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You Are Pure, Free, Forever




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You Are Pure, Free, Forever

  E107 Pure, Free, and Forever
It is evening time in the Manikaran Valley, as Swamiji tells Arun, Renu, Krishna and Akhilesh of the uniqueness of each individual who is placed in a particular situation in order to develop his or her own learning power. By narrating the ancient story of Shakuntala, followed by that of a more modern yogi, Gyan Dev, and then, ultimately, giving his own personal account of family, friends and highly qualified associates, Swamiji reveals the culture of India and identifies the hidden quest of every human being—the knowledge of his birthless and deathless nature. This can be secured through the practice of meditation, thereby locating the Knower, whose nature is Absolute Bliss Consciousness.
September 11, 2008 • Duration: 46 minutes
E103 This Is One in All
Swamiji sits in a verdant garden among brilliant pink flowers. In the same way that the fruit cannot know the flower, the body cannot know the origi-nal being. Only Guru knows that it is all sam and when he speaks about it, the jigyasu—the one who seeks knowledge—comes to listen. The perfect being, param atma, is not perceived by the senses, but Guru says that the jigyasu has the power to unfold the awareness of the free sky space. Prac-tice of I am pure, free, forever is needed, and once perfected, the knowl-edge that “I am One in all” is revealed.
August 31, 2008 • Duration: 32 minutes
E99 Talk to the Self
Knowledge is our Existence. The moment the body is born, the senses come alive to the body and dead to the Knower. Then how can one know his own originality, his own source? Swamiji leads the attention of the seeker of happiness away from satisfying his desires to opening the knowl-edge of his true nature, which is prior to the senses. Guru reveals that one has never been a body, desires, actions, happiness or unhappiness. Who remains? The Pure Self. This is the talk to the Self who is pure.
August 21, 2008 • Duration: 44 minutes
  E83 I Am None or All — Pure, Free, Forever
Here is Swamiji’s classic 11-minute exposition of “I am pure, free, for-ever,” in which he gives us two clear options for grasping and applying its meaning. If ocean water were human, it could say I have nothing to do with waves and whirlpools; therefore, I am unaffected and uninvolved. Or it could say waves and whirlpools are all me; therefore, water alone is, and I am never upset. So, too, a human being meditating on himself as Space can know I am nobody, and have nothing to do with emotions, desires, happiness or unhappiness. I am uninvolved, pure, free, forever. Or he can know I am the Whole. Whatever is happening, it is all Me, pure, free, forever, in which there is never any change. Swamiji assures us that if we practice and apply one of these formulas, we will gain freedom forever!
July 31, 2008 • Duration: 11 minutes
E48 Everything Is Happening from Beyond
In the sunny Chidaakaash View garden with devotees, Swamiji describes how our originality has been lost at birth. Human beings have the power to know the world and its forms, but do not know the originality of this pow-er. What is this power that causes us to forget and to remember? How can we obtain the kind of memory that lets us know our originality? Swamiji describes this power as “beyond” or as the causeless cause, revealing who we were before we were born. He leads us to the subtlest, mind-blowing truth that lies behind these questions to the source, pure, free, forever.
March 27, 2008 • Duration: 50 minutes
  E42 Guru Param, Supreme Being
Man’s purpose on earth is to know himself as the Source, but he has identified with his body as the doer and has developed in the knowledge of names and forms. Source is invisible; man does not know or seek that which is life. He will come to know that his source is life, which never sees or knows death. Life is pure, free, forever and has nothing to do with the life or death of the body. One must exercise his intellect or mind to know that awareness which enables him to be one with Life. This meditative talk, inspired by the mantra Guru Param, is given in Tapo Bhoomi at a welcome satsang for Kamla’s family friends.
March 3, 2008 • Duration: 23 minutes
  A9 Knowledge of I Is Forever Doubtless
Alka sings a short verse, “Sandayha Yukt Hai Jobheemaanav,” which initi-ates a brilliant, comprehensive talk where Swamiji describes the sense of doubt in a human being; why doubt arises in the mind, the nature of doubt, and how to be free from it. When one examines the ego-intellect-mind and comes to realize that the instrument is defective, he can realize the “I” which is always there and is pure, free, forever. Then the doubt-filled ego-intellect-mind gets purified. That which is forever right, forever truth is “I,” the Self, which is doubtless forever. It is just being. Included at the end are the song, “Bhool Najaana” and several speeches.
July 8, 2006 • Duration: 32 minutes
A7 Believe It or Not: You are Pure, Free, Forever
No human being likes to accept words that make him feel small or insult-ed. He expects to be treated as someone who is all right. Yet he feels that others are lacking in something and he does not know that others are also all right. Why? Because his “I” has become the body. He needs someone to take on the job of correcting the illusory “I,” which says I am born in the waking state or in the dream state. If this knowledge is given to him that “I am pure, free, forever, undying, unchanging,” then he can practice and come to know that this “I” is totally free. Swamiji is seated in the pool at the base of the cascading waterfall, at a picnic with a handful of devotees.
May 30, 2006 • Duration: 25 minutes
  A2 How to Get Freedom from Pain and Suffering or Duality
A human being’s life is inherently dependent, beginning with the need for food and water. The senses assist his growth, but then create insatiable desires. When the desires are not fulfilled, he feels pain and suffering. To remove pain and suffering, a man must seek the cause, which is the misin-formation of “I am a body.” Through meditation, ceasing of the senses, the purification of his nerves will unfold the power of understanding that “I am I.” I am pure, free, forever. If that arises, then freedom is known.
February 17, 2006 • Duration: 20 minutes