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Leader-Making Talk and Meditation Simple, Precise and Right-on

What is the remedy for those who not only want a long and healthy life, but sincerely feel they do not want to die? In this audio recording, Swami Shyam talks of the transformation of the human view that man has a short-lived, temporary existence into the Truth of one's Eternal Existence.

One can attain the knowledge that there is no death of any kind, provided that he makes a personal experiment. Applying the mantra Om , Swami-ji conducts a meditation in which the body's activity, the mind's knowledge, and the sense of the world get absorbed in the space of Perfection, Oneness and Happiness.

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The Direction of Your Life

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

My dearest Self, let us share your hearing and my speaking, and take the direction of your life, which is never the direction towards death, destruction, disease, ignorance or blind thinking. Rather, the direction of life of every human being is towards the growth of happiness, joy, liveliness, love and deathlessness. That is within you as I, which is immortal and blissful in its true nature.

The outward I is mental and physical, the nature of which will always be changing. Therefore, the direction of life is to have the thought of the unchanging, the thought of immortality and deathlessness, which is love eternal, forever the same and permanent. This is delight eternal.

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Thank you.
—Swami Shyam

Realization Will Make You Free
A shorter video message by Swami Shyam

The realization of the true nature of your I, the Self, will make your mind free from fear of the external world and its happenings, and free from the nightmare of the dream world, which daily takes place. And you will remain forever pure, free and joyful.

—Swami Shyam
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