Self Realization

The teachings of Swami Shyam enable one to practice meditation and unfold the knowledge of the Self, Pure, Free, Forever.

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The writings section is updated regularly with new material by Swami Shyam on the subject of Self-realization, inner peace, and the Vision of Oneness.

CDs and DVDs of discourses given by Swami Shyam.

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The courses section offers a selection of e-mail correspondence courses on the teachings of Swami Shyam. They provide one-to-one guidance in meditation and the unfoldment of the knowledge of the Self, which is forever free and indivisible.





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Swami Shyam has selected seven essential verses from the Bhagavad Gita to be sung and studied daily. These verses are available for download in 14 languages here.


"You are Pure, Free, Forever."
—Swami Shyam


Swami Shyam's wisdom comes from his highest state of Self-realization, the vision of Oneness, indivisibility, the eternal Self. He has dedicated his life to communicating this knowledge so that everyone can attain the same state of Self-realization.

Swami Shyam is an enlightened being, a sage, a poet, a speaker, an artist, a man whose delightful sense of humor and resounding laughter bring joy to everyone around him. His teachings unfold our own eternal freedom, joy, peace and Self-awareness. Swami Shyam's technique of meditation, along with clear understanding, can unfold this vision of Oneness and deathlessness within us all.

“You as Self-Existence alone are. I as Self-Existence alone am. He or she or it as Self-Existence alone is—pure, free, and indivisible. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum is its name. That alone is.”
—Swami Shyam