Satsang  –   Volume 14, Number 09: September 21, 2011
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The Cave Of The Heart

Here on the Himalayas, there is absolutely nothing to learn. If you see the people’s dances, they are very ancient; their caps are very ancient; their houses are very ancient. Kullu is only known for the Himalayas. And the Himalayas are known for their caves.

Those who were highly evolved came to the Himalayas—even when they had to come by foot and had to walk thousands of miles—to be in the caves. What is that cave that is the Source where awareness can grow? And man can feel he was never an ordinary man?

When sitting in the cave he wants to see the whole Himalayas. He is able to see the big Himalayas. He is able to think of the big universe. He is just a small man, but he has the ability and power to see the whole world—and he can imagine many, many worlds. Yet he has been made to think by his wife, his father, and his children that he is a very small, little man and he is going to leave them.

You didn’t leave that which people say is very big. You became big. Big enough, knowledgeable enough, to know yourself, to know that you are never small. You are not that type of human being who is well educated and well decorated by his experiences. You are much bigger than the whole universe, much bigger than the world. But a child sees the world as a globe, a little ball. And then he has his atlas, his geography, and his little drawings. So for all human beings this world is just like a drawing. But what is that power with which the child, as soon as he came on earth, came to see he is no longer in himself, in his cave? He got out of that universe, which is many times bigger than this world. That was he and he knew it, even in the womb of his mother.

So what was that knowledge? That is God Consciousness. That has no name and no form. Only when the child went to school was name given, and name and form happened. That nameless and formless is also the world of Existence, but not the existence that increases, deteriorates, and dies. That universal Being is not only universal—we say “universal” because of “individual”—neither individual is that nor universal is that, that is Pure Being.

The cave represents the place where one can have thought, one can think how many thoughts he can have. The moment he begins to think, his thoughts begin to minimize. If he thinks more, more go away. If he thinks more, he gets concentrated, gets improved, and goes higher and higher. Then all the thought is down below—air, fire, water, and all the elements—and he just remains higher.

All the troubles and pain and suffering that he has are left there for the time being. They do not belong to him at this time. They belong to someone else who picked them up. And when his mind picks them up, again they come and belong to him.

What is bigger than the world? The human being. The human form. And what is bigger than the human form? His senses. And what is bigger than the senses? His mind. And what is bigger than the mind? He, himself, I. And what is bigger than the I? There is a cave. Close your eyes.

This cave you can make anywhere. It is always with you. This is the infinite cave—say cave or say Self. And you can add anything to it. A child is born, add the child. Now no more womb of the mother, that cave is gone. The child came on earth. Then school. School is a cave. All the students come and go. The cave remains. He works in the world. The world is in the cave. The world gets dissolved, but the space of the cave remains.

Thus, it is not a hole in the mountain where sheep can sit. Those who were enlightened beings said, “I am sitting in the cavity or cave of my heart.” Thus, you, too, are sitting in the cavity of your heart, the cave of your heart. In what way are you sitting? In the form of Awareness.

That Awareness makes you a child. That brings in you a thought of getting interested in little toys, and then bigger toys. Then bigger forms—on a larger scale. The whole world. And the same, after giving you an experience makes you forget everything that you have experienced. And you become the same person in the cave, which means Awareness.

Now all of you, each one, is still there in the cave. It looks like your head space, your stomach space; that it must be in your body container. And that is the mistake that every human being has committed. Because he has been with the people who are ignorant of the vastness of this Space—cave or Space or God or Self, it is just the same.

And Space has never become two, three, four, five, or million, or millions of brahmaand, or universes. That Space is forever one and the same. But for whom? The one who knows it. But everybody can hear. Why? Because everyone is That.

Because of mental awareness, the superimposed mind’s consciousness, everybody thinks that if he becomes aware of this cave, then he will know the truth. And if he knows the truth, he concludes, “What will become of my waking state? My dream state? My deep sleep? My small family? My small world? My achievements? Therefore, I must not meditate and be familiar with my Self. Let me remain forgetful, sleepy.”

In your dream, you are asleep. In deep sleep, you are in a deeper sleep. And the waking state is also the outcome of deep sleep. And everybody feels and tells you: it doesn’t matter, remain in this world of sleep, this world of sleep.

Whereas, when you come over here in a minute your ideas get improved. The vichaar dhaara, the river of ideas in the world, is moving towards death and destruction, change. Alright. Whether it is a smaller or bigger stream, a broader or faster stream, it is going to end.

Thus, a mighty being can change this, make it return towards the Source. And the Source is unknown, invisible, inaudible. Therefore, any human being dealing with the relative field—sometimes positive, sometimes negative; sometimes big, sometimes small; sometimes this, sometimes that; sometimes mine, sometimes thine; sometimes useful, sometimes useless—has become a human mind, a human world. Yet he is not the human mind—he knows it, but he does not know how to get out of it.

For that, you need to ask for the technique of meditation. You are asking for that which is indescribable. Ask about the waking state and I can describe it. Dream state, I can describe. Deep sleep, I can describe. But that which you have never known, that is the fourth state.

What is the description of the fourth state? I won’t describe it. Yet, you are just Me, so there is no difference between you and Me. It doesn’t matter about age, space and place, family, and this and that. Me is this cave. Me is this awareness of the cave. Me is this knower of the cave. And when I am aware of this Me as one, then how can you be away or separate from Me? Wherever you are, you are just Me.

We have talked many hours, many days only this: you are the Source, you are Me. You are at the Source and I am at the Source. You are Me. But it is the choice of Me—one prefers to be in the relative field and one prefers to say that the relative field will never exist, it will never go with you.

Therefore, you must not become forgetful. Rather, remember that you are Pure Free Forever, Eternal, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. And then be in the world. Because then the world is Me, every form is Me. And Me will never hate Me. Me is always one. And Me will never create problems to anyone, because Me is one and there is no second to it. Then, while meditating, there is no problem of any kind.

This much has attracted you, but the moment you open the eyes problems start—somebody looks at you with very bad intentions or just the noise of the road. When your senses begin, you lose this bliss of the Absolute. And this is why you don’t want to do this. But I say, no, it will take time, but when it is matured, or it is near perfection, you will come to realize that which you call I.

If somebody asks what this I is, you say, “I do not know. I know only my body, my photograph, my family, people, and places. I have never seen my I.” But I say when you become matured you will say I is the Whole, nameless, formless, as well as when it is in manifestation, name-full, form-full. There is no division in that I. That is the Self. And that is Pure Free Forever.


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