Satsang  –   Volume 5, Number 2: April 2, 2002
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The Cover on the Self Is Pierced by
the Words of Guru

I was to tell you something to make you sure that you are that clarity, clear sky, clear word or sound [shabd], or Purity. But why is it that it takes a longer time to grasp this? I will give you the reason for it here, and you just hang on to it and know it. It is because all the senses and their knowledge, and the mind, intellect, ego, and their knowledge with their power, are designed in such a way as to not let you know that you are the clear Sky. Rather, they act upon you as an aavaran, as a cloth, cover, purdah, or antithesis of your own. It is because of them and their nature which is to see things as separate from each other so that you can deal with them separately, you can interact with them as separate from each other, you can eat, drink, and use things separately. All the senses are made for that. So the sense of separation, being coloured in the knowledge of the senses and the mind, keeps a pall, or cover, on the sky of You who are forever Free. Thus You are not noticed, because when any sense is opened, it is opened externally, to the outside. Ears work for the outside. So far as the senses are concerned, everything is made to know things outside, so that which is permeating inside is not known. Thus, the cover, the aavaran, does not let the Niraavaran [Beyond-cover] come out and shine.

In satsang, or in our talks, that aavaran is pierced. It is pierced through the words of Guru, through the ideas or thoughts of satsang. The senses create an aavaran, and Guru leads you, as if You should shine and pierce through the pall of the senses, the aavaran. So you do not know You because of the senses, which have covered (aavaran) You; not that they wanted to, but because they are made like that. They are made for working, for doing things outside, for deriving the joys of the senses, for eating and drinking. Thus, I or You, the clarity, remains covered. It is like the sun, which is clear, but if clouds are covering the sky, then the sun and sky are all right; you have not to train them to shine or to realize who they are. The human understanding with intellect is called asat buddhi, the intellect of differences, which is accustomed by now to know that it can understand things only by dividing, or by seeing division. So Oneness is not understood because the buddhi [intellect] is not purified in the state of Oneness, or of no curtain, no division, and no darkness.

Thus, you should not feel that you are wrong, because you are forever sound (shabd). But you are covered when you say you are the eyes: now you have become the eyes, so you are not You. You are the beard, ears, knees, toes, and shoulders, so you are not You, you are covered by them. This bulk of a human incarnation has the senses, whose quality and characteristic is to cover You, so that human life continues and you should remain suffering. That suffering you sometimes exhibit, through your mind, senses, and body, so that the senses and mind should remain repairing the body and not leaving you in any way. It is only in satsang, by hearing Guru's words, when they pierce through your aavaran, shell, or curtain, that you are then able to see your Self. Thank you very much.


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