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  • 2017

Vol. 20, No. 6     When Imagination Is Washed Off, Pure Canvas Remains

Vol. 20, No. 5     Somehow, If "I Am" Goes Out Of Your Body, You Are Pure Free Forever

Vol. 20, No. 4     The Grace Of Guru Is the Knowledge of the Self

Vol. 20, No. 3     Shyam, Pure Space, Is Eternal

Vol. 20, No. 2     Shashwat Shyam - Eternal Shyam

Vol. 20, No. 1     The Year 2017 Speaks Out Loud

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Vol. 19, No. 12   You Are Under Deception and You Cannot Accept It

Vol. 19, No. 11   Inauguration of Shyam Brahmjyoti Cave

Vol. 19, No. 10   In Satsang We Unfold Your Realization

Vol. 19, No. 9    Anything Will Be Over, But You Will Not Be Over

Vol. 19, No. 8    Guru Poornima's Secret

Vol. 19, No. 7    Yog Is Pure Knowledge

Vol. 19, No. 6    The Place of Guru Is Not Anything That Is Born

Vol. 19, No. 5    Self Realization Has Nothing to Do with Two Things—or with Man

Vol. 19, No. 4    Deception Turned into the Mind—and You Like the Mind

Vol. 19, No. 3    Swamiji's 92nd Amaram Day

Vol. 19, No. 2    From Now Onwards You Should Never Feel You Are Born

Vol. 19, No. 1    Swamiji's New Year's Message 2016


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Vol. 18, No. 14  These Are a Kind of Words of a Flute

Vol. 18, No. 13  Divali 2015: A Turning Point for the Self

Vol. 18, No. 12  This Unhappening Is Indescribable

Vol. 18, No. 11  Free From Ahankar—Work On It

Vol. 18, No. 10  As Long As The Unchanging Has Not Come In Your Heart Krishna Is Not Born

Vol. 18, No. 9   The Words Of Guru Are Nothing But Prasad

Vol. 18, No. 8   It Just Cannot Be Associated At All, It Is So Pure

Vol. 18, No. 7   When The Mirror Is Pure Free Forever, Why Treat Reflections As True?

Vol. 18, No. 6   It Is Only

Vol. 18, No. 5   Nameless, Formless, World-less and Brahm-less

Vol. 18, No. 4   With Closed Eyes

Vol. 18, No. 3   See Whether The Intellect Knows Unborn Or No

Vol. 18, No. 2   The Year Of 91 Years Of Age Is The Year Of Blessings

Vol. 18, No. 1    The Year Of The Knowledge Of Highest Awareness  in French

  • 2014
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Vol. 17, No.12   In Siddhant Yog You Know You Are Not Born, You Will Not Die

Vol. 17, No.11   That Which Has Never Begun You Cannot Find

Vol. 17, No.10   Practice Means Knowledge—Which You Already Are

Vol. 17, No. 9    It Is Whatever Remains

Vol. 17, No. 8    You Are Guru: But Why Do You Not Become Guru?

Vol. 17, No. 7    Guru Poornima, Guru Fullness Is Always There

Vol. 17, No. 6    Illusion Is Gone, Space Is Remembered

Vol. 17, No. 5    Cross The Barrier of Time And Space And Reach That

Vol. 17, No. 4    If Your DNA Is The Sky, You Have No Difference

Vol. 17, No. 3    Shiv Ratri: Go Towards the Subtlest Reality

Vol. 17, No. 2    The Guru Tree Remains Forever

Vol. 17, No. 1    Where There Is No Time, Space Or Mind

  • 2013
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Vol. 16, No.10   Diwali Is In Your Heart, Not In The Future

Vol. 16, No .9    The First Imagination Is “I Am”

Vol. 16, No. 8    The Advantage Will Be That You Will Just Experience The Space

Vol. 16, No. 7    Guru Poornima Is Neither Born Nor Does It Die

Vol. 16, No. 6    Knowledge Is, Sukhendr Is Not—Water Is, Bubble Is Not

Vol. 16, No. 5    Meditation Is Meant For You

Vol. 16, No. 4    You Can Never Be Free Without Me

Vol. 16, No. 3    The Incorrect Intellect Has No Answer

Vol. 16, No. 2    One Happiness

Vol. 16, No. 1    2013—the Year of Blissful Existence and Consciousness

  • 2012
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Vol. 15, No.10   The Marriage with Meditation

Vol. 15, No. 9    Eternal Existence Is The Mother Of All The States Of Existence

Vol. 15, No. 8    How Would You Know The Truth If You Are Clinging To Untruth?

Vol. 15, No. 7    Bring In What You Want To Know

Vol. 15, No. 6    When the World Was Not, Guru Poornima Was There

Vol. 15, No. 5    Maaya Is Running The Show

Vol. 15, No. 4    Mind, You Are Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum

Vol. 15, No. 3    Lead The Mind To The Bliss

Vol. 15, No. 2    Without the Formless, Forms Do Not Exist

Vol. 15, No. 1    The Year Of The Egoless Fire Of Knowledge

  • 2011
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Vol. 14, No.12   Swamiji’s Christmas Message 2011

Vol. 14, No.11   Man’s Faith Is In His Own Illusion

Vol. 14, No.10   When This Atom Is Exploded, It Becomes The Universe

Vol. 14, No.9    The Cave Of The Heart

Vol. 14, No.8    The Mind Is To Be Dissolved, Not The World

Vol. 14, No.7    To Remove The Mistake: Space Is Freedom

Vol. 14, No.6    The Intellect Should Not Dwell On The Impermanent

Vol. 14, No.5    Do Not Depend On The Mind To Know The Truth

Vol. 14, No.4    You Have To Do This Work

Vol. 14, No.3    Shiv Raatri: It’s All The Bliss Being

Vol. 14, No.2    The Offering Of God

Vol. 14, No.1    The Year Of Ananya Bhakti: Devotion To Oneness

  • 2010
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Vol. 13, No.12   There Is Nobody Else Other Than You

Vol. 13, No.11   What Remains?

Vol. 13, No.10   When You Are Space, You Will Not Be Influenced

Vol. 13, No. 9    Before You Say, "I Know," There Is That

Vol. 13, No. 8    Guru Poornima 2010

Vol. 13, No. 7    If I Am Creating Illusion, I Can Withdraw It

Vol. 13, No. 6    You AreThat Which Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum Represents

Vol. 13, No. 5    To Know The Truth is Siddhi

Vol. 13, No. 4    To Move From The Wheel Towards The Hub

Vol. 13, No. 3    Whatever The Self Thinks, You Become

Vol. 13, No. 2    The Celebration Of Amaram Light

Vol. 13, No. 1    2010: The Year Of The Enlightened State

  • 2009
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Vol. 12, No.13   Your Individuality Is Infinity

Vol. 12, No.12   Not Only Understand, But Be That

Vol. 12, No.11   Three Ways To Liberation

Vol. 12, No.10   On Discrimination

Vol. 12, No. 9    Krishn Janmaashthami 2009

Vol. 12, No. 8    Guru Poornima 2009

Vol. 12, No. 7    I Am Talking To The Knower: Know Your Self

Vol. 12, No. 6    Knowledge Is To Be Known Without Subject And Object

Vol. 12, No. 5    Whatever Remains Is Pure

Vol. 12, No .4    Sarvaanubhoo: The Original DNA Of The Universe

Vol. 12, No .3    Gita 2:45 - You Are Getting That Victory Up To This Time

Vol. 12, No. 2     Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum Can Be Known

Vol. 12, No. 1    Don’t Become The Victim Of Illusion

  • 2008
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Vol. 11, No.13   Do I Know Knowledge Or Not?

Vol. 11, No.12   Diwali, The Day Of Enlightenment

Vol. 11, No.11   Purify the Intellect

Vol. 11, No.10   What You Are Doing in Meditation

Vol. 11, No. 9    Guru Poornima 2008

Vol. 11, No. 8    The Knower Is Everywhere

Vol. 11, No. 7    The Greatest Gift In This Modern Age

Vol. 11, No. 6    Change Your Method To Attain Satisfaction

Vol. 11, No. 5    You Want To Return Back To Your Self

Vol. 11, No. 4    God Sent Me, I Am His Movie

Vol. 11, No. 3    Swamiji's Amaram Day: Remember Your Liberation

Vol. 11, No. 2    This Is The Fourth State

Vol. 11, No. 1    New Year's Message: The Day of Enlightenment

  • 2007
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Vol. 10, No.12   All Beings Are in the Heart of My Mother

Vol. 10, No.11   Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam...

Vol. 10, No.10   Saadhana Is “That Alone Is”

Vol. 10, No. 9    Bondage And Freedom

Vol. 10, No. 8    Guru Poornima 2007

Vol. 10, No. 7    The Way You Think You Are, You Never Exist

Vol. 10, No. 6    Meditation Is Training The Attention

Vol. 10, No. 5    You Have Not to Accept the Mind’s Voice

Vol. 10, No. 4    You Do Not Get the Answer from Your Intellect

Vol. 10, No. 3    Transcend Your I

Vol. 10, No. 2    Swamiji's Amaram Day

Vol. 10, No. 1    New Year’s Message: Change of View

  • 2006
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Vol. 9, No.15   Space Alone Is

Vol. 9, No.14   It Is All Sense 

Vol. 9, No.13   Consciousness Of No Difference

Vol. 9, No.12   What Is A Ring To The Gold?

Vol. 9, No.11   I am I is Eternal

Vol. 9, No.10   In Reality, The Mind Is Not There

Vol. 9, No. 9    Guru Poornima: Guru Gives You Deathlessness

Vol. 9, No. 8    You Can Change Your Destiny

Vol. 9, No. 7    Guru Means Forever Consciousness

Vol. 9, No. 6    The Ocean Of Peace Has Attracted Us

Vol. 9, No. 5    Eternal Presence

Vol. 9, No. 4    Initiate A Fresh Action: You Are Unborn

Vol. 9, No. 3    You Were Born To Achieve This Awareness

Vol. 9, No. 2    Unborn Is Forever There

Vol. 9, No. 1    God's Year, The Year Of Pure Consciousness

  • 2005
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Vol. 8, No.14   Doubtless Meditation

Vol. 8, No.13   It Is Up To You

Vol. 8, No.12   Independence Is the Name of the Self

Vol. 8, No.11   A Simple Thing: Create Happiness

Vol. 8, No.10   Guru Poornima Is the Light of Oneness

Vol. 8, No. 9    You Are Free from Birth and Death: Accept It

Vol. 8, No. 8    The Reflection of the Self Is Shining

Vol. 8, No. 7    How Long Will You Remain Awake?

Vol. 8, No. 6    Purity Is the True Nature of the Universe

Vol. 8, No. 5    The Greatest Advantage a Human Being Can Have

Vol. 8, No. 4    The Knower Is Subtler than the Subtlest

Vol. 8, No. 3    Swami-ji's Amaram Day

Vol. 8, No. 2    "I" Is Forever the Same

Vol. 8, No. 1    New Year's Message 2005

  • 2004                    (Go to 2003)

Vol. 7, No.16   Listen to Me, Not to Your Mind

Vol. 7, No.15   Guru Knows the Nature of Aatma

Vol. 7, No.14   That Which Is Indescribable Is There in Meditation

Vol. 7, No.13   You Never Change

Vol. 7, No.12    Identification Should Not Be Treated as a Mistake

Vol. 7, No.11   I Is That Which Has Never Manifested

Vol. 7, No.10   You Are Only Knowledge

Vol. 7, No. 9    We Observe Guru Poornima Our Whole Life

Vol. 7, No. 8    I, As the Knower, Am — Forever

Vol. 7, No. 7    You Have the Power of De-Identification

Vol. 7, No. 6    We Are Never Separate

Vol. 7, No. 5    The One Who Knows Being Is Not Affected

Vol. 7, No. 4    Be the Aatma

Vol. 7, No. 3    Swamiji's Amaram Day: The Whirl of the Mind

Vol. 7, No. 2    That Which You Think Is the Mind Does Not Exist

Vol. 7, No. 1    New Year's 2004: Perfection Is Devoid of Hatred and Duality


Vol. 6, No.16   I Have Never Been Bound ; The Knower Has No Sense of Contradiction

Vol. 6, No.15   Wrapped in the Love of Oneness

Vol. 6, No.14   Conduct Meditation on the Spirit

Vol. 6, No.13   Read This Daily Before and After Meditation

Vol. 6, No.12   You Think the Mind Tells You the Truth

Vol. 6, No.11   Guru Poornima: Guru Is You, Absolute Bliss Consciousness

Vol. 6, No.10   Meditation Technique: Meditation Is Awareness

Vol. 6, No. 9    Life Conveys Oneness to Those Who Have Reached Oneness

Vol. 6, No. 8    You Are That Infinite God

Vol. 6, No. 7    Use That Who Sees with Closed Eyes

Vol. 6, No. 6    God Keeps You Alive and Happy

Vol. 6, No. 5    Inside Joy, Outside Joy, Everywhere Joy

Vol. 6, No. 4    You Have the Power to Not Be Affected

Vol. 6, No. 3    Valentine’s Day: Unfold the Awareness of Love

Vol. 6, No. 2    Swamiji's Amaram Day: The One Who Is Seeking Is He Himself

Vol. 6, No. 1    New Year's 2003: The Purpose of Life Is to Meditate and Realize the Self

Vol. 5, No.11   Christmas Day, Love Alone Is the Reality

Vol. 5, No.10   Diwali, The Celebration of the Light of Enlightenment

Vol. 5, No. 9    Remember: I Am I

Vol. 5, No. 8    You Will Not Feel Bothered  When You Know There Is No Independent I

Vol. 5, No. 7    Chintamani Saadhana: Recognizing You Are the Space

Vol. 5, No. 6    Love Is Greater Ability of Knowing

Vol. 5, No. 5    Get It Today and You Are Realized

Vol. 5, No. 4    It Is Oneness that Is Loved

Vol. 5, No. 3    Guru Says Meditate!

Vol. 5, No. 2    The Cover On the Self Is Pierced by the Words of Guru

Vol. 5, No. 1    You Have to Hear About the Space Every Single Moment

Vol. 4, No.14   Swamiji's Amaram Day: I Speak That Love Which Is Knowledge

Vol. 4, No.13   Transcending Subject-Object, or Jarh-Chaytan

Vol. 4, No.12   New Year's Eve Satsang Excerpts 2002

Vol. 4, No.11   Why Do You Accept "I"?

Vol. 4, No.10   The Mind Moves and the Whole World Appears

Vol. 4, No. 9    Questions and Anwers at the Span

Vol. 4, No. 8    It Is For You to Know:  Add I, I am I

Vol. 4, No. 7    Meditation for the Observance of Peace (18 September 2001)

Vol. 4, No. 6    Know the Knower

Vol. 4, No. 5    The Answer, through the Development of Ability

Vol. 4, No. 4    You Have Only to Know You!

Vol. 4, No. 3    Supreme Existence, Supreme Liberation

Vol. 4, No. 2    Guru Poornima: Truth Never Dies

Vol. 4, No. 1    Swami-ji's Birthday Talk

Vol. 3, No.15   Doubt Has No Validity

Vol. 3, No.14   Guru Poornima: Day of Aanand

Vol. 3, No.13   Source and Heart Are One

Vol. 3, No.12   The Ability to Grasp the All-permeating Self

Vol. 3, No.11   Remember It Forever

Vol. 3, No.10   The Art of Being Practical

Vol. 3, No. 9    Unfolding the Joyful Knowledge of Sat

Vol. 3, No. 8    Liberation from the Drama

Vol. 3, No. 7    The Delightful Study of the Self

Vol. 3, No. 6    The Formula

Vol. 3, No. 5    Valentine Message: True Love Is Eternal Love

Vol. 3, No. 4    No Difficulty Reaches the Self

Vol. 3, No. 3    Swami-ji's Birthday Celebration

Vol. 3, No. 2    Disturbance and Freedom

Vol. 3, No. 1    The Road from Finite to Infinite

Vol. 2, No.29    Longing for the Highest

Vol. 2, No.28    Add One Thing!

Vol. 2, No.27    Meditation and the Worriless State

Vol. 2, No.26    What Should Be Offered to Guru

Vol. 2, No.25    The Inestimable Value of Satsang

Vol. 2, No.24    Paying Attention to the Unchanging, Never-dying Self

Vol. 2, No.23    The Purpose of Life

Vol. 2, No.22    God Alone Is

Vol. 2, No.21    Welcome to the Space! 

Vol. 2, No.20    Maintaining Awareness 

Vol. 2, No.19    Number 1 - Without a Second

Vol. 2, No.18    Dialogue with Your Self

Vol. 2, No 17    You Are Freedom!

Vol. 2, No.16    Questions and Answers

Vol. 2, No.15    The Crow, the Coconut and the Knowledge

Vol. 2, No.14    The Way to Grasp Gyaan Yog

Vol. 2, No.13    You Are the Center of Life!

Vol. 2, No.12    The Nature of Sanskaars; Children and Their Upbringing

Vol. 2, No.11    Constant Repetition, Constant Education

Vol. 2, No.10    Understanding the Nature of Attachment

Vol. 2, No. 9    Havan of Purification

Vol. 2, No. 8    The Art of Unfolding the Perceptive Mechanism

Vol. 2, No. 7    Holi - Weakness To Be Eliminated, Joy To Become The Reality!

Vol. 2, No. 6    Shiv Ratri - Festivals Are for the Delight and Joy of the Heart

Vol. 2, No. 5    Swami-ji's Birthday 

Vol. 2, No. 4    Close the Eyes and Know the Knower

Vol. 2, No. 3    Hooked by the 'Fate' of Your Awareness

Vol. 2, No. 2    Satsang Quotations