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The Mind Covered by Mysterious Ignorance
Can Be Purified and the Truth Revealed
by Swami Shyam


A human being is a mystery. That is why other mysterious human beings do not know what a human being is. Through his experiences in time and space, every young human being learns whatever his senses have come to know about the relevant objects belonging to the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, or touch. The young, educated person holds in his vision his mind's knowledge about these experiences of the senses. Therefore, a human being is dependent on his mind to know forms, sentient or insentient, as the senses experience them.

Each human being is a manifest instrument consisting of senses and organs, which exhibit the functions of knowing and action. When he is asleep, we call a person "him" or "he," but in sleep the person does not know anything about the forms that are seen or the sounds that are heard. We do not say he is a person who knows something when he is asleep. Thus, a body in sleep is not recognized as a human being. He is also not recognized while he is in semi-sleep. It is clear that a person in deep sleep does not get a prize or punishment in any way, nor does a man get punishment or an award for his experiences while asleep and dreaming, because in the dream state he is not able to interact, either for helping or for harming anybody.

Therefore this mysterious man is the waking state, with his mind and senses and organs of action; so the human being is known by his speech or his action. If his actions are helpful, these are called the good actions of a good man. If the result of his speech is that the listener gains the knowledge of helping people, his speech is called good and the man is called good. Thus, a human being is always known as a good person because of his speech or his actions, which are helpful to himself and to others. But some people are called bad because neither is their speech helpful to others, nor do their actions result in helpful activities for others or themselves.

So people in the waking state are known as good or bad according to the influence of the waking state of mind, or consciousness, which is the cause of a person's activities in his life. But from where is the waking state initiated in a human being, and from where are the deep sleep and dream states introduced? This is not known to anybody. Yet, having this state of ignorance, human beings are still living with comfort and without comfort, with means and without means. But the source of knowledge and action of a human being, or of all sentient beings, always remains a mystery. This ignorance of the source results in the state of question, doubt, uneasiness, agitation, sickness, disease, death, and destruction.

Therefore, in their activities, all human beings are busy removing ignorance on the level of the mind and senses; but they do not know how to remove it. This is because they do not know how this ignorance has come in the waking state, which is the representative of mind consciousness. As long as mind in the waking state, or the waking state with the mind and senses, remains in appearance, there is no way for a human being to remove this ignorance that is his mind-which all human beings call "I." This I-sense cannot be removed because mind cannot be removed. And it has been observed that human bodies are destroyed, disappear, or die without removing the state of ignorance that is the thinking mind.

Therefore many, many people live a life of giving and taking, helping or harming, being happy or unhappy, and ultimately meeting death to their bodies. And everybody tries to know the source of ignorance and knowledge of a person's mind, which is a mystery to them. Since they all want to know about it, there must therefore be a definite knowledge of the source. If somebody realizes the source of the mind, then the mysterious man, or mind, does not remain mysterious. The knowledge of the source is such that whenever it shines in a human being, the darkness or ignorance of the mind is removed. Then all human beings are known as the Source Self, whose nature is pure, free, and forever, and subtler than the sky. And each man has the power to purify and liberate the ignorant waking state.

Since all human beings find it difficult to remove ignorance, or mind, I remove their disappointment and hopelessness by giving them a technique. This is the technique of meditation, the fourth state of consciousness, which is found to be real, unchanging, unborn, and similar to the sky, but finer. If one closes his eyes and examines with the Knower of the mind, senses, and body, then the Knower reveals itself and the mystery state is uncovered. Then the sun of awareness appears, which is forever pure light, and the mind no longer remains ignorant at all. The name of that sun is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. It is realized just by closing the eyes, and with the inner eye of the Knower, it is seen and known as itself.