Satsang  –   Volume 5, Number 5: June 25, 2002
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Get It Today and You Are Realized

Swadarshana: ...What I’d like to know is if you have any tips on how to deal with patterns when they come up, so that everybody can be as free as possible?

Swamiji: Only you can be free, not everybody. As long as you are anybody and you hope that if someone was free then you would be free – if that body was free then you would be free – this is not correct. It is only Freedom that will remain Freedom. By birth, a person is not Freedom. This flower is not sap, not fire, not aakaash [space], it is a flower. Here there are petals, here there are leaves, and the sap is running through it. You came to know that sap is running through it. But you as a human being cannot say that this flower is sap. So you cannot say that your husband is sap, Pratibha is sap, Pushpa is sap, and you are sap. Unless the unfoldment of sap consciousness arises, there is no freedom; patterns will come. When a pattern comes, then according to that you can deal with it. ...

If you are acting because of this or because of that, you are never free. ... When you are acting because of this and because of that, it means cause and effect; whereas Freedom has no cause and no effect. Only a human being can reach the point that perception has no cause and no effect: it is pure perception. When you reach the point that you are sap, you are love, you are knowledge, then that‘s all. Love is pure, the lover and beloved have bones. Love has no lover and no beloved. Gyan [knowledge] has no subject who has gyan and no object of which it has gyan. That is the state that you have to attain. That is called the Realized state.

Get it today and you are realized. You don’t have to worry too much about doing this or doing that, coming here or going there. You just realize now. That is the state. Only a human being can attain it. Only a human being can hear about it. Only a human being in a human form can speak about it. This is liberation. So if liberation has not taken place, then patterns will come. Eighty or ninety percent you can manage intellectually, but when the real situation will come, then liberation will not remain. Why? Because you think that everything is. Why does it not come in your head that these forms were never there before and they will never be there after, so why are they not even now never there, and yet everything is going on? That is the type of dual awareness. ...You will not call it illusion. It is a drama. All the actors win Oscar awards. Do they think that they are acting as illusion? ...Only that which causes a pattern to arise, that consciousness you shouldn’t have. There you counteract.

Swadarshana: I thank you very much for your wisdom today....

Premuda: ...Whatever is happening is my creation. But I often get confused, thinking that my creation is something that I can control. How should I not feel bound in a situation and relate more to the idea that it’s all my creation?

Swamiji: This concerns all human beings, because the identification of Me is with this body. So you have to find out where identification is not. Being brilliant enough, it is very simple for all of us to know that in deep sleep there is no identification. Therefore, what is the big deal in making identification in the waking state and calling it my creation, your creation, or their creation? It is beyond the waking state of a human being to grasp this fact because he wakes up, which means that every single day he is in deception. What they call waking up is deception. Why? Because it is mixed with sleep, yet it calls itself fully awake. Therefore, to a person who is in the waking state, only that can be released which he can understand. In every point of view of a human being, he says that his I is the waking state: call it his mind, eyes, ears, or body, it is the waking state. Therefore, that which is the sleep state cannot be related to him – that it is not your creation, my creation, or the creation of God. A man in deep sleep doesn’t care about the creation of God or the creation of Ralph [the dog]. Half of your life, do you not become that? ...

A human being is tagged to his body, so that if his nails come, he has to accept that they are there. If his hair is falling out, he has to accept it. If he has the power to accept such things, why does he not have the power to accept deep sleep? Why again and again does he fall in the waking state and become a relation to the world and call himself true and other persons true? ... A waking man wants to understand. To a waking man, only that can be said which he can understand. Generally, he is given the choice to do that which he wishes. Swadarshana wants to go to America on Saturday. You cannot say to her to go on Friday. It’s just everybody’s own movie. ....Nobody can understand Guru’s guidance. If I tell you anything, you will never listen. Guidance is only for that which is your goal, whatever your goal is. For the Korean football team, their goal was to defeat the Italians. They succeeded – and forty-five thousand red-shirt people were celebrating. In a minute, everything changed. ...

The guidance is, you have to reach liberation. Everybody will get you bound. That is the body movie. Even a plant: somebody saw this flower and he had to pick it up. ...With a human being, you just cannot turn him on towards the Reality – until he dies. After he dies, he listens [laughter]. ... We make guru of our own kind. You don’t see guru, other than your kind. So that which suits you, that is your guru. That which does not suit you, that is your own mind. So the guidance is, go and just be happy.

Premuda: Thank you, Swamiji.

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