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The Knower and Knowingness


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The Knower and Knowingness

  G119 Abide by the Knower
Swamiji examines how a child has come on earth and by what power he is made. One sees the five elements outside of himself and does not know how they combined to make him. But a human being is also that with which he knows the elements, and that shows he has the Knower. One then seeks the Knower. One rigidly believes in his human knowledge based on the sense of division, and does not know how to realize that his very self or I is the Knower. Unless the intellect gets merged in the Knower, one will not know that the Knower alone is and never became anything else. Inside the dimly lit restaurant Swamiji utilizes the table to punctuate his points to the friends.
January 9, 2009 • Duration: 25 minutes
E80 Shortest Talk Regarding Source
Swamiji sits with the Parvati River at his back and examines the knowing aspect in sentient beings. What is it, and from where does knowingness arise in the human body? One can hear and examine for oneself, by closing the eyes and mind, that knowledge is the source of a human being and the world. When you know the source, then you know it alone is everywhere.In a second talk, Swamiji further examines that source as the basis of cause and effect. Source is you. Knowingness is one and the same in every form yet only man can understand this.
July 26, 2008 • Duration: 27 minutes
E72 The Roots of the Tree of Life Begets Fruit in the Form of Raag and Dwaysh
Swamiji, dressed in a pink, silk poncho is seated in front of royal blue curtains in his room, Pragya Kuteer. This evening he speaks in a meditative voice about raag and dwaysh; their source, how they grow and how they impact individuals and humanity as a whole. A human being should know that he is forever the Knower, not that freedom comes only when raag and dwaysh are removed. Knower is not the sense that likes and dislikes things. Knower alone is the reality, Pure Free Forever.
July 9, 2008 • Duration: 40 minutes
  E70 The Real Purpose of Life of a Human Being Is Not to Possess Things but to Have the Knowledge of the Knower
Swamiji stops along the way to Mandi to sit at the roadside with a beauti-ful mountain waterfall at his back. All human beings are going somewhere, but they do not know from where they came or what they seek. This sense of confusion is not liked, so all go towards what is liked. Thus, the waking state of consciousness is filled with the experience of like and dislike or raag and dwaysh. The Master says that one seeks freedom from this sense of change, but it can only be found by closing the eyes and knowing the Space of evenness or sam. At that time all forms dissolve, yet that which one calls “I” is always with him as the Knower. The purpose of one’s birth is to know the nature of that Knower.
July 1, 2008 • Duration: 21 minutes
E66 Being Born, a Human Being Needs No Suffering
On a jetty, with the cascading river swirling around him, Swamiji delivers a brilliant discourse describing the Knower, the Source Reality. Through listening to Guru’s words and meditating, the thought “I am the changing body” must be replaced with “I am the unchanging Knower, immortal and formless” never to be equated with the forms of the world. Ultimately, one unfolds the power or pure intelligence to know that Knower alone is, independently free. At the same time, all three states appear, disappear and live in the field of Knower, the Infinite Awareness. Nothing can be known without the Knower. For realizing the Truth of the Knower, transcendence is necessary. Then it is all the transcended state, the Space of pure, free, forever.
June 25, 2008 • Duration: 36 minutes
  E62 Man Can Remove Suffering by the Knowledge of His Happy Reality
Early in the morning Swamiji sits by the rushing Vyaas River, with Gan-gadhar by his side, and describes how a human being is born dependent. As the human being grows, his senses unfold and he becomes a victim of his desires. A feeling of helplessness and dependence develops as he seeks to attain joy through the senses which cause pain and suffering. By examining and identifying with the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Knower as his reality, the mind will be immersed in the vast Knower-Being. One will become independent, helpful, and tuned-in to that infinite power.
Jun 19, 2008 Duration: 32 minutes
  E54 The Flow of the River and the Knower of Man Is Not Seen Without Unfoldment of Realization
Sitting with a small group on the banks of the rushing Vyaas River, Swami-ji describes how your eyes see the river, the rocks, and the trees along the bank, and the snow capped peaks in the distance. But man does not know whether his eyes know these things or if there is a knower somewhere knowing it all. In the same way, as one sees the water and the waves, but not the flow, the human being does not see the knower in the eyes and senses. Before the appearance of the river, the mountains, the sky, and the human being himself, what existed? Life exists as originality in the river, in the rock, in the sky, in the mountains and in the human being. And That you are!
April 22, 2008 • Duration: 28 minutes
A10 What Do You, As a Human Being, Like the Most?
The highest desire of a human being is to gain knowledge of his own Self. A human being has to make a distinction and not equate his I-forever with the I-changing and dying. He has to be with a teacher who makes him aware that he is the Knower, the Space. This is the practice. In meditation he will watch that his Knower remains and all that covers the Self is dis-solved. Knower knows the Space and that Self is immortal and blissful.Swamiji and friends are in a quiet setting for this direct talk.
July 31, 2006 • Duration: 24 minutes
  A6 You Are Forever at Home: You Never Come and Go
Sitting close to the lively waterfall, Swamiji speaks of the Eternal Source Space in a human being that knows I am not in time and space. Eternal will be known by eternal, not by the mind or senses. When I is mixed with the body one suffers, but when one is at home he knows his I is free. To know freedom one must first listen to Guru and then examine with closed eyes. When the mind and senses cease to function and one knows “I am,” with what power is this known? That is Knower. Knower exists by itself and is forever home.
May 30, 2006 • Duration: 25 minutes