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Desire and Desirelessness (Vairaagya)




You Are Pure, Free, Forever




Freedom from Birth and Death


Mind, Intellect, Senses, and Self


Vision of Oneness


Praan and Praanaayaam


The Knower and Knowingness


The "I" / Ego and Egolessness


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  E117 Everybody Needs Freedom and Freedom Can Be Given
Only by the One Who Has It

Sitting in front of devdhaar trees near the Parvati river, Swamiji speaks about the sound which has no meaning such as the sound of the flowing river. Sound is innocent therefore it is a human being who makes mean-ing. A human being can live without sound but he cannot live if he has no sense, which is life. Every person has a sense of freedom. Freedom is not on the level of mind and five senses. When there is freedom there is no mind and knowledge of oneness remains as freedom. If you know that I am the experience then you know that I am the freedom and Sat Chit Aanand is your reality.In the second half Swamiji continues the discussion on various topics with Veena, Dan and Aasha.
December 10, 2008 • Duration: 58 minutes
E116 How a Human Being Will Be Forever Happy and Live Life in the World of Persons Who Have Differences in Their Minds
A person wants to be independent, yet the way the body is made he is dependent. He wants to be by himself so as not to have the sense of other-ness, but he cannot. In this Divine Knowledge talk filmed on a bright sunny day Swamiji, with sunglasses off, expresses a beautiful and succinct dialogue between Master and seeker. He takes one from the desire and faulty conclusions of the waking state human being to the brilliant solution of how to be by oneself. Through saadhana and meditation a human being is transformed gradually so that man knows Self I am. A beautiful medita-tive talk.
December 4, 2008 • Duration: 25 minutes
E113 For Those Who Can See: Realize the Pure Being Permeating the Intellect
Sitting in the garden on a quiet autumn day, Swamiji gives a powerful satsang describing what is pure and uninvolved. He emphasises that Guru can only talk to the intelligent person who is alive and able to close his eyes and watch that which he sees and know as himself, the Knower. The intellect is the tool but the Pure Intelligence permeating the intellect is the original Being that is pure and uninvolved. The one who realises this gains the freedom that every human being desires.
October 10, 2008 • Duration: 33 minutes
  E110 Freedom from Past, Present, and Future
Swamiji is filmed at several locations on the day of Gyaan’s arrival ex-plaining that past, present, and future are not in reality. As long as ahan-kar or mind is there, a human being will remain bound in time and space. Therefore, the mind should transcend past, present, and future and become established in the fourth state of consciousness where a person is free from worry and the sense of vaasanaa or duality. This sense keeps him attached to the changing forms and caught in the wheel of pain and happiness. Through the practice of meditation, the fourth state of freedom unfolds and the vision of Oneness or samyak drishti is realized, where there is no future or past—only eternal presence.
September 16, 2008 • Duration: 50 minutes
E84 Indescribable Freedom
The rolling river is the background at Vatika as Swamiji tells us the diffi-culty of a human being. He seeks freedom on the level of his senses where it cannot be found. A human being’s knowledge is based on what can be described, but freedom is the Source beyond description. The Enlightened Being shows him where the indescribable freedom lies. One should give rest to the system of senses and organs and be at peace with closed eyes and watch the space of freedom, the subtlest possible existence. Like the river that has become muddy, the human consciousness must be purified to know that freedom is the Source. This Divine Knowledge ends with Alka singing “Khol Musaaphir Apanee Nindiyaa” which Swamiji wrote earlier that morning.
July 30, 2008 • Duration: 20 minutes
  E64 What Swami Shyam Says
One should know that he is born on earth to become self-sufficient in the knowledge of making himself free from worries, tension, hopes, and expectations. He should be aware that no one will do anything for him nor should he be concerned with doing for others. All think their own doings are perfect; therefore, one should be doubtless and not budge from the knowledge that his own doings are perfect. He need not answer to anyone’s concerns nor worry about others’ doings. A strong, succinct, and concen-trated talk in the garden near the river.
June 16, 2008 • Duration: 10 minutes
  E63 The Original Existence of a Human Form Is Pure Happiness.
One Should Attain It!
Age after age, humanity has been traveling in the state of not-knowing. In the pursuit of health, happiness, love, satisfaction, and the sense of worri-lessness, one became concerned with day-to-day living and did not face the basic ignorance: What am I before I am born? What am I now? And what will I be afterwards? By evolving the examining power, Swamiji digs the answers to these genuine questions. He provides one with the solution to one’s real need—to know himself as the Knower, the Unchanging, Truth, the Here and Now. This is the answer of all answers.
June 16, 2008 • Duration: 22 minutes
E57 Freedom from Happiness and Unhappiness
With closed eyes, Swamiji delivers a powerful meditative discourse. Every individual is missing the Source. Without being free from the idea of birth and death one will continue to swing between happiness and unhappiness. It is only through Guru’s information, his technique of meditation, and the examination of the human mechanism that the goal, the state of perfection, is achieved. From this state, the whole world of name and form—the ficti-tious description of the intellect—is seen for what it is. It is never there at all. Guru says you have the power and it is your choice.
May 17, 2008 • Duration: 41 minutes
  E56 Without Any Plan
On the peaceful lawn at Larji Guest House, Swamiji talks to friends visit-ing from Mumbai about how all human activity is truly without any plan. Human beings have an unplanned state of consciousness which is self-effulgent, and that governs all. He tells the listener how that being lives in all of us, but remains hidden by the very power of unplanned Reality itself. This all-knowing, unplanned being is our peace and our knowledge, with-out which nothing can be created. One has the ability to unfold the power of knowing That.
May 4, 2008 • Duration: 20 minutes
E47 Freedom from Sadness, Pain, Suffering and Happiness
A quiet morning is spent sitting under a tree at the ashram with Swamiji. A human being is a tree of life, with limbs, mind and senses to perceive that spring has come. But the Knower of these senses remains hidden. Swamiji examines who is that who knows the flowers and trees, who sees the sun and mountains, who knows the sound and thoughts, and who makes the mind know. We come to know that all sentient beings are that one Knower, undivided and forever free. We follow Swamiji as he explains how the Knower behind the eyes, itself the power of knowing, can be opened and understood as the total reality of the world as a whole and the source of all that there is.
March 23, 2008 • Duration: 28 minutes
C24 Bondage and Freedom
Swamiji is clearly heard over the background sound of the river when he systematically analyses the nature of bondage and freedom. A human being does not know that his true nature is freedom because he becomes associ-ated with the bound functioning of the mind, body, and senses. Swamiji describes the sentient, chemical nature of the human body, of mental and physical disease, and of how man has wrongly derived meaning through sound and language. In deconstructing all that with which we mistakenly identify, he ultimately leaves the viewer with the knowledge of that pure I, where freedom lies. Towards the end, Alka speaks and Swamiji responds further, then Alka sings “Nit To Sahaara Hai Mayraa.” Throughout Swa-miji uses many Sanskrit terms which will not be familiar to beginners.
September 4, 2007 • Duration: 44 minutes
A3 Centre Is Your Self
Overlooking the Kullu Valley, Swamiji dismantles the confusion between the visible body and the experiencer, or mind, which is built from child-hood. A child grows up assuming the mind is one with the body, and thus identification with the body as experiencer is built. With this comes the sense of happiness and unhappiness, the fear of disappearance, and the desire to seek happiness and avoid death. Only if one meets someone with a higher knowledge of the experiencer, will he learn that the reality is indi-visible Space, accessible to everyone who practises that what he sees with closed eyes is pure, free, forever.
February 21, 2006 • Duration: 23 minutes