Satsang  –   Volume 19, Number 2: January 6, 2016
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From Now Onwards
You Should Never Feel You Are Born


Let us first meditate. Close your eyes and know that you were never born. That is wordless, ever present. It is Pure Free Forever. You just got it. I do not have to repeat it—you got it. You just got it. The result is freedom: freedom from change, freedom from taking birth and continuing to change, freedom from nails and hair, increasing and decreasing, freedom from ending. Now, and every moment, you feel Pure Free Forever. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

Sing Aa-ay Aaj Shyam Ghar Aa-ay (Today Pure Consciousness Incarnated on Earth) …

This is the moment where it is as if your dearest friend had left for America, not to come back—but you got it, you got it. Those are the type of feelings we have now. And we want to repeat that again and again, again and again.

I want to tell you that from now onwards you should never feel that you are born. Why? Because you have faith, you have knowledge, that some time before you were never born. Each one knows this. She knows that just a couple of years before she was not born, he knows that he was not born, each one of you knows that you were not born. Then why is it that after forty-six years you should have faithlessness? You know that you were not born. There is only one thing: just by not being born, you are free—free from birth, free from change, free from nails, hair, a beard, moustache and other things, and free from an end.

So there is a possibility for a human being. If he has come on earth, he has the chance to know that he had already known he is not born. You should practise this and know it. Without practice, it will never happen. Even now, you are sure that at any time you can fall. Early in the morning, you will again be born. So you have to be so firmly established that you are not born. …

The main deception which has appeared in everybody’s life is that he is born. Life was never there, yet now everybody thinks he is born and he has life. Check. Nobody has a name, yet everybody is convinced he has an original name. No original name exists. Somebody has to tell you that you have the power to hear this—because you are nameless, you are formless.

In the light of this, you can see the whole world. Nobody has a name, nobody has a form, nobody is born. Yet the deception is so strong that it does not leave you until you die. At that time, you do not see death. Relations see it, and they do the job. You never see death. And you know this. Yet you can check—deception is such that tomorrow you are likely to forget. That is why I have to remind you again and again, again and again. Call it practice, call it speaking. Today, you are doing this. But tomorrow, you will be there with name and form. It is that strong. If you have not done practice, then, because you are born, your bhavana will be of name and form; bhavana means kalpana, imagination. You imagined that you exist. You imagined that the world exists, because you see it. You know that you sleep—yet you never see sleep. But check, you never believe in this, it is that strong.

It is called maya (deception). Maya has been applied to every single person who is born. So I say that you are born because of agyan (no knowledge of Self). When I speak of agyan, I mean that you are Pure Free Forever, there is no agyan. But because you are born, you think, “I am born, I am these many years old, I am changing, and I will die.” When you hear me, you automatically say, “Yes, it is true. It is true. Whatever Swamiji is saying, it is true.” If it is true, then why do you not accept it? He accepted it [Sat Prakash, who was leaving Kullu that day], so this is a great welcome. Thank you. This is the beginning of satsang.

Just go totally free—and remain free forever. People will say, “You are Sat Prakash, you are Max. You are this age. You are this time. You have done this. You have done that.” But when you sleep, you are convinced that whatever they are saying is all incorrect. The whole world is speaking what is incorrect. And in the middle of that one hundred percent incorrectness, you have to become correct.

We should welcome him. He came. It is a welcome, it is not a departure. So any time you can change it—it is in your hands. Do you want to die? You can be name and form, and then death is there. Do you not want to die? Then no name, no form.

I am not. I have not only proven this with words, but with action. … I am not the same person, yet I am there—because I had promised that I will make you free. And you did it. You got it. So again and again I say, I remind you, you just got it. Do not remain under deception. You got it. No deception should come. No disappointment. No idea of death. See the result of this. Thank you. … [Meditation]

See. You are the same person who closes the eyes. It is Amaram Madhuram—no name and no meaning. Because that which is immortal is not born, so it is Pure Free Forever. That which is Madhuram is not dead, so it is no life, no longevity, no relations, no idea of change, no idea of death.

You are sent on earth with the promise that you will find a Guru and he will tell you this. If you are careful just to listen to him—and he says Pure Free Forever, which means you are neither name nor form— then you will fulfill the purpose of your taking birth on earth, which is your aim, or object.

If you are still under the sway of the idea of death, if it sticks to you, then you will forget. But then again, in these modern times, you heard me so many times, so many times, that you cannot forget. You will just remember that Guruji said, “Pure Free Forever I am. I am not impure. I am not changing. I am not long or short. I am not ending. I, Pure Free Forever. I, Pure Free Forever. I, Pure Free Forever.” You are that Param—it is called Supreme. Since it is no name and no form, therefore it is no mind, no senses, no intellect. Whatever remains is Pure Free Forever.

We did this for these many years. You can count how many years you did this—joining, not joining, sleeping and waking up, sleeping and dreaming. This is what a born human being is.

There must be someone, a Guru, who should tell you that you have all the power to know. But somebody has to tell you. By yourself, you will never know. Therefore, you should never entertain your human nature, the ahankar, or ego-sense. Never give any authority to it. It does not exist.

What a thrill to know this, as against your own deception. And deception does not exist.

That Supreme Reality listens to you—“to you” means to you, the ego. And it cancels it. And cancels it. And cancels it. Guru listens to the disciple, and cancels what the disciple says. And cancels what the disciple says. And cancels what the disciple says. The disciple says, “I am a would-be Guru, and at one time you were a disciple.” Both sides are wrong. Guru says, No. Neither you exist as a form, nor does he. What remains is Supreme.

Human ideas are because you are a human being still sticking to the idea that physical form exists. No. It never existed. It is not in existence. It will never exist. If you are listening to me, you are out of such an idea that physical form exists so Guru exists. No. You are sitting in meditation. There is no physical form: neither Guru’s form is sitting, nor the disciple’s form is sitting. Since a human being cannot know this, so this is said by the Supreme Being, the Eternal Existence. That is the meaning of Eternal Existence. It will never be more clear than this.

Deception will come and will make you forget. But if you remember this, then you are forever meditating. Guru is always there and the disciple is always there—but they are not two forms. That is Eternal Existence. Timelessness. Spacelessness. Causelessness.

Take your own time. Sing Ajar Amar Avinashi (Unborn Undying Indestructible). …

That is it. Thank you. Thank you very much for your satsang. [Laughter and applause]

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