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(excerpt from Shyam's Philosophy)


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Excerpt from Why Meditation


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Excerpts from Why Meditation?
by Swami Shyam

Man does not have to live his life in pain, suffering, struggle, and disease; no, not at all. My philosophy of life ( jeevan darshan ) is to live life joyfully as long as one dwells on earth. The quality of life is Sat-Chit-Aanand, which means pure Existence, pure Consciousness, and pure Bliss; thus, jeevan (life) is nothing other than eternal Consciousness and Bliss forever in Existence. This eternal Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss is the true nature of life. Many people have come to regard life in various ways, such as, the life of a man or a woman, life in old age, youth, or childhood, the life of a householder or of a bachelor, the life of an animal, of a bird, and so on. In this way, people understand the meaning of life to be its various forms, colours, kinds, and conditions; whereas life is always one in all its stages. It is to this life that I refer when I say Sat-Chit-Aanand, whose qualities are pure Existence, pure Consciousness, and pure Bliss, the eternal Truth. The wonder of it all is that we seem to have forgotten this Truth. How have we forgotten? This forgetfulness is just like that of a man who has forgotten that he is already wearing his eyeglasses and begins to search for them. There sit his glasses already in place, but still he searches and begins to think that he cannot read or even see properly. He becomes helpless and agitated, believing that unless he finds his glasses, his life is totally useless. In the same way, the Aatmaa (Self or Life) is always within man, with its qualities of Sat-Chit-Aanand (Immortality, Consciousness, and Joy).

All authentic scriptures, such as the Vedas, say that this joy of the Absolute does not reside somewhere outside of yourself so that you have to import it, but rather the Self is always within you. Nobody on earth is without it. However, it appears that man is not able to derive joy and the sense of immortality from his present life, even though the quality of the Self is eternal Bliss..

Whatever you are enjoying in the outside world is nothing other than your own manifestation. However, being placed on the outside, things become limited by the dimensions of time and space, and thus you derive less joy from them. This is proven when you have enjoyed something once or twice, but are not fully satisfied and want to repeat those interactions with objects or persons again and again, hoping that some day you will gain perfect satisfaction through interaction with objects and persons in the outside world, ultimately fail, and die empty-handed. Therefore, you have to turn your attention inwards, towards your own Self, where Bliss lies in its essential form. Having tuned in to the Self for even a split second, you gain satisfaction and in this satisfaction, you can work one hundred times better than when you were dissatisfied, agitated, and tense.

I would not like to disturb your concept or belief that joy lies outside in objects, things, and persons. It is certainly there, but I would like you to understand for yourself that you cannot get perfect satisfaction out of this kind of enjoyment. Therefore, consider the joy which appears outside in objects and persons, and the joy within you, and ask yourself who, in fact, is the real enjoyer. When you see an object or meet a person, the joy of the experience comes from within you; thus you enjoy..

You may have a television, a radio, a sofa set, and many toys; you may have the nicest paintings, every commodity in your house, and food sitting in your kitchen waiting to be eaten; but without you, of what use is this material, and where would the taste for it be? This means that in relation to the joys of all things, you are the most important being. Yet man pays more attention to things than to himself.

I want to remind you that your own Self is of the greatest importance; without You, things and persons would be meaningless and useless. This is what you have to meditate upon. You must be aware that each aspect of joy-the one contained in outer objects, persons, and things, and the other contained within yourself-has its own value. The joy contained in objects differs from the joy that is felt inside, but without both aspects, joy is not felt. Thus, you cannot give up everything that is outside, nor can you give up or destroy your own inner Self..

So start meditating regularly. Meditate in the morning and go within, connecting with your essential nature, the most delightful joy of life. Having been tuned-in and having gathered a bit of this delight, come out and enjoy the tastes contained in the external world. When you close your eyes, Shyam Dhyaan will take your attention from the gross field towards the inner, subtler field. Your attention will be led constantly, step by step, space by space, until it transcends the last modification of Space and reaches the absolute field of Sat-Chit-Aanand (Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss). When attention, or mind, becomes one with the absolute Joy, it is totally transformed, just as a snowball slowly melts and changes into water. Then it knows that it has always been water. In the same way, wood slowly burns until it knows that it always has been fire. Similarly, the mind being transformed into the Sat-Chit-Aanand state of existence begins to know, "I always have been This." This revival of memory in the mind is itself the eternal life of a human being: pure Consciousness, pure Existence, and pure Bliss. This is the state of the Self (God, Brahm ). Having become this Sat-Chit-Aanand, the mind once again modifies itself as a vehicle of the Space; but now the consciousness of the mind does not forget its own true nature because the experience is fresh. It is like milk which has just turned into curd, but has not yet been churned into butter and knows, "First I was milk and now, for a certain purpose, I have been transformed." In the same way, the mind retains the memory of its own true nature, Sat-Chit-Aanand, and now, filled with its own absolute Bliss nature, it retains this quality even while acting as mind and associating with the senses, the body, and the objects in the external world.

Remembering this, the mind no longer feels awkward in the world because it always knows, "I am the Absolute-Bliss-Consciousness and I am also the modified ego, intellect, mind, senses, body, all forms-the whole world.. So, on the mind level, there remains no sense of difference which might claim that it is separate or that somebody else is separate. At this stage the mind constantly holds the Vision of Oneness.