Satsang  –   Volume 5, Number 3: April 30, 2002
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Guru Says Meditate!

The mind in the waking state is called the mind, it is also called jagat [the world]. As soon as you wake up and the waking state takes place, the first thing that happens to you is "I." It takes time, two seconds, but it comes. So the first thing that comes is "I" - that is your world. Now, you should not worry about these things, these things, and these things, because the world has already happened. What do you have to renounce now? You have not to renounce the trees, flowers, fruits, prasaad and things like that, you have not to renounce action, or your wife, children, home, or hearth - nothing! Itís only I. In satsang, you have to find out where your world is: that is the I.

Now, what is the functioning of the I? That is the study - which many people have not done. They devote years and years, but the functioning of the I is not studied. Itís not studied, therefore that does not emerge which will know, "That is the functioning of the mind, and I am free from it." Freedom does not come without satsang, without study, without guru, and without friends - it never comes. That is the study, the adhyaatma vidya [knowledge of the Spirit], Lars called it Brahm vidya [knowledge of Oneness]. You have to go to an expert to learn every knowledge. The expert knows whatever it is, he teaches you, you learn it, and itís over. But Brahm vidya is so high, so infinite, so supreme, that only a guru who has realized Brahm, or the Self, can talk to you about it.

Why? For him, Brahm or not Brahm is not anything. He knows the functioning of the mind, thatís all. At every step, however the mind functions, he knows it. When he knows that, then heís free. Why? The functioning of the mind comes because of the force of illusion, and the force of illusion comes from the Self, and he is the Self. Nothing else. He has reached that stage that the Self is he. Therefore, when you talk about the body, sometimes he says irrelevant things - that heís not a body. Sometimes you talk about the mind, and then he says, "I have no mind." When you talk about eyes, he says, "I have not seen you." Sometimes you talk about ears, then he says, "I have not heard you." Sometimes you think, "You never remember me," and he says, "Well, you are not there, how can I remember you?" So people misunderstand all these things.

Now, everybody passes through the stage of, "How should I be freed, liberated, from the mind?" This means that you have made your I as the mind, which means that you have accepted bondage in your own head. You have created an enemy in you, by thinking, "The mind is separate and I am separate" - which is true, because if you are a human being you will say that the eyes are separate and the ears are separate. Thereís nothing wrong with this. But the I is totally Free, Pure, and Forever. You have to reach that stage. Itís very short, very simple. And Guru says, "Meditate." Because without meditation, the mindís functioning will not be known. It is through meditation that you know, "It used to function, but why does it not function in meditation?" The mindís non-functioning will come only in meditation, and the non-functioning of the mind is your Aatma, your Self.

But you have made the jeev [soul], because you have thought that you are this body. Now, everyone check, who is not the body? Everyone. So why should everybodyís body not pass through stages? One wants to have liberation, and liberation only comes when the mind is not functioning. Thus many people meditate, thinking that the mind will go away. They meditate knowing, "What else is there to remove the mind with, except this technique?" There is absolutely no way for you to remove the mind, or not let it function, because it is the body as a whole, the mind, everything, including your hair.

Now I am going to give you a technique - as he [Mohan] said, "Guruji invited me, and it happened" - and that is where you can hear. You are saying, "Mind, mind." Now, how should the mind not be? They say, "Give it up, give it up." There are many people like Frank, who give up things and all that, and they say, "Give up your mind, give up your mind." Everybody is busy in this. The whole history of humankind says that if you renounce your mind, then all is renounced. But nobody knows where the mind is, so they give up everything and say, "I gave it up." I! Again and again, they pick up the I. Whatever you do - you can stretch it - but the I comes: "I am Mohan." Now, what can Mohan do?Ö

I have a very, very intelligent way of letting you know the same secret - what I did. Guru will never tell you a lie. He will give you all the stories and all the vritt [waves of knowledge] for the purpose of making you nivritt [free of waves]. He will use all the vrittis: your name, your form, your sense, your work, your profession, your things, because those are the only things that you understand. Or somebody elseís, if you get too identified - then Guru will take somebody elseís name, but you will know, "Heís actually talking about me." [laughter]

The platform is the mind, and that is a human being. And a human being, or a mind, cannot be freed from its functioning. As the eyes and ears cannot be freed from their functioning, the mind cannot be freed from its functioning. What is the functioning of the mind? It has to create two: I and you, a separate Aatma [Self] and jeev [soul]. ÖThis is the functioning of the mind: it will always say, "I did it," not knowing that when you are dead, who will do it? When you were not born, who did it? When you were small children, who did it? When you wake up, who gives this waking state and makes this I? Not knowing this, you say, "I did it." And Guru says, "Well, know this." Thatís all. It is that simple and easy.

I was looking at the candles. One was not lit and five were lit. I saw each of the five that were lit and I saw the one that was unlit. Realization. At this time, you see the lit candles and you see the unlit one. What have you understood? Understanding. Understanding is never an unlit candle or a lit candle. Then I looked at the flower vase and the candles were gone. But my understanding was neither light nor unlit, nor did it become a flower vase with flowers. Then, since it is the mind, so naturally I looked at the television - I picked up the remote and put on BBC, and there was a procession for the Queen Mother going on. Soon, the mind looked towards the Queen, who was sad, and then - as whatever the form is, whatever the company is, that you become - I became sad, as if since her mother had died, it was as if my mother had died. Then I had to apply, "Well, this is not my mother. My mother died long before." Now, why is this? It is the functioning of the mind, which is manas sindhu [the ocean of mind]Ö

I have a technique for how to get out of it. Do you want to listen to it? [The audience concurs] Tomorrow! [laughter] Because if I tell you today, you will not understand. Yet, out of friendship, Iíll tell you. [laughter] What is the technique? Just pay attention towards the Self. Itís meditation. What happens in meditation? Automatically, somewhere somebody comes to know that the bulk of the mountain-mind is not found standing over there. In meditation, when you reach that depth, it just gets completely reduced. I say, "Know that," which means, take the attention and tell yourself, "Attention you are, dhyan you are." Thatís all. Then, you will not be a wife, a husband, a child, a tree, this country or that country. You are only dhyan [meditation], only gyan [knowledge], only attention, only love. You are not anything at all, you are only That. Now, That has no name. Therefore, I give you the name "direct realization, direct experience". Up to this time, your experience is, "I am this body." Now, at this time, put your I on, "I am That." You are freed. Have you understood? Thank you. Have five minutes in that state. [Meditation begins]

Whenever your attention was on things, forms, and words, you were caught in them. But when there is free attention, that is You, that is Free, and that is Pure. That is never born and never dies, it never appears and never disappears. Since there is no language for that, I only use such words and let you yourself realize, That thou art, That I am, Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm [That is all there is].

Speaking to Mohan Ghei, April 2002

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