Satsang  –   Volume 5, Number 4: May 30, 2002
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It Is Oneness that Is Loved

Swamiji: To me, my Self is beloved or dear. Now, what is dear to you? You already know what is dear. But why is it dear? The other day when this chair was occupied by Siddharth, I wanted to dig from him, "Why is it that you love Shyam Sukh? It must be that Shyam Sukh loves you, so in return, like a trade or a trader, you love him." But Siddharth does not love him like this. I just made this up only to let him dig his own awareness of why he loves him. Shyam Sukh is a person. He’s a sort of military man, or whatever you call him – an administrator or a lawyer. So I asked, "What is there that you love him?"

He didn’t answer, nor did I expect him to, because they both know each other. So first of all, you love Knowingness. If somebody knows you as you are and you know that person as he is, then he is most beloved, because you are free at that time. He has given you total freedom, because Knowingness is one. But then why do you want to know why you yourself love so much? You love so much because you are not dead. When you are not dead, then whom do you love? That which is dear to you. What is dear to you? Life. And life is neither up nor down. Life is just Shuddh Chaytan, Pure Consciousness. Thus it is Pure Consciousness that is simmering, or wavering, in Pure Consciousness. It is always Pure Consciousness.

Pure Consciousness is named delight. Here they say it is Aanand [Pure Delight], it is Sat [Pure Existence], it is Chit [Pure Consciousness]. Aanand is not like sugar cane juice, which you like. Aatma Shakti says it is ras [Essence]. She says ras with delight. But ras is not that which is sugar cane juice, because that is water. Ras is the sweetness in the juice. As the sweetness in it is the ras of the stick of sugar cane, in the same way Shuddh Chaytan is the sap and ras of all these sticks, of all these mountains, of all this world. This might appear to be a little deeper, but it is the truth.

It is the truth that you love Shuddh Chaytan, Pure Consciousness. So you do not love a person just because he gives you a pen, or he offers you these flowers, or you offer him a book or a scarf. That is not the tradition of love. Love is the Knower-Knowingness. Wherever Knower-Knowingness is, you love that. So whoever is close by and you associate with, if he is knowledgeable you begin to love him. Though I hardly go to your homes or even eat there – for a long time I have not gone anywhere – why is it that you love me much more than you love your chair? [laughter] You occupy the chair. You have not occupied me. Of course your eyes are occupying, but that is not what this means. We love where we are one. It is Oneness, it is Shuddh Chaytan, that is loved. That is where anyone who knows Shuddh Chaytan turns into Shuddh Chaytan. And that’s my fancy.


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