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Desire and Desirelessness (Vairaagya)




You Are Pure, Free, Forever




Freedom from Birth and Death


Mind, Intellect, Senses, and Self


Vision of Oneness


Praan and Praanaayaam


The Knower and Knowingness


The "I" / Ego and Egolessness


Self Realization


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Mind, Intellect Senses, and Self

  E71 Pure Intelligence Cannot Be Equated with Identified Ego, Mind, Intellect
The mountains are the background for Swamiji as he gives a beautiful talk from Naagini Hill. Hatha yoga, yam, niyam, aasan, and praanayaam are needed to help balance the body, awaken the kundalini, purify the intellect and nerves, and fill the practicant with energy so that he can meditate and unfold the knowledge of his own Source. If one practises meditation with the technique given by a knowledgeable informer, his saakaar intellect, which perceives only changing things and forms, will be transformed into a new and fresh intellect, niraakaar buddhi. That niraakaar intelligence, or Guru Intelligence, is eternal and undying. When you reach that, you are free!
July 8, 2008 • Duration: 31 minutes
E68 Great Responsibility on You Alone
Each person should know the purpose of his body and what is helpful to his inner being. Then he should make arrangements for his body to unfold the fourth state of consciousness. When this state is unfolded from within his intellect, confusion, unhappiness, and the sense of duality or body con-sciousness will be removed. He will be free from unnecessary thinking and will attain freedom from death, division, and destruction. He will become happy, clear, positive, self-sufficient, and helpful to others, and will be able live anywhere on earth without difficulty. This dynamic satsang filled with laughter takes place on the roof of Mashoo with Alka, Rekha, and Hirdaya Priya.
June 29, 2008 • Duration: 34 minutes
E50 Indestructible Space
We must bring a human being to a point where no breakdown is possible. That is Space, which is indestructible, akshar brahm, indivisible and im-mortal. A man is divided between his thinking mind and his acting body and into three states of consciousness of waking, dream, and deep sleep. Because man is brought up in a state of doubt, he is encouraged to seek answers and increase his knowledge. But the knowledge he gains through study does not answer the question, what was there before my body ap-peared? The only way to reach the answer is to meditate on that Knower. As we hear birds singing and see spring flowers bursting with color, Swa-miji leads those present for a birthday celebration and a farewell into that Space. This is a thorough discussion covering the topics of yoga karma sukaushalam, vivek, and aavaran and vikshayp.
March 30, 2008 • Duration: 47 minutes
  E44 It Is the Intellect of a Human Being that Can Become the Intellect of Pure Being As the Space
Filmed in wintertime at Highland Park Resorts, Swamiji talks to a small group about the human intellect and how it can be expanded. The unde-veloped intellect is limited, decisive, body intellect, which is meager and cannot be purified by using the senses. It needs to be put into a field of purity by the master of awareness to be affected, advanced and expanded into aatma buddhi. Then it is spread from one end of the sky to the other and man sees world as Space.
March 4, 2008 • Duration: 30 minutes
E43 My Source Is Source—Not Me, Not My Body, Not My Mother
A superb talk on the source, and cause and effect. What supports the par-ents, the body, and the I? The intellect tries to find the answer by relying on information from the senses which are limited to knowing forms. One understands himself and the world in terms of cause and effect, as in the way a seed becomes a tree. The intellect does not recognize that the seed and tree are a cycle which creates each other. Guru’s examination shows this understanding to be deceptive and incomplete. As one listens and follows the talk, this mistake is brought to light revealing the underlying Source, free from cause and effect.
Mar 3, 2008 • Duration: 28 minutes
  E40 Self Is Not Realized on the Level of the Mind
Just as a ring is ultimately only gold, the human body, mind is only Self. Swamiji points out that as the ring is found at the place where it was lost, similarly, examination of the mind reveals that it has never been separate from the Self, its source. Through Guru and meditation one observes Self, pure, free, forever, the indestructible sakshee and realize that mind-form is nowhere. By using vichaar in meditation, avichaar, or ignorance, is dissolved. Then there is no question of the form or formless, only the Self-effulgent being, anubhaav or Pure Experience.
February 26, 2008 • Duration: 21 minutes
  E34 You Can Attain Freedom from the Illusory Concept of Things, Forms, Persons, and Experiences
While driving to the Span, Swamji observes a group of monkeys and is inspired to give a discourse about the purpose of life of a human being. A human being is trained to look after his body, and just as a monkey can be trained to dance and perform tricks, a person can be trained to produce things with his skill and acquire possessions, relations, things, and forms. Still, he remains unhappy. In his nerves the fourth state of consciousness is hidden. Close the eyes and you will find that Space. Identify with That, not with the body, and the Knower which is beyond time and space will unfold. You are already That. Just remove the cloud consciousness or il-lusory consciousness from your eyes or mind and live the state of perfect happiness. It can be unfolded in meditation.
January 29, 2008 • Duration: 51 minutes
C28 Shyam Space, Supreme Existence
Filmed in winter at Prabuddh Kuteer, Swamiji defines how a human be-ing seeks the sense of satisfaction, which resides in the sense, not in body forms. What is the existence of body? What is source existence and what is form? Swamiji describes the order of manifestation from where body is built. The mind sense should not remain limited. Space is source existence, and form is also Space, but then what is that who thinks? It is Supreme Space, source of Space, original Space, or Knowingness. Man has to be guided to know this Space of Supreme Knower. Satisfaction for a human being is knowing that Space alone is.
January 8, 2008 • Duration: 39 minutes
  C23 Listen to the Highest Voice from Within
Swamiji looks directly into the camera for the entire talk and says with great emphasis to keep your mind open. Listen to the highest voice from within that says I am pure, free, forever. The mind’s voice keeps the high-est voice suppressed and hidden, and ultimately bound. Only when one keeps the mind open can one listen to the highest voice. The mind has to be informed that it has the power to be trained to be open. The repetition of his words to “listen to the highest voice” creates a mantra-like effect open-ing the mind.
August 17, 2007 • Duration: 27 minutes
B17 You Transcendent Is One Reality
The developed human being knows form and sound by having various experiences. The senses make forms out of words that are heard and thus, a sense of likeability or unlikeability develops. Where the senses do not function is not in the realm of his understanding. So human life remains involved in seeking gain, avoiding loss, seeking happiness, avoiding un-happiness and man remains dissatisfied. Swamiji leads the attention to the transcendent Space and how the identification with that Space results in the perfect sense of peace. This brilliant talk is given in the bustling restaurant and culminates in brief interactions with Puratan and Dinesh.
December 4, 2006 • Duration: 37 minutes
B16 You Are Missing the Real Knowledge of the Existence of Man
Swamiji initiates an examination of the knowledge one seeks through all his activities and desires. Human beings learn everything with the senses and mind, gaining the knowledge of what appears, changes, and disap-pears. Yet there is an eternal urge towards love and knowledge that does not change when forms change. Man is knowledge and love, even though he does not know it. Swamiji leads the listener to examine one’s “I,” the permanent, subtlest reality, which is the hidden secret of man’s existence. By closing the eyes, the secret is opened. Swamiji uses the table to empha-size his points throughout.
September 15, 2006 • Duration: 28 minutes
B13 Centre Is Eternal Silence
Beside a waterfall, surrounded by forest, Swamiji leads our attention to that Space from where all of nature comes and to which it returns. In our query about the world and our own existence, we have reached the stage of living in the forest, exploring what a human being is missing. We observe nature and see that all, including ourselves, changes and moves, like a river, toward meeting its source. Digging further, we stop the movement of nature, the senses, mind, and intellect, taking time to make everything still. In that stillness, the Self speaks its own Self-existence: that where existing elements stop, that is Me, the Source, the Centre. There, you are maun.
August 22, 2006 • Duration: 30 minutes
  A4 The Ambition of a Brilliant Human Being Is Freedom
A concentrated, inspiring analysis of human intelligence and pure intelli-gence. The goal of all intelligent endeavors is freedom, but no action gives perfect freedom or permanent satisfaction. All actions are motivated by the desire to remove the sense of bondage. Bondage comes when one experi-ences the sense of change, which is the sense of division. Man has bound intelligence which is the knowledge of dying things. He does not have the knowledge that he is the sky which was always there. Guru says you are that sky which is free intelligence.
May 1, 2006 • Duration: 32 minutes