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The Difference between the Realized State of
One Person and the Unrealized State of Millions
by Swami Shyam


Let us take the example of a pleasure fair, such as the Dusshera Mela, just to let readers identify their state of mind, which could be the realized state in someone or the unrealized state in many, many readers.

Before the pleasure fair takes place, there is space between the earth and the sky. Earth is simply empty ground, and sky is a vacuum, zero, hollow, or ethereal space. Every reader can identify with this:  he sees space as space, on the ground and under the sky, whether he has a realized mind or somebody calls him an unrealized mind.

Now, the pleasure fair takes place, where shops are built and the Ferris wheel, magic show, varieties of industrial goods, and the goods of artisans, as well as natural objects, such as bamboo and sugar cane, are displayed.  There are also shows of monkeys and bears, and many temple gods being carried by so many people, as well as the human forms of sellers and buyers, some pickpockets, and others who are just onlookers having a visit to the pleasure fair.

Now, each person is an individual, including the one in whose mind the realized state, as awareness, has entered. It is not necessary that I should talk about insentient, lifeless objects -- though in the night, when all human beings are asleep at home or in their shops and the lights are on, they are like the insentient objects, or like the iron shutters on the shop gates. I am not giving this example to them. I am talking to human beings, who can easily know that before the pleasure fair took place, there was only space.

And now, many, many human beings see the pleasure fair. They daily come and they daily go home, but all of them know that it is a big show for ten days and they are the visitors, enjoyers, or buyers, according to their needs; or they are the sellers, who sell their articles to needy persons. They all know that the show is going on. Also, they remember that it goes on every year and is nearly the same type of show, with all the actions, movements, and movies.

But there is one who comes to visit the pleasure fair, and he watches all the insentient articles and the sentient human beings. He watches with his eyes, hears the sounds with his ears, smells the flowers' fragrance and all kinds of smells with his nose. He also talks to sellers and buyers, and if he needs to buy some potatoes, tomatoes, or flour to cook food at night, by himself, he buys them. But in his heart or mind the awareness reigns, or stays every moment, that there has been the same empty space on the ground, even though the show is going on; and he knows that the show will be absorbed in that same space, as it was placed or brought about in that space.

All human beings are like him, but his realized mind cannot be compared with the unrealized minds of other people, because they are all are convinced that the pleasure fair will stay for ten days, but the one who has the realized mind differs from their knowledge, or vision, because he knows all the time that there is only empty space. Of course, he visits the space and finds people and articles arranged in the space, but he never has a certainty at heart or mind that that space is all the articles and persons, including his own body.

For him, it is forever the same space. He does not know the minds of the people, sellers or buyers, regarding their knowledge about the pleasure fair-who is in trouble, who is happy, who is confused, who is enjoying, and who is weeping, seeing that others are very happy because of the pleasure. This person with the realized state in his mind is totally uninvolved, because he knows the Source of the pleasure fair-the ground on the earth and the space in the sky. That is the difference, which the readers can know, and can identify with their state of mind.

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.