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The "I" / Ego and Egolessness

  E115 Eliminate the Sense that Makes the Space as Body Born
On Geetika’s birthday Swamiji addresses how to get beyond the sense of duality which creates the problem of individuality and dependence on oth-ers. One says “I am a body,” yet does not inquire what that means, or what and where the “I” is. The intellect is fixed in the knowledge of the born body. Swamiji leads the participants into meditation by saying you have the power to free yourself from the mind’s function and break its limita-tion. This is called being kind to the mind. Then the mind will recognize that the “I” is never dependent; its true nature is pure, free, forever. The technique is to practice knowing this—that’s all.
November 30, 2008 • Duration: 28 minutes
E89 Ultimate
Cloaked in an early morning mist beside the mystical Vyaas River, Swa-miji speaks about the pinnacle of sadhanaa. When the jigyaasu reaches this stage, his attachment to the body is replaced with the underlying real-ity, the Knower. If you are mixed with the body at any time, treat it that you are not matured. Now the time has come to mature! Only “I” knows “I,” and “I” alone has created this world of forms and body. When you know Self is free and “That I am,” then you have realized. That is jeevan mukt. After this guided meditation talk, Swamiji answers several questions from Shiv Nath and Devindra. He expounds on the ultimate topic and also delves into pravritti marg, nirvritti marg, and how Guru expresses One-ness.
August 7, 2008 • Duration: 46 minutes
E87 Unchanging Is I Pure and Not the Impure I-Body
Swamiji reclines in the dining room at Mashoo with Veena, Ruhi and Poornima. He begins by saying that we are utilizing time, and time has made you think, be responsible and get connected to life, which was given at birth. Guru’s role is for our growth and he invites Poornima to ask for that which she wants. She wants to remain the unchanging “I” and wants to know how to develop more. This is a brilliant demonstration of the Guru-Disciple dynamic, in which Swamiji leads the human being step-by-step into understanding that the “I” is always pure, free, forever, anubhav. You must know I am self-effulgent being.
August 3, 2008 • Duration: 26 minutes
  E79 Information Regarding Inner Being as Secret Knowledge
Sitting behind a large table-top by the riverside, Swamiji speaks of how a human being’s senses see only things and forms in external existence. Though the body is obvious, the “I” is hidden. That inner reality, indivis-ible space, is the source of power, the very life of a human being. With practice he can realize that Source of which all the external forms are the outcome and come to know it is beyond appearance and beyond disappear-ance, as well as existing within appearance and disappearance.
July 24, 2008 • Duration: 24 minutes
E69 Surprising Moments
Swamiji sits on an outcrop overlooking the roaring Parvati River in full monsoon flood, with the lush mountainside at his back. He speaks of how one took birth as a human being and then became aware, surprisingly, that he exists. But the real surprising moment is when one comes to know that I is the only Truth and reality, and whatever has been conventionally known by others as forms, people, and relationships is not there. The nature of I is incomparable to any form, so the example of space or sky is used to describe it. That Space is the surprising moment. The surprising nature of your being is that I which is forever there.
June 29, 2008 • Duration: 12 minutes
  E59 What Is Ego and What Is Egolessness
In the garden by Veena’s kuteer, Swamiji inspires a study into the sense of “I” and of the sense “I exist.” One knows, “I exist with body,” but does not know that he exists as abstract, deathless life. What will recognize that unchanging formlessness when the ego-intellect and the body itself is changing and understands only form? To find real happiness, which is ego-lessness, it is essential to recognize that Existence which stands by itself. Swamiji guides us to close the eyes, drop the senses, and be our original-ity as Self-effulgence. We need not call it a form or even use words. How simple it is.
May 23, 2008 • Duration: 48 minutes
  E58 I Is Never a Form
Accompanied by brisk wind and rushing waters from the river far below, Swamiji sits at the curve of a steep mountain road and speaks of the desires of a human being, and that the utmost desire is for eternal life and freedom. How to be free is what is sought after and can be known when one unfolds the power to know that he is permanent by identifying with that Free Being that has no body form. Concentration, contemplation, and meditation will ultimately lead to seeing oneself as the formless Knower itself.
May 20, 2008 • Duration: 23 minutes
E49 Experience Alone Is
Name and body is I, I is experience, and experience is Space. Space is a big heart and in the middle of it all beings are living, so all is Space. Swamiji, with closed eyes in the austere cave, guides everyone to keep their eyes closed and to remain free as experience. He describes how each person arrived to the cave, yet each is the same sky-space. After his initial talk, he opens the session to questions from the group and one question leads to a discussion of the rabbit in the mirror, which Swamiji repeatedly refers to as a bunny. The spirit in the cave rises into waves of laughter and leaves the viewer with a lightness of heart and sense of knowingness.
March 29, 2008 • Duration: 60 minutes
  E46 Knowledge of Your Own Self Makes You Free from Such an Idea That You Have to Renounce the World
At the Span Resorts, with glistening snow peaks in the background, Swamiji appreciates the glowing sunshine. Every living thing, from grass blades to mountain tops, appreciates sunshine. In the same way the source of the body existence is to be appreciated. However, man forgets his true nature at birth and assumes himself to only be a body. He needs knowl-edge and for this his intellect must be purified. Ego prevents a human being from digging that, which is behind the senses. But he cannot drop the ego and so remains confused. He must seek a solution from the one who knows. Guru tells him that your “I” is pure, free, forever. Self is not known – it is just pure and forever present, whether the world is there or the world disappears.
March 16, 2008 • Duration: 35 minutes
E41 I Am I Is Eternal Peace
Born dependent, a human being develops by fulfilling the need for food, clothes, and the presence of people. Thus one builds a nature based on satisfying desires through relying on others because desire is not satisfied by itself. If desire is the means of attaining fulfillment, then how can one not remain dependent on others, i.e., objects and relations? In this progres-sive examination, Swamiji exercises our power to pinpoint the source of independence. Independence is you yourself, the I, who is not other. Yet I is hidden—I cannot be known through action or the knowledge of the senses, nor can the body form meet the I. Swamiji offers real independence by informing one to unfold the knowledge “Space I am” by closing the eyes. This is all one desires. How close it is!
March 1, 2008 • Duration: 38 minutes
C19 In Satsang We Locate I
Swamiji speaks about the real meaning of yog and of shaanti—which will never become ashaanti—and skillfully leads the attention to that pure I which we locate in satsang. His talk culminates with a lead-in to medita-tion describing that this I will always be there, it is never born and it never dies, which is the mantra Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. This is a straight talk taken from a winter satsang on the occasion of Sue’s departure and Samashti’s arrival, with no speeches or questions, and the camera staying focused on Swamiji throughout.
January 7, 2007 • Duration: 31 minutes
B15 Centre Is Eternal Silence
Beside a waterfall, surrounded by forest, Swamiji leads our attention to that Space from where all of nature comes and to which it returns. In our query about the world and our own existence, we have reached the stage of living in the forest, exploring what a human being is missing. We observe nature and see that all, including ourselves, changes and moves, like a river, toward meeting its source. Digging further, we stop the movement of nature, the senses, mind, and intellect, taking time to make everything still. In that stillness, the Self speaks its own Self-existence: that where existing elements stop, that is Me, the Source, the Centre. There, you are maun.
August 22, 2006 • Duration: 30 minutes