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Desire and Desirelessness (Vairaagya)




You Are Pure, Free, Forever




Freedom from Birth and Death


Mind, Intellect, Senses, and Self


Vision of Oneness


Praan and Praanaayaam


The Knower and Knowingness


The "I" / Ego and Egolessness


Self Realization


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Praan and Praanaayaam

  E61 Technique of Knowledge
In this step-by-step guided meditation, Swamiji directs the viewer to pinpoint that Knowingness which stands alone—free from the subjective I and free from objective phenomena. He offers the joint technique of praa-naayaam and mantra. The subtlest means of knowing pure life, the non-physical Knower, is to attend the breath and reach where both praan and apaan stop. That is You, the Space. Such a practical examination results in the highest progress for a human being—the attainment of perfect peace, knowing you are ever the same. This is an excellent meditation talk!
May 29, 2008 • Duration: 29 minutes
E60 Praan Chitan
Swamiji describes and demonstrates the technique of praan chintaa, or praan chintan, which connects a human being to the source of his praan, that lies in abundance at the centre of his being. When a person is tuned in to that source he will not be upset, agitated, or tense. His work will be done in a balanced state. The mind, which is fidgety or chanchal will be con-centrated and settled, and the desires will be diminished. Swamiji is inside with satsangees having a cup of tea, viewing the stunning backdrop of the mountains.
27 May 27 2008 Duration: 27 minutes