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Self Alone Is
by Swami Shyam


Self alone is. These are words, and the words will be spoken by the mouth of a human being in a particular state of consciousness, which is Self Realization, and not the waking state or mental awareness.

All human beings are born, and a child is the existence of a little person whose inner mechanism, as well as outer body, is not as developed as a young person, a person who is youthful, or a person who is fully matured, as well as a person who is intellectually developed with all the experiences. Each human being is a mechanism of show.

Before the child's appearance with the inner mechanism and outer senses and organs, the child is found nowhere. That is why the source of the child is not taken into consideration at all; rather, only a human being, whether a child or grownup, is taken into consideration for what he thinks, what he does, what he achieves, and where he ends.

When we see that the mechanism of a child is developed, the inner mechanism is taken into consideration in this one child. When we take a farm on Earth into consideration, we see the whole field appearing green. But we find that in the field, there is one carrot and one radish. Then, if we continue counting, there are many carrots and many radishes. But each one has its source in the earth-existence.

The child is not considered to be like carrots or radishes belonging to a farm. Rather, here, only the child with his or her mechanism is taken into consideration-one person from birth, who is now a form, a show, a spectacle, a scene, a view. But before he was born, he was not a form. That which was his formless existence is given a name: Self or Aatma or Paramaatma. That is not born like carrot number one or carrot number two, or radish number three or radish number four. It is the same Existence, which is not visible but is Existence. And if Existence is visible as many carrots, many radishes, or many persons, it is the same Existence. In other words, it is the same Self.

This does not mean that Existence has become a single carrot alone, or a single radish alone, or a single object alone, or a single star alone, or a single moon alone, or a single sun, or a single beam, or many beams alone. It is just pure. It is just Freedom-Existence. Thus, it is not caught in number, as in one person's birth or the birth of many persons. It has not become the population as one person or the population of one billion, which increases daily by hundreds or thousands to become a large population called the number six billion in the world; or after ten years, it will be twelve billion. It is not like that. The Truth, or the basic reality of Existence, is called Self. Thus, Truth alone is the Self, and Self alone is the truth. Existence alone is Existence. It does not matter if there are a number of forms, figures, objects, or persons. Truth is Truth. Existence is Existence. In a dream, there are many figures. They may be many for name's sake, but the dream is one Existence.

I heard God talking in a dream, talking to his Self, the God. And I was never there as a child or a person or a carrot or a radish visibly talking to or knowing another. What was that? I concluded only when I woke up that it was Pure Existence making itself a talking or hearing form. When I opened the eyes and opened the mouth, it was not like a separate carrot or radish opening. It was the same Existence. It is only Existence-Consciousness; no division is there.

Now comes the question: How should I know-or how should we know-that I am not a form separate from another form when we daily experience and know that each one is separate from another? The answer or revelation to this "unrevelation" is that in the head of an individual person, the pure Existence and pure Consciousness, or the Self, has changed into a conscious, individual mind or intellect, the function of which is to know that an individual form or object is separate. And when pure Consciousness turns into intellect or mind-consciousness, every single cell changes accordingly. The whole body of a person is filled with individuality and the knowledge of it, as well as the knowledge that others are also in existence individually, including the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and touch-everything. Because of the unrevelation, you, as a person who are nothing but Existence, now entertain everything, seeing a pair of eyes separate, a pair of ears separate, a pair of hands separate, and a pair of legs separate, like the person who sees the carrot or radish or many carrots and radishes separate. This is due to the sense or consciousness that knows one, or knows two, or knows many, or knows others; whereas Self alone is. There is only one Existence without a second, and all are one, two, three, four, five, and millions and billions as the show, exactly the way in a dream, millions and billions of waves arise. But the Existence as knowingness or as one happening-this Existence alone is.

I am dictating this having become fully realized, completely realized of the one Existence. Being sure that millions of rivers are visible to the human eyes in the waking state, one can call them millions of rivers, just as in the dream state, the dreamer can see millions of rivers. But when all the rivers are immersed in the ocean, the sense of knowing millions of channels or rivers exists no more in the individual head of the dreamer or the person in the waking state; rather, the existence of one ocean alone is. They were many like carrots and radishes in the state of the sense of duality, otherness, unrevelation, ignorance, or the consciousness of darkness. But they were all from one Existence; there is no separation at all.

Now, when they are immersed in the ocean, the water of the rivers never has such an idea that it should go back and find out which channels it belonged to and should know how the channels were flowing-how small and large they were, and how straight and winding. No, not at all! Because it is one ocean water-the existence of ocean water alone. As an example, this ocean existence can be compared with the Self that alone is. Self alone is the ocean of Oneness, Existence, Consciousness.

This has no name or want of any words in any language except "grace alone is." This grace is never visible to the human eyes, never comprehensible to the human intellect, and never perceptible to the individual human heart. It is grace, which is pure Consciousness. That alone knows itself as pure Consciousness. There is no one in it, there is no second in it, there is no multiplicity in it. That is why it is Self. Even the word "alone" does not fit.

When we take the human individual consciousness into consideration, which knows many and alone, then we can say, "Self Self" or "Self alone is." A human being has no ability in his mind to understand "is" except as some existence. This "is" is not known as many existing figures that are described by individual names, such as "sky is," "sun is," "air is," "fire is," "water is," "earth is," "the multiplicity of objectivity existing on earth or in each object is," or "each person is." This Self is not realized by a human being just because his individual sense contained in the intellect is only capable of knowing things and forms in division.

Even the sky is not fully grasped by the intellect when one describes it, saying, "the sky is" or "space is." Because a person does not see objects there, so, with the meagre power of his intellect, he ignores the existence of the sky, even though he flies in the sky and sees birds flying in the sky. His attention is only capable of grasping the stars and moon in the night, the sun, the light, and birds and airplanes flying in the sky, all existing separately, whether stationary or mobile. He ignores the sky, but never deliberately. It is because of the mechanism that is constituted only to reflect the awareness that records things, forms, persons, and elements that are separate in quality and character. He just does not include the sky as the Self of all or the source of all. Thus, while seeing things and forms, he cannot say, "Sky alone is," "Space alone is." When he sees the sky, he should be able to grasp that Self-awareness is the reality first, foremost, and ultimately, and to say, "Self alone is."

But when I say, "Self alone is," my fully open intellect grasps it. And I, as a human being, understand that if I grasp "Self alone is," then all human beings are constituted to grasp that Self alone is or pure Existence alone is. About this, I say: You as Self-Existence alone are. I as Self-Existence alone am. He or she or it as Self-Existence alone is-pure, free, and indivisible. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum is its name. That alone is.