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12 Advantages of Meditation on
Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum

by Swami Shyam

  1. The repetition of this mantra removes worries and eliminates all the struggles of the mind.

  2. The repetition of this mantra creates health by purifying the seventy-two million channels in the body of a human being.

  3. With the repetition of this mantra, the universal consciousness awakens and all kinds of prejudices, perplexities, and the sense of confinement and smallness fall away.

  4. The influence of the repetition of this mantra makes a human being fearless and fills him with a sense of joy in his daily life.

  5. By the constant, daily repetition of this mantra, a current of powerful meditation begins to flow, which helps evolve from within oneself the knowledge of one's own immortal and blissful source, the true nature of every being.

  6. By the repetition of this mantra, the violent, animal nature of a human being is automatically destroyed, and a most sublime and divine sense is unfolded. One becomes free from any unseen residue of his lower awareness.

  7. The daily repetition of this mantra creates a most elevated confidence that makes a person successful in all those actions which he initiates, based on his exalted thinking.

  8. By the repetition of this mantra, such an exalted knowledge appears from within man's being that he comes to realize his own true Self permeating all living beings, and thus he loves all of them dearly.

  9. A person who repeats this mantraand meditates on its meaning for a long time finds himself to be the most beloved creation of humanity, loved by all. He spends his whole lifetime using all the means at his command to serve the needy ones.

  10. By the repetition of this mantra, a person attains a unique power that enables him to protect himself in all dangerous situations.

  11. By the repetition of this mantra, a person's heart becomes filled with a sense of profound peace and enormous love, which he radiates wherever his form remains or moves.

  12. The repetition of the mantrabrings about the sense of perfection or fulfilment within a human being and fills him with the power and energy to create, without hesitation, the same sense of fulfilment and perfection in all the beings whom he meets.

After every period of repetition of this mantra, please close your eyes and begin to watch the current of power, which fills all the channels of your body from the source of Infinite Silence. When you think that you have observed enough, then open your eyes and for one minute, maintain perfect silence and imbibe the influence of this power.