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Swayam Swayam - Forever Self
by Swami Shyam


I am the manifest ocean and the wave of my own water does not touch me or bind me.  All the whirlpools arising in me do not bind me because they are mine.

  1.  I am the manifest formless-form of the blue sky, which is ever the same, ever true.  Since I am aakaash (sky), the air, fire, heat, and sun are just me; so they are not separate from me.  When I am the sky, then just as I am not the air or the sun, in the same way, the water or rivers and ponds, and even the earth are not me-though they are visible as my manifest forms.  For a human being, all forms are the imagination of the sky, who has thought of all these forms without any barrier.  And all of these forms, such as storms and air of all kinds, as well as the solid earth, do not bind me or touch me-because for me, the space, they are me alone, myself.
  2.  In the ocean, the bubbles and waves continue arising daily, without any reason or cause.  They appear to be rising up and falling down, and the fog and mist keeps rising from the ocean water daily, and the clouds are also appearing in the sky.  Thus, I am that ocean which is one and the same, without beginning or end, and I am forever indestructible.  The forms appear to take birth and live their lifetime and then disappear.  But appearance and disappearance in time and space do not bind me or touch me-they are all me, and me does not bind me.
  3.  A human being who knows the waking state, the dream state, and the deep sleep state knows thoughts and imagination daily.  He sees the forms of the world and knows that all the thoughts and imagination that have arisen also disappear every day.  Thus, it is to be known that the forms of imagination and of the dream state are my imagination-so all are me.  In reality, the human mind does not bind me because I am the sky-Pure, Free, Forever Self, the Supreme Being.
  4.  After realizing his true nature as me, it is only a human being who knows that he is the Source, forever free, and that which is eternal existence is forever me.  I am Pure Consciousness, with which I know all that there is is me, myself, Aatma, the Source.  I am not ignorant, thinking that jardh (insentient) is opposite to chaytan (sentient); rather, I am without beginning, immortal and indestructible.  Thus, there is no end or death that is applicable to me.  When I came to know the true Self, the Source as Knowledge, Knowingness, the Knower, then the world forms, scenes, activities, appearance, disappearance, as well as the waking state and dream state do not bind me-nor does sleep ever make me ignorant. I am the Source-Pure, Free, Forever.