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(excerpt from Shyam's Philosophy)


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What You Observe in Meditation
(excerpt from Doubtless Meditation)


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What You Observe in Meditation
Excerpt from Doubtless Meditation
by Swami Shyam


Early in the morning some questions can be asked either by you or by someone who joins you. Those questions arise from within: Who is it that is listening to the morning chirping of the birds? Who is that in the birds and who is that in you? In deep sleep, who was not listening to the birds? And now, having awakened and left the bed, who walked out of the room to hear the voices of the chirping birds, as if suddenly a well-arranged orchestra was playing a tune of your liking?

Concerned about seeking the answers from within yourself, you begin to observe your body's manifestation, which is now awake, with all its parts and limbs. You close your eyes and start to investigate who has made the birds awaken, leave their nests, join together as a group, and begin to chirp. If the answer comes to you that it is nature, then you question, who is at the back of nature? And if the birds are chirping, but you are not there, then who has been there all along? Who causes you to sleep? Who introduces dream figures for you to watch? And before you wake up, who plans for you to come out of the dream state?

Now as you are meditating on this point: Who is that? As you meditate, you begin to feel as if some happening is taking place. Your wakeful senses are left down below, while someone is rising upward, perhaps nearing the field of knowledge from where the order was released to the Earth to come in front of the sun, and to the birds on Earth to leave their nests and begin their chirping. That order released the waking state in your body and made your senses awaken. With your sense of hearing, you can listen to the birds. You can be inspired to seek an answer to the query which that One himself has released in you: Who is at the back of this manifestation of the waking state as the power of consciousness that knows the phenomenon of the waking state?

Soon you find that it is the sunlight in the morning that makes everybody and every sentient existence arise as the wakeful sense of being. You have the answer that it is the sunlight, the sunshine, or the sun itself with whose presence or existence all the activity on Earth starts, the flight of action happens, and the action of conscious living with the intellect-sense takes place. In the dark night, the activity of the world around you was immobile and silent. And now, early in the morning, because of the light of the sun, the world and your perception of it have become mobile, active, dynamic. The feelings in everyone are full of energy, need, desire, hunger, and thirst, accompanied by the sense of attending to the chores of the physical body, initiating the action of one's routine work, and ultimately unfolding the sense of freedom.

You are meditating, but the question comes to you: What is this light? Is it sunshine or some other type of light? You are awake, you are watchful, and the memories of your experiences, worries, and concerns are left far below. You find yourself rising so high that it is as if every form, every state of consciousness, and every experience of the waking state, dream state, and deep sleep has been left far below, at its own place. You are in such a sky where only Awareness exists. The objects perceived by the one who perceives in the three states are not seen, known, or perceived now. Awareness has gone beyond the sunlight, and you are seeing the sun of your own Self, which is one with the fullness of the Self, with whose Awareness the sky has manifested and the sun shines its light as the source of all the activity of the world around you.

You have the answer that the Self is One without a second, totally free, uninvolved, pure, awakened, unattached, unborn, and immortal. Whether manifestation takes place or manifestation is withdrawn, the Self is forever the same. Now there is no ego-intellect-mind consciousness that functions to create any doubt. Why? It is because this Space is One without a second, doubtless, self-effulgent. It is the sunshine of the Self. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

When your eyes open, the birds are gone. There is perfect silence. You start to feel your senses engaging in their active functioning. You begin to make yourself a person - but now, without any doubt at all.