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You Are Pure, Free, Forever




Freedom from Birth and Death


Mind, Intellect, Senses, and Self


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The Knower and Knowingness


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Freedom from Birth and Death

  E105 Before It’s Too Late
In the restaurant at Mashoo in the late afternoon, Nootan asks Swamiji what is the nature of practice. In his comprehensive answer, Swamiji emphasises the need to be clear for what you are practising. It is to gain the knowledge of your true nature, or freedom, which is lost due to the functioning of the mind and senses. An effective technique is needed to perceive and realise for yourself. The technique is to meditate, but having closed your eyes, the greatest mistake is to continue to think that I am this body which will die. When you close your eyes, whatever you see is your I that never dies. It is immortal and blissful.
September 8, 2008 • Duration: 58 minutes
E101 Whatever a Man Practises Is the Result of His Mental Awareness
Sitting outside at Mashoo Resorts having tea with friends, Swamiji gives a definitive talk on the mirror and the reflection. Guru says you are the mir-ror, the pure sky of knowledge in which the whole world reflects, and that is much vaster than the visible sky. It is made of anoos and parmanoos—supremely subtle atoms of knowingness. Humanity needs the development of the anoo-space that every “I” contains. If one practices, he will realize it, yet if he practices “I am this body only to die,” he will get the result of being fear stricken. A human being’s fear can be removed if he is informed of his true immortal existence. Everything which appears is a dream-re-flection and is all Me, pure consciousness, pure awareness.
August 22, 2008 • Duration: 21 minutes
E86 Me Is Realized Me
This is a powerful and concentrated talk in which Swamiji masterfully leads us, step-by-step, through man’s inquiry. What is free from birth and death, from appearance and disappearance? From where do things appear and to where do they disappear? What is the recognizing power in a man, and how can it be known? Swamiji gives us a technique to examine, with closed eyes, the nature of me. Through questioning, and with the help of Guru, we will succeed in the unfoldment of Knower Being Me, the totality, that never appears or disappears, that is all purity, freedom, and forever the same existence.
August 3, 2008 • Duration: 35 minutes
  E73 Only a Human Being Has the Chance to Be Free from the Scare of Death
Swamiji sits on the shore of the flowing Vyaas River and speaks of the importance of the human incarnation. Though there are innumerable crea-tures in the world, none compare to the human being. Trees cannot answer how and why their branches grow upwards into the sky. But because a human being has the ability to unfold knowledge and action, he can answer such questions. He can ask why he is born and why he dies. Through this examination, a human being unfolds his hidden inner power and comes to know the importance of removing the scare of birth and death. To remove this scare he needs a Master who knows that life alone is, that life is eter-nally Pure Free Forever.
July 10, 2008 • Duration: 20 minutes
E52 “Is” Is the Source
In order to liberate a human being from birth and death, which Swamiji describes as the banks of his existence, he needs to know that life is con-tinuous like the flow of a river that comes from an invisible source. The work to be done by man is to know that the source from where he comes is permanent. That source is never born and never dies. A human being says that sky is, but Swamiji says, “is” sky, “is” Self. Nothing can be known without “is” first. “Is” is prior to everything man sees and comes to know. “Is” is your reality. An informal, intimate talk given on the banks of the Vyaas River.
April 14, 2008 • Duration: 19 minutes