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Desire and Desirelessness (Vairaagya)




You Are Pure, Free, Forever




Freedom from Birth and Death


Mind, Intellect, Senses, and Self


Vision of Oneness


Praan and Praanaayaam


The Knower and Knowingness


The "I" / Ego and Egolessness


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Desire and Desirelessness - Vairaagya

  E109 Vaasanaa Explained in Detail
Swamiji sits in the lush gardens at the Log Huts and delivers an extraor-dinary dissertation on vaasanaa. He leads the human being from the perspective of nature to its originality, the source. Vaasanaa is the sense of making things to be true and holding them as truth. A human being must transcend this compromise. Unless a man thinks, contemplates, and concentrates on what is the source of his own birth and what is the end of his death and what is in between, he will continue to remain in the field of desire. Space is the originality, the source, pure experience, pure anubhav and free from vaasanaa, which although appears was never there. What-ever remains is complete and perfect liberation.
September 14, 2008 • Duration: 30 minutes

1. Saakaar and Niraakaar
How to grasp niraakaar and saakaar? And what is that which grasps this most abstract reality, which is neither saakaar nor niraakaar, neither form nor formlessness? In this vibrant talk where Swamiji’s voice mingles with the rushing Vyaas River, we are led to identify the Knower, the Absolute Bliss Consciousness that cannot be perceived as long as the flow of the senses moves towards the objects, which are of a changing nature. Swamiji throws us a challenge to grasp the Knower now, or to continue discussing this topic later in satsang.
September 12, 2008 Duration: 8 minutes

2. Flying Free
When there is no need to feel bound, worried or disappointed, why not know how to fly freely? In this stunning talk, Swamiji identifies our genuine quest for permanent satisfaction by revealing the truth about the nature of desire, action based on desire, and the ultimate fruit of action — the knowledge of the I that is forever free.
September 30, 2008 Duration: 11 minutes

E37 The Knowledge of Yourself Makes You Feel Free
By nature, a human being seeks satisfaction. Thus, the mind becomes full of desire or kamana. If a human being goes toward the unending desires, they will block the intellect’s knowledge of both pure and impure knowledge. Then he loses the power of thinking, which is meant to lead him to the unchanging. If the human being has an informer and can develop the intellect, it will become powerful through vairaagya, or restriction of the senses and desires. One comes to know the truth that you were never the body and your reality is eternal existence, unborn, unchanging, amaram hum madhuram hum. A powerful, precise talk in a spectacular snow-capped setting.
February 13, 2008 • Duration: 21 minutes