Satsang  –   Volume 11, Number 7: May 1, 2008
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The Greatest Gift In This Modern Age

In our life, I have been born in India, which is the land, or earth, under the sky. It appears surrounded on three sides by ocean water, and on top are the Himalayas and again the sky. The ancient sages and saints---who had time enough to inquire how the system of a human being has come on earth and from where, what the purpose is, where it’s going to end, and what it is for---found that the purpose of this human form is to develop further than a human being. If a human being is to develop further, he will not become a better animal, he will develop only on the level of his consciousness or mind. People have divided mind as separate from consciousness, spirit and body as separate, whereas the sages had come to know it is one reality, which is called Truth. One reality means that it is not changing and it is not dying.

One reality does not mean that time is now and there was time past, so it was different, or that time is and time will be, so time will be different. No. It is all one reality. In the same way it is not that the sky is, so there was a past sky, and the sky is so there will be a future sky. No, it’s one reality. It will not be that the air is, so there was past air and there will be future air. No, air is one reality. In the same way it is not that the sun or light is, and the sun is now so there was a past sun and there will be a future sun. No, it’s one reality. In the same way, it is not that the ocean water is, so past ocean water must be and future ocean water will be. No, it is only one reality. And it is not that the earth is, and a past earth was in the past and a future earth will be in the future. No, it is not.

That means if there is no past, no present, and no future, then time is not. So the saints and sages have reached this awareness, as fully developed human beings, and know that your existence is timelessness, the world existence is timelessness. The world existence is forever free from time and thus free from a human being’s thought of the kind that thought is while the body is another, the mind is while the senses are another, the intellect is while the organs are another, the organs are while the body is another, the ego is while the body is another, consciousness is while the world is another. No, it is all one reality.

This is the unfoldment in this laboratory, which we call I am I [IMI]. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, I am Immortal, means there is no death of any kind. That is the type of unfoldment that is being presented for the sake of those people who want to practise, “Does death actually exist?” If they examine this, they will reach the conclusion that death does not exist; and if they experiment, “Does birth exist?” they will reach the conclusion that birth does not exist. So if the birth-appearance of bodies does not exist and the death-disappearance of bodies does not exist, then what exists? They will be the sages and saints or scientists of the supreme consciousness, awareness or intellect who will say that when birth does not exist and death does not exist, then Existence is pure, forever just the same. That is happiness, that is Oneness.

For that, every human being has been working, whether as a material scientist, a spiritual scientist, a political scientist, or an economist scientist. But they have worked without this information which I am saying, as Swami Shyam, blessed by that Pure Existence Consciousness Being, who himself is speaking---not me, the body, tongue or teeth, (the whole body is a kind of denture). So the body has never been, it is he himself.

Yet for the sake of communicating to people, we go step by step. When a child is born, people think he is only born to become a worker, an engineer, a doctor, or a saviour of people from death. That is their relative understanding. I say it is alright, it is perfect. Why? Because I have come to know that when birth is not, death is not---so whatever is, that is perfect. Being established in the state of Perfect Consciousness, as a human being I am able to communicate to all those people sitting over here, who worked on this project for forty years incessantly, being fully intelligent and awakened to understand, “What is it? Am I born? Am I going to die? If I’m the body, then I’m born. If I’m the body, then I’ll die.” They have researched this and have come to know they have never been birth, they have never been death, that whatever is, it is a perfect reality.

Having come to realize this, human beings will be able to live with their families, with their parents, with their children, with their friends, with their own countrymen, with the countrymen of other countries, and with the countrymen of the world. As human beings, they will have love at heart that will be so universal that under the universal love umbrella, whatever will rain down will be nothing but showers of love, showers of love, showers of love. …

That is called Me. Whenever you remember Me, it is this birthlessness, this deathlessness, the ever-eternal reality, Me. That Me everybody knows in the form of I. But when I becomes me and mine and things and forms, then a human being begins to live with fear, concern and agitation, and his life becomes miserable. In order in this lifetime to be free from any kind of misery—mental, intellectual or physical—this knowledge will be a great helper, a Guru, a master, which will inform a human being all the time that “This is your Reality.”

Your name is just a name, a name does not make reality. Your name has been given to the body, but it’s not the body that makes reality. Reality makes all the bodies; but when the bodies are in manifestation, they do not make reality. Reality remains reality, it is not dependent on the body, or on the world, intellect, mind or ego. It is forever pure, free and eternal Existence in the form of pureness, happiness, and oneness.

How to attain this? I can give you a few words so that you should never feel wanting about what should be done and what should not be done, what the world should do and should not do. … I give you this information to have at ease, so you can inform anyone who will need it. There is no necessity to give it to those who do not need it, because you are not dependent on their questions or on their need. You are that perfect, that needless, yet you are able to communicate, because you know all those persons are Me and Me is all those persons. Therefore Me will always have that generosity that you will never feel miserable while informing Me that “You are connected to that Space which is called Chidaakaash, the Supreme Consciousness.” Call him Guru, call it Shyam Space, but you are That.

The technique for it, in this technological age, its logic, is that as long as the body is, it must work with the organs and it must know with the senses. As long as the senses of knowledge and the organs of work are there, work and knowledge will continue. But when a human being sleeps, he does not work and he does not know---yet he is. Now, how can it be that he is yet this knowledge should not remain blind the way it is in deep sleep, rather it should appear in the waking state?

For that, a human being has to make an experiment, and the experiment is personal. The personal experiment is he should sit down anywhere at peace, with closed eyes. As soon as he closes his eyes, he should know this fact---because I say and you feel and you know---that now there are no thoughts, no things before your eyes, no people, no animals, no birds, no relations. It is the Space Pure. Its name is not space, its name is only Pure. We have come to realize that this is colourless colour; the name of this colour is Shyam. This Shyam is perfect. It is so perfect that it remains just the same. It can build millions and millions of universes and it can dissolve those material universes completely, and still it remains just the same. Nothing can be added to it. Nothing can be extracted from it. It is just the same forever. That is the name of peace, and Aum is the word that first, any time whenever you breathe in, it goes on. … [Silence for a minute.]

It became silent Aum, wordless. And when you say it, then it becomes Auummm. [He resonates the mantra, holding each part of the sound for some time]. When there is ma, it ends; when there is a, it begins. Therefore, Sanskrit literature has been in vogue from the very eternal Existence. Whenever sound appeared, it was a; and at the end of sound, ma appeared. So the whole universe is contained in You in between a and ma---Aum. If you are a human being, you can easily know your reality by practising Aum-a-ram Madhu-ram. Aum stands for knowledge and ma stands for action. Knowledge and action is the world. When action is not there, when knowledge is not there, the world is absorbed in its own Pure Existence that is eternal.

This is possible only for a human being---and only that human being who is intelligent enough to want to have a sense of freedom. He wants the knowledge of freedom from what? From the sense of death that the senses create. So man is immortal, man is blissful. A human being can have the possibility of attaining this knowledge, provided he makes the experiment on himself in this way that I have just said: he should sit down, and if thoughts come, at that time he can say, “I am Pure Free Forever, this Space. I am Pure Free Forever, this Knowledge. I am Pure Free Forever, this Love.” A human being knows love and knowledge, therefore human beings have evolved the sense of unity on the basis of love. So they say, “If you love all, then all will love you.” But on the word level it is illusory, it is fictitious, it never happens. It is only on the level which is the level of Purity, where “Space am I. I am Space. Space am I.” When he knows this, then by way of intellectual understanding we can say you are birthless, you are deathless, you are perfect. That’s all. …

Mantr immortal. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Peace immortal. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. The world as a whole, it’s all Oneness. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. This has been the greatest gift in this modern age, which is not modern free from the past or free from the future. It’s all one reality. This message will go to every human child ahead of me, ahead of you, that “He is immortal, he is blissful. I am immortal, I am blissful. They are immortal, they are blissful. It is immortal, it is blissful.” Which means, it is all Oneness. The message of Oneness will find favour among those who are highly evolved, intelligent beings, especially those or one of them who feels, “I should be free and freedom should be mine, thus freedom should be for all, freedom should be with all.” He will get this message easily. Thank you.


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