories, both practical and fanciful, illustrating how through the vision of Oneness human life is enlightened and transformed. The 60 chapters include myriad topics, including the knower, non-doership, relaxation, dynamism, friendship and harmony, ego and Samaadhi.

539 pages (23 colour photos)

Direction of Life

What is the primary Knower? What is the secondary knower? With humor, wit and incisive awareness, Swami Shyam describes the functioning of the mind and the nature of the Self, giving the reader a clear direction of life. The sport of the Knower and the unfolding of master-consciousness are thoroughly explained.

135 pages
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