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Self Realization

  G118 Knowledge of rhe Unchanging Formless Source and Its Changing Formed Manifestation
Late on a winter afternoon as the light fades inside the Span Resorts, Swa-miji addresses a group of satsangees, whom we frequently see attentive to his words. Swamiji methodically leads the attention from the illusory divisive human consciousness to the Source, Shuddh Chaytan. Man needs an informer to awaken the purity of the Source and bring about deserving consciousness, the state of Siddhant Kaal. There is a vast infinite creeper in the form of the world, which falls in time and space, appearing and disap-pearing with no cause or effect. With the same power that man has ac-cepted all the illusory human conditions, he must accept pure, free, forever as his reality.
January 6, 2009 • Duration: 26 minutes
E106 I, the Source, Is the Truth of the Universe
Swamiji is perched on a wall overlooking the vast Manikaran Valley. He addresses the question, “Is it possible to lead a child to the knowledge of the Space?” Swamiji demonstrates how society trains the purity of the child, through hearing and repetition, to be a human being. He then explains that the Master or Guru can lead that being, by using the same repetitive method, to the knowledge of himself as originality, chidaakaash, the whole world, one Reality. This is an engrossing exposition of the trans-formation of a human being to realization.
Setember 10, 2008 • Duration: 35 minutes
E97 Break Your Habit
On the edge of the flowing Vyaas River, Swamiji delivers a message he himself describes as powerful. He says that a human being sleeps over the issue that deserves examination: His habit is to call the body “me” yet, “Me” is not known at all. So he will never succeed in waking up to his understanding. This habit must be broken! For this task, only Guru can assist. To those who sincerely inquire, he gives the technique of mantra. Swamiji chants amaram hum madhuram hum over and over. While it is being repeated, he encourages the practicant not to count the mantras being repeated, but to hear and know “I am immortal, I am blissful” with every utterance. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.
August 19, 2008 • Duration: 44 minutes
  E85 Hidden Power Remains Hidden Unless It Appears by Itself
The rushing Parvati River is seen and heard as Swamiji describes the power which remains unseen yet makes the water flow so speedily that it can move boulders. A human being cannot see this power with his present awareness, but he can unfold the ability to know that at one time visibil-ity was not. Swamiji elaborates through the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 7, Verse 25, that says the unfit intellect of a human being cannot know “I am unborn, unapparent, and indestructible.” When the bondage of the limited mind of a human being is removed, clear sky, shuddh chaytan, chidaa-kaash, maun, indescribable, remains. It can be realized when practised!
July 31, 2008 • Duation: 20 minutes
E81 Source Is Formless
After playfully kicking up water in the Vyaas River, Swamiji sits without sunglasses throughout this short talk. He tells us that a person’s thoughts come from whatever the intellect decides and that form consciousness arises from birth. However it is You, the formless being, who is seeing and knowing the forms. Your Self-form is always formless. And you can unfold this.
July 26, 2008 • Duration: 12 minutes
  E65 Self Realization Is for a Rare Person
Sitting peacefully between the rushing Vyaas River and the intermittent rush of vehicles on the road, Swamiji gives a profound discourse about what a human being truly wants. Human knowledge is based on the desire to remain alive. One hardly thinks why and from where this wish arises. Instead, everyone remains busy acquiring the means to protect themselves from death. Man’s real wish is to know that he does not die, but he does not know how to realize it. A rare person can hear from the Guru that he can examine the wish for eternal life and who is the one that wishes. That one is anubhav, pure knowingness. It is possible for him to realize that the knowing-Self of everyone is immortal, blissful, and independent pure life.
June 18, 2008 • Duration: 32 minutes