Satsang  –   Volume 19, Number 1: January 1, 2016
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Swamiji's New Year's Message 2016


It is 2016. Happiest New Year—just because we are all alive!

Since a human being is born, therefore he is imbibing the habits of the born. He has the habit of being born, which made him imbibe the sense that a birthday is happiness and the days which have been spent have gone into nothingness. Thus, he has the sense of happiness of the days coming in front of him; and the days gone by are unhappiness, or even death, because after death there are no days. So death is unhappiness, and the days to come ahead are filled with the sense of happiness.

This is the life of all human beings, who are born, who live and pass the days, and again take days into consideration, every single morning. So all human beings have the sense of appearance and birth, and they are taught or told that they all have the sense of death, because they have no days when they are in sleep. So sleep is a death, and the waking state is birth.

We have been doing this work of birth and death to eliminate the idea of being born, because Guruji said to us that the unborn is birthless, deathless. So, dearest one, hallelujah! Remain established in the state of unborn, which means pure, free, forever, beyond the idea of birth and death. Since I will be alive forever, I will be creating this situation wherever my Eternal Presence is visible, either in form or in deep sleep. Thank you!

Thus, never, never should any disappointment be entertained.

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