Satsang  –   Volume 13, Number 1: January 1, 2010
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2010: The Year Of The Enlightened State

This morning is fresh and bright, full of happiness and Oneness, which belongs to the year 2010, and it is a Friday. We have left the past, along with all the defects we have witnessed in ourselves and in others this past year. Today, we feel that our hearts are full of space which is enlightened of the Truth, the Oneness Consciousness, which is not understanding: it is realization. I wish you this year, 2010, not only happiness and health, but to unfold the enlightened state and maintain it. This has been a very successful awareness for all the persons who have participated for the last forty years.

To all who hear me, I wish them the enlightened state, as against the knowledge of human beings, which is their property—the ego, intellect and mind, with which they perceive the world of the senses and the material things that are required or desired by the senses. This year, you will witness in yourself that your behaviour is going to change and your ability of speaking is going to be filled with the awareness of the realization of the Self, which we have come to know in terms of Oneness. Since these are only good wishes, so it is not necessary for you to receive the explanation of what is that which you have been enlightened in. All of you are full of love, so love is nothing but Oneness. All of you are full of knowledge, which is not only the knowledge of things and forms, but the knowledge of Oneness. You are full of light in your being, which is not the light of the sun, rather the light which is Oneness.

Oneness will be the subject matter for you to be with—in your heart, in your mind, and with your friends for the whole year. In simple words, Oneness is that which has been prior to your sense of duality (or the thought in terms of ego). Without it, there could never have been the space or sky, the air, fire, water or earth. All the tattwas, or material forms, are in manifestation from the same Oneness, which has the power to manifest the I-sense. Without this consciousness of I, it is not possible to build the world, the forms of the world, and the sentient and insentient beings. So I is the basis, or the consciousness, of manifesting the world of consciousness and matter.

Chaytan and jar, consciousness and matter, can only be talked about to a human being who knows that he has matter in terms of skin, bones, nerves, and the parts of the body; as well, he has the seeing power and the knowing power of the forms, the hearing power and the knowing power of sounds, the smelling power and the knowing power of the fragrance of flowers, and the tasting power which all belong to consciousness. Consciousness is a sense that is perceived by a human being on the level of the senses. When a child is born, he does not have this type of knowledge of the senses and body. So that which you call consciousness and matter, or the body, is not that which is Oneness. Oneness is before consciousness and matter.

Still, every year a question remains with a human being to find out how consciousness and matter, which is an unconscious substance, is known to be the reality, especially when we see forms with our eyes and find that each form which is sentient has consciousness and matter. And we have to carry on with this awareness. Not having information about how consciousness and matter came and what their source or cause is, a human being is always doubtful or full of questions and inquiry about how it is that consciousness and matter came together in manifestation, yet they appear to have different material substances or essence.

A human being has to develop from childhood onwards and see and hear about names, sounds and forms, which he has to experience with his senses and act upon with his body. The body is known as an active body, or a body of action, and the senses are known as the organs of the senses of knowledge. Thus, consciousness and matter is always giving a problem to a human being, because he concludes that consciousness cannot be matter and matter cannot be consciousness. And nobody informs him that before consciousness and matter there was nothing but the I, or Oneness.

That I is not seen, not heard and not known. So every human being identifies his I with the body, which means he calls consciousness and the body as one, or the body as the I and the I as the body. Yet a human being is somewhere aware that since he is not only consciousness, he is also a material body, a material form. So when matter is not built in the womb of the mother and consciousness is also not built in her womb, then how can consciousness and matter together permeate the body?

This information is of the Source, which is not a cause. It is the reality. And that reality is Oneness. Oneness is free—before it manifests the form out of itself, the way we know a spider does. A spider makes the form material out of itself. So there is a clue that we as human beings manifest everything out of our being. Out of our eyes, we manifest forms. Out of our ears, we manifest sounds. Out of our noses, we manifest air or fragrance. Out of our tongues, we manifest taste. Out of our arms, we manifest action. Out of our legs, we manifest actions. So how is it that all this manifestation takes place?

It is very simple—if you are informed that you are One. Having heard that you are One, humanity as a whole does not conceive of what One is. One is that Oneness. Oneness, or One, has no consciousness to be described nor matter to be described, because matter and consciousness is already in the heart or womb of that Oneness. Oneness is independent, self-effulgent. It stands by itself. Why? When the world of consciousness and matter was not there, it has been. Since it has no name and no form, it is indescribable. The tongue cannot reach there, so we cannot describe it. Yet we feel it. When we are in sleep, there is no such thing as consciousness or matter known to us, because that is Oneness.

So Oneness exists by itself. But what happens that a human being does not know it? Because of the ego-sense in the waking state—when the body and the consciousness of that I appear to be coming out of Oneness, and matter appears to be coming out of Oneness—then it becomes the knowledge which a human being knows, or the I. Thus he begins to say, “I know.” If the body were dead, he could not say “I.” If it were not built, he could not say “I.”

So there is something for us to feel, but which we are not able to describe: the enlightened state, which all of you, for the last forty years now, have been making an experiment on, on the level of your “I know.” The mind says, “I know,” the intellect says, “I know,” the ego says, “I know,” and all three, the ego-intellect-mind, are as if a whirlpool in water. To many, a whirlpool appears to be something other than water. To some people, a wave appears to be other than water. Not only a wave or bubble appear to be different from water, but even to water it appears that they are different from it. This sense of differentiation is a human being.

To have the transformation of this sense is saadhana. It requires only intelligent people, or those who are able to inquire into what is that from where the body came, and what is that where the body ends and gets absorbed and there remains nothing—not even ashes are found there. All gets absorbed, in the same way as it has come out into manifestation. The answer to this exists in 2010, which is that it is only Oneness, without a second. Oneness exists prior, where you cannot say that the sky is other than Oneness. You cannot say that the thread or network of the spider is not the spider, or is second to it, or that the spider is somewhere else and its network is somewhere else of some other material. So there is no cause of these five material forms being in existence except formless Oneness. That is why if a human being, who has been tuned in on the level of senses to know only forms, wants to know that which I am, to know what is Me, and if someone answers it is Oneness, then he rushes and joins all the limbs together, the canvas and all the drawings together, all the walls and paintings together, all the statues and rocks together, all the people in the world and the earth together and then conceives of that as Oneness.

It has been an inevitable fact that the forms have never, never existed permanently. Then what is that which exists permanently? Oneness. But a human being only knows that which is in manifestation, or the world forms, sentient and insentient. Therefore, he waits to get everything dissolved and then know Oneness. But then he also gets dissolved along with others. So again there remains nothing but Oneness. The enlightened state is when you see Oneness. Then you will be realized in perfection, that Oneness is.

Early this morning, I was lying in bed, It must have been a sort of sleep, but this is what I saw. There was only blue-black space, and out of that space, a head came. Eyes, a moustache and a whole body came, and he was throwing [he blows through his mouth, in imitation] light, light. I witnessed that light: it was a light-nose, light-ears, light-hair, light-everything. Light, light, it was all light. In order to confirm it, perhaps I had to tell you this fact, in order to let itself know—because the same is the Knower, the same is the manifester, the same is the experiencer, the same is the light, the same is the existence, and the same is the knowing. And it was me who was watching this, sleeping, or with closed eyes.

We don’t describe this state, because it is indescribable. Yet I’m letting you know through words, because it is very significant for you to know that it is the Space alone which is form and which is the manifester of light. Out of that light, sky is coming, the air is blowing, and the sun is coming. Everything is coming from that Space. That Space is Oneness. That is the enlightened state.

If you meditate with closed eyes, you only see darkness. Every human being is already fixed in the idea that just as when he sleeps he does not know anything, so if he closes his eyes, there is darkness. But if you pursue it and continue pursuing it, then this is the result, which I am speaking to you. It is not a fictitious story from books or anywhere. Just a few hours before when I was sleeping, I had no idea I would tell you this, yet I saw it. When I say, “I saw it,” it will be a great confusion for you, because you think that I am sitting and talking in the waking state. You are not understanding that words have no forms, that thoughts have no forms. Words are not seen by you as full of light. Thoughts are not seen as full of light. Sound is also not seen and known for what it is.

Yet you are the same being who is Space. That is why you not only blow the light out of yourself. You hear me saying that light was being blown by the Space, who materialized a human being, like a drawing came out from Space. The same is doing. The same is withdrawing—everything like that. And I was seeing—I was seeing, as if I were separate. I am seeing because I was the one who was blowing. I was the one who was seeing. I was the one who was withdrawing the eyes. I was the one who was withdrawing the light. Everything was there, it is all Oneness. So Oneness is. When described in this manner, it is the maximum that can be described. Otherwise, it is indescribable.

That is why for many, many years you have been hearing words about Oneness, but it is all your concept on the level of your mind, which is a consciousness-wave, just as water manifests a wave but is water. Consciousness appears in manifestation, but it is Oneness The moment Oneness appears to manifest the wave of mind (it is called consciousness or the mind), and then it starts minding, it starts creating other waves. In this way, you cannot figure it out by yourself, because many people are only in the waking state. The waking state is meant to shut off deep-sleep knowledge. It has the power to prevent it. The waking state comes, and the power of the waking state prevents deep sleep, prevents the dream state, prevents the source of thinking, and manifests or comes to know only that which are the forms belonging to the eyes, the sounds and the thoughts. And then a human being thinks, ”I woke up.”

His waking state becomes I; whereas I is Oneness, and Oneness is not the waking state. But because I, the Oneness, is all that there is, therefore everything gets confused, and you ask, “When all that there is is Oneness, then why is it if Oneness never dies, people are dying? So what is that Oneness?” You have heard Krishna saying in the Gita that it is Indestructible, Akshar Brahm, that Oneness is indestructible. But when out of its nature it manifests forms, the way the nature of a spider manifests a network, then the forms become blind to the source of Oneness.

Today, you have received this message of your own enlightened state, which all of you have, yet all the time you were seeking what its description could be. Every year we say, “Happy New Year, Happy New Year,” but happiness never comes, although each new year comes daily. Today is actually the happy new year of Oneness, for it is the year of the enlightened state, which you have come to realize. Everybody is nothing but that love of Oneness, the love of knowledge, the love of the enlightened state, the love of action and the love of the world as a whole. Because without you, the Oneness, the world can never be. Therefore, the world is nothing but Oneness.

How to figure this out on the level of intellectual understanding? If all is Oneness and Oneness never dies yet the world gets dissolved, then what? Because Oneness is itself free, so Oneness cannot be commanded or ordered by anybody to manifest or not to manifest. It is its swabhaav, its nature. Just as the nature of water is cool and the nature of fire is heat and light, in the same way the nature of Oneness is to manifest forms, keep them alive, and let them continue and be unfolded with all the powers which come from that Oneness, all those powers which you have of the ears and eyes. These are all powers, but they come from that Oneness.

Although it cannot be described, still I am taking a chance to describe that it all comes from Oneness. But it’s not that it comes, so it became something else—just as you see that milk is milk, yet curd comes, butter comes, and when it is melted, light comes. A human being has only been developed that much that he can understand that these are all changes. He thinks that just as milk is no more, it has changed, so it might be that in the same way there could be Oneness, but it is a changing reality. He thinks, “We are living with changing forms, changing reality, changing mind and changing consciousness, so we are helpless, we cannot do anything about it.”

But no, it is not the case. If you have a question, “What is that Oneness?” then there must be an answer for you: That Oneness is you. That’s called I am I, the enlightened state of Oneness-realization. It is so together that it is two zero one zero: it starts from two, duality, and in between there is zero, and then there is I, and then again there is zero. This way it is I: two zero I zero. So it is duality and One. If you write it, you can see it. If you don’t write it, it is indescribable. Oneness is Pure Freedom, Happiness and Oneness. I thank you very much for coming this year, fresh and bright enlightened beings. Thanks a lot. [Applause]…

It is 2010, which signifies that all the material forms are two, or duality. After duality, when you begin to do saadhana, then it is a zero. Because out of two, one will not come, so there must be again space. Zero represents space. Then it became one, one is without a second, not two before nor two later on; rather, zero before and zero after that. Zero represents Oneness. So after you have been enlightened of Oneness, then again it is zero. Zero is no world, it’s only Oneness. That is the thing. …

This is the time, the new year, so I thought to give you total newness, that this is the Self-Realized state, which does not belong to the ego-intellect-mind. It will never get it. … This year 2010 is of realization. And you are hearing me. … It’s two zero one zero. And every single day will be nothing but the Truth. [Applause] So I will not be applying butter or polish. [Laughter and applause] No butter. This year, either you get it or you leave it. I have decided this. So there is one year’s time for you. If you want to leave after one year, then leave now. [Laughter] Because that’s what I had decided: I had to make you realized. That’s all. They have sung the song about fearlessness. It is in fearlessness that it happens. …

[While translating his song, Amaram Bolo, or “Please Speak Amaram”] … I have not said, “Please speak Oneness,” but it is hidden in it. For Amaram is Oneness. … If you speak it, the result will be that you will be free from the death idea. That is the meaning of fearlessness. I speak in a way that it should not hurt you, yet you get it. It is a kind of very sharp injection—which you get, but you don’t feel. As soon as you were born, fear was there. Every small child becomes afraid. Even a newborn will be afraid. Why? The idea of birth and death are together. We say birth, but it is actually death. Because if you are born, what will you get in the end? Death. The idea of Oneness is that you will be free from taking birth. … The knowledge of Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum will lead you to that knowledge which will not allow you to die, which means it will not allow you to take birth again. It’s enough. And it’s enough for this purpose. You would have not received this birth if you were not doing this work. So again and again, people take birth and die, take birth and die, it’s a wheel of birth and death, and they have accepted it. They are wanting to get out of it, but they cannot. It is this knowledge which will make you free from the wheel of birth and death. …

If you continue speaking Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, it doesn’t matter how many times, but after that you will become fearless, which means there will be no death. And you will not do anything wrong, because you’ll be fearless. Those people who have fear do wrong things. A fearless man will never, never make any mistake. … If you wish to be free from pain, suffering, agitation, destruction, loss and defeat, then Amaram Bolo, then be tuned in to your Immortality, which is your true nature. So it’s a big job. … Empty the sense of fear of death from the mind. There will be only Pure Intelligence. I love Pure Intelligence. And I am very happy that on this first day of the new year, the group or the mass of Pure Intelligence is sitting over here, and I am bathed in that. I like to appreciate you more and more. And be purified. Thank you very much. Happy New Year to you! [Applause and Jai Jai Guruji Jai Jai] .

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