Satsang  –   Volume 6, Number 3: February 14, 2003
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Valentine's Day: Unfold the Awareness of Love

Swamiji: Today is Valentine’s Day, and it is eternally known to all of us that we are the friends of God, who is our beloved. God loves us, and we are beloved to God. Since we have become human beings, we know that our existence—consisting of our body, our energy, breath, or praan, and our senses and mind—is there. But who is that who loves them all, and who is that who is loved by the body, senses, praan, and mind? That is God. Without God, without the knowledge of God, and without receiving the love of God, the body as a whole will always remain in a state of torment, or tap. It will always be burning, it will always be feeling separation, and it will never be at ease.

So we must get this information—in any way, on any day, in any situation, and by any ideal—that Love is the original Space and all is manifesting out of it. That is why everyone loves everybody and everything. It is only sentient beings who know that things, forms, and persons exist and that they like them or love them. But if Love were not there in the knowledge or consciousness of a human being, then he would not be able to like anything or anybody. These days, you may have one big computer—which may have been evolved as a top computer—but it will not love and like other computers, and other computers will also not have any such feelings as "He loves me" or "He should love me."

This means that we are not gathering over here as computers, machines, or insentient beings. We are here in the sea of Pure Consciousness, Self, or Pure Being, which is known by the words "Pure Love." We are the manifestation of Love; but if, as this manifestation of Love, we have appeared along with time and space, or are sandwiched in time and space, then we have become time-bound and space-bound. This has become our bondage. By birth, our bondage has been that we are tagged to time and tagged to space—we cannot separate ourselves from them. You have seen the body: it exists in space, and if it is six feet tall, then you can say that the time from here [head] to here [foot] is a few seconds. So time and space are the body. But that is not what the point is which I am speaking about, taking this time- and space-body into consideration. I am speaking about the One who loves it.

The clock does not love you, although it is in your room. The room itself, the space, does not love you. A person who is sleeping does not love anybody. So what is that which is alive? That loves. That is Love Alive. Love Alive must be that which has Knowledge, so Knowledge and Love—Love Alive, Love Life—is one reality. Anywhere you go, love life that is friendly. I can interpret that Space as our Valentine.

Today, we are all filled with joy in our hearts, because our hearts are not dry or devoid of Love. Today, on this day of Love, I welcome all of you wholeheartedly and know that you are my Love and I am your Love. There are no both and there is no all. It is one mass of Love—call it a valentine, call it a friendly state, call it a pure loving state, call it Pure Awareness, but it is our ultimate Source, our Reality, the Truth. We, as human beings, have been rotating—rounding and rounding in the world of time and space and birth and death—only to seek this Knowledge and Love of our own, to know that we are ultimately supposed to unfold the awareness of Love. Then we know that Love is eternal, and we can love eternal Love. So the knowledge of that Love is also eternal. Love and Knowledge is one eternal Existence (Sat), Consciousness (Chaytan), and Love (Aanand).

We can know the expression of others and the emotions that arise from within because we are human beings; we do not know that we are walls or that anything arises from walls. When the emotions arise—when the highest one, the emotion of Love, arises—we get filled with the knowledge of Sarvaatma, of all-Self, and begin to love the universe as a whole. I thank all of you, appreciate all of you, and love all of you, not only on this Valentine’s Day, which is a special festival, rather every moment is connected to that space of original Love. That is God and that is Love.

If God is Love and Love is God, then why are we not God and Love together? It is because, due to ignorance, the forgetfulness of the mind, or ego, has created division. This division has further created the rules and regulations, conditions and religions, theism and atheism—all of which are mental, and mental means all that which is forgetful. It is form that creates difficulty. The moment that form arises, ignorance follows and darkness envelopes. Humanity has only been seeking to uncover it: "Lord, give me some knowledge with which this cover may be removed by which I call myself this body and others as other bodies, and thus they have to be separated from me."

This is form reality, and this relative field—which is ever-changing, which means ever-dying—has become true for people. All human beings love change, and they have begun to love death and separation. They suffer, miss, weep, and cry—and still they want to remain in that state! Many people create separation so that they can feel the pinch of suffering; they deliberately do it. So divorce takes place, separation takes place—and union also takes place. If one knows that love is One, if it is the same, then why is unity needed? But no, the sense of division, the sense of otherness, hankers to attain oneness. A human being has begun to think that oneness is only on the body level: the body level is the level of animals, and animals are ignorant.

But for the last thirty-two years, we, as human beings, have been established in the space of Oneness. We talk about Oneness, which means we talk about Love. But if we use the word "love," then people misunderstand and think that love means that which is physical. This is misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is our enemy. Misunderstanding belongs to the mind; so it is the mind which misunderstands that is our enemy. We have to make it our friend. On this Valentine’s Day, we are trying to express our friendship with the mind.

We do not have to seek that which is always, eternally just the same: we are That. That is Love. I thank you very much, everyone, that you express Oneness as Love and Love as Oneness and that you experience the joy of this existence as human beings, who are most valuable on earth. Why? Because it is only in this human nervous system that we can directly perceive the space of Love as Oneness.

Due to external information, we have spoiled the purpose of life. We think that we enjoy because of the objects of the senses and do not know, unless we come weak and devoid of the power of the senses, that this is very temporary. In seeking the purity of Love, we have been going everywhere—searching this place, searching that place, searching this person, searching that person. But we did not have a right informer who could tell us the truth of Love. Today, you are lucky enough to hear that you are that purity of Love, you are that purity of Existence, you are that purity of love Consciousness, you are that purity of Delight. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. …

It is a very beautiful stage, a wonderful happening, that all of you have offered your own individual existence, in the form of human beings, to make an experiment on the awareness of the functioning of the human mind—what it did to you, and what it can do if it is evolved further. If you take the mind and get it absorbed in the purity of the sea of Love, then you are divine Being, you are loving Being. This is the purpose of human life: we have to know who we are.

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