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Excerpt from
The Source of a Human Being Is Freedom,
Which He Seeks
by Swami Shyam


Guru is in sympathy with every single person, because he has come to know that all human beings are the same peace, at the Source, but they have forgotten. And he wonders at what a great system this nature has made, with which everybody is forgetful. So he takes a kind of responsibility, and initiates the duty of speaking and telling every single person, "All of you have the understanding that the source is not there, that you have come out of the womb of the mother and only that is your source. The mother's womb or stomach also has its source, but you do not know that."

Guru says, "Look, all of you are attuned to the beginning of this life, and you say that the beginning of life is the body. And you see that this body is in time and space, and it perishes. Therefore you have begun to understand and acquire the consciousness that the body will perish, and you do not want that. That which does not want to die is in you, is your immortal Existence, source Existence, blissful Existence. That is without beginning and with beginning, and that is in the end but is without end. The Source is that which has no name that can begin to describe any form, which is also a beginning. That is why a man who is born as a person and has the knowledge in his mind that he, the body, will die, will not succeed in the unfoldment of knowledge which is without beginning, without end, which is Amaram Hum -without beginning, without end. That is the true Being, the Source of every human being, and its knowledge will come only when you adopt a course of meditation. It is within every person's power to adopt such a course, and the result will be the knowledge of the Source, which is Freedom, which every human being seeks in his life."

Guru says again and again that you have to understand and acquire this siddhi , this power in your understanding, which knows that actually it is all one reality, whether you call it a sprout, branches, leaves, the raking of the leaves, flowers, the falling of the flowers, or fruits. In the same way, in a human life, there are the eyes, the ears, the teeth, the hair, the shoulders, the knees, the toes, and all kinds of things that are the obvious organs, which you call real and permanent. The mistake is this: if all of that is real and permanent, why does it get dismantled? If it is real and permanent, then you should not see the death of any body or any form.

Guru says, "Look, that which you are thinking is not real or correct." But you do not accept this fact. You say, "No, whatever I think, whatever I see, that is correct." So then Guru says, "Look, if you are able to understand that you want to be at peace, then you should be in harmony with the words of Guru. I say that your Source is pure, free, forever, but as for the Source in manifestation-the body-it will remain always changing, decaying, and dying. If you are in harmony with this, then you will come to know."