Satsang  –   Volume 14, Number 10: October 26, 2011 (Diwali Evening)
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When This Atom Is Exploded,
It Becomes The Universe

… You can conserve energy. But the main thing that people have forgotten is that the treasury-house or source of energy is your Space. It is available to you, but we do not tap it because of the mind. The mind understands that the body is energy, or that food is eaten and the body produces energy. This is not correct, although it sounds scientific. For energy is Life. If you are tuned in to the Life, then you know that it is subtler than the subtlest space. This you can watch with closed eyes, dropping the functioning of the senses or giving stillness to them.

Immediately, you yourself become very generous and kind and become tuned in to your Self. You become aware that it is the I—which you call “you” or “I,” that Space—which gives energy to your speech and so you remember words; and it is that Space through which you know the meaning of those words and you know the way of communication. If you do not communicate the Source, then you are using words but only telling people the stories of things and forms, which are seen, observed and experienced in the past or the present, or thought about in the future, or which are of dreams or of the waking state.  

Then what happens? That mind remains involved in its own functioning, and its functioning is the sense of otherness—we don’t say the sense of hatred, very mildly we use the words, “the sense of otherness,” which means that you like your sense, you never like anybody else’s. People are trained to like others, so that just as they love other things and forms, so they begin to also like persons. But they actually like things. Through things, they became aware of loving or liking things, so they treat persons as things: when persons are useful and beneficial, or their presence gives them any kind of benefit, they love them; when no benefit is given, they do not. Rather, when bad words or words insulting to your own consciousness are spoken, since you think that “I am somebody,” if somebody else belittles you, then you become divided and begin to think that person to be other than the Space, other than Love, other than Knowledge.

We have been talking for the last many years, whether we count the years or not, but we are talking about that Space which is the energy-house of all. You may not say energy, but how does the word “energy” come? And how does the knowledge of energy come if that is not knowledgeable? So it is Pure Existence. But the words “Pure Existence” nobody can understand. They understand an existing mountain, existing water, rivers, crops, food, cooking and living; they understand an existing body sleeping, body dreaming, body waking, body worshiping, body condemning, body using language, body reading, body writing. Everything exists outside, because our senses have no perfection with which they can see themselves as the Source.

How great a formula would it be which would create a situation in your sense of awareness of the body and things that that awareness should be purified, should be left alone, having been involved or touched by the names and forms, things and experiences. When it is left alone, then that is the period that it starts working, and then you come to know, “Oh, that energy is the source when you eat food; without that energy, it cannot be digested.” So digestion is not science. Digestion is not the advice of somebody. Digestion is not chooran [a digestive] or pills. The power of digestion is hidden. It is that hidden power which is there for you to awaken—maybe on Diwali, or maybe every evening in your home, or in satsang. But that is to be awakened.

As the fire is awakened and fire flames come, otherwise it remains wood, in the same way a human being remains not only wood, he is a body. The body is like wood. But where is the fire? A human being thinks fire is only when he takes a matchstick and burns paper or a ghee lamp. No. Fire is knowledge, and that knowledge is called Light, and that is Diwali, in reality. But people think that Diwali is only meant to blow firecrackers, to have gatherings, to do puja, and to have all the lights—they are also good for children, who love light and are afraid of darkness. They do not know why they are afraid of darkness, when darkness is nothing but the minimum light—that is called darkness. That which is Knowledge is called Pure Light.

These few moments are the moments of great observation, when all the guns are being blown and firecrackers are going on. People love sound, so much so that if the sound is enormous, they love it. Why? At that time, the mind is not there. So they create mindlessness through wars, through battles, through ideas, through marching. But the fact is, when you get this opportunity, which is rare, when Guru is created by God and disciples are created by God, between them the energy itself sprouts into many forms. And those forms have a mind, a similar type of knowledge, their liking is similar. For they love the Space, they love the Light, they love the Knowledge, they love harmony, they love the relations who are full of love and joy, they love the grace, they love the kindness—all these qualities, they belong to all of you.

The source of these qualities is Pure Awareness. We have been speaking about it for more than forty-five years, so that just as you got a name fixed for you, so that the name belongs to your skin, hair, teeth and body, in the same way Pure Awareness should belong to your hair, to your body, to your intestines, skin and nails—everything becomes Pure Awareness. And that is possible. So far as the physical structure is concerned, it’s like a chair, table or car: it’s lifeless. Without Life, there is no world and no awareness, no contact, no joy. Thus we become very particular; we take a few minutes at any time, at home or anywhere else, just to be that still, which means where the senses do not create a disturbance for you. You remain separate from them. This sense of separation is not the sense of separation of one person from another. This is the sense which is your Sense. It has nothing to do with skin or hair. Skin and hair come out of That, just as a sprout comes out of a seed. But how will such a big tree come out of a little seed of a banyan or fig tree?

In this way, you know that the most atomic power, the subtlest most possible, exists when you close your eyes and begin to watch. That is the I of that atom which sees the whole universe and becomes one with it; or the universe becomes one with that atom. That is what the aim and object is. If you remain only free, then many bulls are also free, it is not a very great thing. If you remain liberated, then many people do not do anything, they cannot even wash their hands or eyes or even eat, but they are not free. So freedom is that Space, which is your Sense. It’s called Shuddh Chaytan. It’s Pure. And that exists now. That is Diwali Jyoti, that Light of Knowledge, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

Then you can say it. Why? You will begin to live Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum as your true nature. Then all the manifest forms will be known, just as branches, flowers, leaves, the tree and all the fruits are there, but you remain one. The sap is one—to the individual fruit, the sap is one with the whole tree. Then you become the individual tuned in to the universe. You become universal.

Many times you get confused about what is this ego-individual and what is universal. Why? Because the mind has no power. The mind is so individualized, so attached to the body, which means it knows that only the body is the Self. But the body is that atom which is the universe. When this is sprouted, or when it is exploded, then this atom becomes the universe. And then you know, “I am the universe as a whole.” … [Meditation]

Take your own time. Just reflect back when you were a small child. How did that little child have so much energy that it has been spent for the last fifty years and it has not been exhausted? We sometimes become fortunate enough to get the opportunity to watch how much noise goes on, yet you can be still. Then there will be no such thought to complain, “I don’t become still, I do not become at peace.” Peace and stillness is your true nature, but you don’t remember that. That’s why you don’t have the sense of wealth. Those people who have grown up and have money or a balance in the bank and just remember it, how strong and happy they are. They don’t use it, they don’t spend it, but it happens even by remembering that they have it, that they can use it at any time. In the same way, if you know you have Supreme Reality, Supreme Truth, Supreme Being, God Consciousness, then you can use any consciousness of one or two rupees worth at any time. But God Consciousness will remain always God Consciousness. That is called Guru Consciousness, because that is hidden within you, within everyone. But our efforts are that we are unfolding that extensive Consciousness, that mahaan Consciousness, and that serves our purpose in our life, so that not only do you remain at peace, rather, the atmosphere all around you becomes peaceful, loving, joyful. But you have to be aware, to be knowledgeable, that you are that Being who is Pure Free Forever. Out of that you became a little seed, and then you sprouted and became a tree. And now you became fruitful. …

The one who has given you life is not only your mother, because how does life enter the heart or womb of your mother? So the life-giver exists. But we become human beings with the human mind, just like a seed sprouts a sprout and becomes a tree, and the very tree forgets the seed. That is the case with a human being. Why? Because a human being is a negative form, just like water is liquid, but when it becomes a solid iceberg, then what happens to the water? The water has not become a daughter or a son, it’s the same water. But for us, the quality of liquidity changes into a gross iceberg, which is so hard. The same has become our ego-intellect-mind. The ego-intellect-mind is the grossest reality, so far as the Self is concerned. But man loves only that gross mind, which does not give him the answer, and he’s seeking it everywhere. It’s like an iceberg that is striking an iceberg and not able to drink water. The iceberg is thirsty—and it’s water! In the same way, man is that Self, yet he’s seeking the Self. Because he has forgotten. …

[After the song, Shreeman Naraayan] I copy Ajaamil, who used to sing, “Naraayan, Naraayan” [God, God]. When he was about to become awakened and free, he called his son, but his son was not at home. He was attached to his son, so he began to call him. He was nar, a man—a man is always attached to his son and daughter, to his wife and children, but not to Naraayan. By mistake, the name-giver gave Ajaamil the name Naraayan, saying, “You should give your son the name Naraayan.” He became attached to Naraayan, his son, and in the end he began to call him, as I call: “Naraayan Naraayan…” [Swamiji begins to sing this, and we repeat it with him, in kirtan.]

And Naraayan appeared. Close your eyes. Check. He’s standing in front of you, and you are not able to recognize him. If you don’t recognize him, he’ll go away. So know that the Lord comes in that silence where your attachment reaches the height of consciousness. That very attachment is very, very useful for a human being, because it explodes your awareness and you become aware and open, your inner eye of understanding arises that Naraayan is the source of this world full of nar, full of human beings, full of things and forms. That Source cannot be separated from the whole, thus the whole is not separate from the one. But if you take one name, “God,” and another name, “man,” it will not work. Because God is one upaadhi, one name, and man is another name. When you reach the nameless state of awareness, then you reach that Oneness.

See. The intellect is not working. The mind is not working. The ego is not working. So there is no gross understanding. When you are only ego-intellect-mind, then you are only attuned to the gross forms, which are changing and dying. Thus this dying-consciousness, the ego-intellect-mind, is always, always bothering you. But at the basis of it, the source of it, is your Shyam Awareness, Pure Awareness. It is Knowledge, it is Pure Love, Pure Light. That is why you are hearing firecrackers, but you are not questioning why they are being blown. And you are not thinking why these people are spending money only on firecrackers, having only one sound or two. No. This Space is your sehej buddhi [easy intellect]. It came by itself; you have not produced it. We sang Naraayan, Naraayan, that’s another thing. But when you closed your eyes, from where did this awareness dawn? It is that Jyoti Awareness, Light Awareness, which is Diwali Awareness.

You are watching that that is free from fear, uninvolved with these firecrackers. You do not have the idea that a firecracker will fall on your head. No. Many people are blowing firecrackers, they are in the middle of them, yet nothing is happening to them. You must’ve seen when the forces marched and the war-drums sounded. They had their guns, they were constantly shooting, one bullet after the other, rather, so constantly that you could never know whether it was one or how many there were, it was a shower of bullets. Yet the soldier remained undisturbed, fearless. Why? That Sehej Being, which is Knowledge Being, appears. And that is the name of you or I.

So whenever you are I Pure, you cannot say, “I am Ruthie,” or “I am Susan,” you are I. You cannot say, “I am the body,” you are only I. You cannot say, “I am having hair,” it’s only I. How close that awareness is with you, but because you have not been informed, it is not your fault. The one who knows that your I is the universal I, which means the Universal Existence, knows that that Existence is Pure Free Forever. You can watch all the forms of birds, creatures, animals and human beings—they are all having that I at the source.

Having acknowledged that, realized that, you will not mind the I of somebody else. Many people are suffering just because of thinking, “Why did he say this thing to me? I don’t deserve it. Why did he insult me?” You are having your made-up, superimposed greatness, and you think it’s disturbed just because your name has not been pronounced very well or the spelling of it has not been written correctly, and so you feel insulted. How small and attached is your ego-consciousness, which is body-intellect. It is not any other intellect, it is body-intellect, which is called ego-intellect. Everybody’s body-intellect is ego-intellect, and that is the trouble. In order to remove the trouble, we have practised. And we have been practising on any occasion, on any festival. …

We are aware, intelligent people, and we don’t want to remain confined to only this intelligence which our worldly life gives us. You watch how a child will know food, the table, spoon, fork, kitchen, bathroom, drawing room, decorations, curios and all that. He does just the same throughout his life. He doesn’t have the extensive Knowledge, and he doesn’t become free from his body-consciousness. Body-consciousness then allows him, or compels him, to get attached to other bodies. Since bodies are changing and bodies do not remain, he becomes disappointed and in the end frustrated. So in order to remove the frustration, disappointment and fear, one has to bring in the Highest Awareness. That is where we have all gotten together and talk about something which is higher than what we have known. …

People have introduced the system that occasions of high energy are seldom. Only when some Rugby World Cup takes place, then they sing; the New Zealand girl was singing at that time, and only once. They are very rare occasions. After years, a little high comes for two hours. If everybody lived the same energy throughout the year, how much would it be? But they have forgotten that it can be created daily. Because they think, “Daily life is a struggle, therefore we have to continue living with struggle.” But the purpose of human life is not to unfold unhappiness. [Laughter] …

I wish you all and one a peaceful, prosperous, loving Diwali, which you have celebrated. It has become a very, very beautiful occasion that all of you are filled with joy and peace at heart. Thank you very much. God bless you. [Singing of Jai Jai Guruji and applause]

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