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What Should Be Offered to Guru?

Shiv Nath: You had said to me, "If you are going to offer to Guru, then why do you offer it in little drabs? Why don’t you offer it all at once and finish with your offering!" How is it possible to offer once and for all that which should be offered to Guru?

Swami-ji: A person who has come on earth has simply received everything from the very beginning—whatever mother, father, friends, school teachers, and relations gave him. He developed as a person and received everything from his surroundings and relations. Therefore, he became a person with 'I': 'I' am an individual and 'I' need this and that.
    When people didn’t give him everything, he was made to work. In that work he also received everything. He didn’t feel that he gave anything, because things and forms can be seen and known, but what he gives and receives by way of his heart and mind is not known.
v2n26.jpg (41349 bytes)    A child received everything from parents. Parents gave their love to him. The child gave in the way of his presence and love, but that was not a material thing. He received everything, but he didn’t receive it from the point of view that his parents were giving to him because he is God. They gave to him because they were preparing some tool, some machine to work for the world, to work for people.
    Human beings are being prepared as machines. A child doesn’t know that he offered anything to anybody and thinks he got everything from people, so he is indebted to every Tom, Dick and Harry.
    He is taught to serve everyone. He is expected to serve, and not even serve himself. His life is of immense value. If you were to buy someone’s child he would be worth much more than a Rolls Royce. But he is not evaluated. Human value is not evaluated as God’s immense value.

Knowing your own value

If Bill Gates was faced with death and a doctor asked him for a few million dollars, he would give it. He knows his own value. Everybody knows that his value is infinite because he carries life, and life you cannot get anywhere. [Former Israeli Prime Minister] Rabin couldn’t buy his life.
    How valuable a person is! Even a king would offer his whole kingdom to the one who would release him from the gallows. How much value life has! But children are treated like teddy bears, and those who don’t work are not appreciated.
    You want to have the knowledge of your life, whereas as you are taught to have the knowledge of your work, of your body, your bones, and your blood. People buy and sell their blood! The value of life, the value of God is not there.
    A disciple wants to be aware of God Consciousness, of his life, but he thinks he is a body and thinks his value is just nothing. The President of the United States is considered to be valuable but, if he doesn’t sign documents, he is no longer valued. Even when you become the president of a country, nobody values you. At home, in the office, and in the market place your value is nil. But what you produce in tons of matter is valued—and you may not even get a tenth of that!

"I have never asked"

I have no idea of what one has to offer to Guru and what he will get. I have never offered, I have never received and I have never asked!
    A disciple knows Guru is the person who carries God Consciousness and he wants to have God Consciousness. Whatever he has to do, whatever he has to offer—some money, or his mentality which is so crude and rough—he can give.
    Even if Guru keeps him around he is ready to work. He says, "I only have the body, mind, and a little wealth: tan, man, dhan." He is ready to offer them to Guru because Guru will not allow him to be near if he is not worthy. To be worthy of receiving the knowledge that Guru and nobody else can impart, the disciple has to offer tan, man, dhan.

Getting that which Guru has

The disciple wants to get that which Guru has.
    If he doesn’t became worthy of his joy and liking, he feels Guru will not offer that precious thing to him. The disciple wants to offer himself as a whole.
    The disciple thinks he is only a would-be dead body, therefore he is ready to offer all of it, provided he gets the knowledge that he is immortal, he is God, he is infinite and forever free.
    Human beings don’t get that; they cannot get it. Why? They are made to forget their true nature and forget the infinite value of God, of Love, and of life. You have to have that revived.
    But people say you are not worthy, you are sinful by birth.
    You haven’t committed any sin, but that is the tradition in which you have grown. A child is always told he does wrong things. He smokes and dopes and never obeys. A sinful person is moving in the world. Yet he knows that he never committed sin because that 'I' can never be involved in anything that can be deteriorated or enhanced. He is forever free and everyone knows that he is free.
    But he is made to say that he isn’t free, that he is sinful, he is poor, doesn’t have enough and cannot live without society. Therefore, he has to serve society. He is told that he never brought anything with him, not even a pyjama, so whatever he gets he has to offer to society. That is the nature of society an people.
    A person thinks he gets everything from society. But there is not just one person—father, sisters, and brothers are there and you were born last. Therefore for whatever you get, you have to give. When you work in an office you get a meagre salary, but you have to give taxes. Your accounting books are checked, and then you make double books [laughter].
    Wherever you go, you commit a mistake. If you have a friend, he lays a trip that you are not a good friend because you are not doing this or not doing that. If you have a good friend who is your partner in life, in the beginning he says that he is yours but once he gets hold of your neck you are caught every day.
    The man who has lost his freedom wants to revive it. A lion runs faster than a Mercedes, but if he is trapped in a cage he cannot do anything. The lion wants to be free.
    A disciple wants to offer something so that he will be treated worthily. Guru tells him to become worthy, which means that he should be able to listen to Guru.
    Disciple says, "No. Only that I cannot do. Take my money, take my home. I will give you dinners and parties, but I will not be able to shave my beard."
    These teddies want to have God Consciousness and cannot listen to Guru a bit.

Guru just wants you to listen to him

Guru wants to take your ego sense completely. He doesn’t need your wealth. He doesn’t need your body. Guru doesn’t want to get married. He doesn’t need your car or your clothes. He wants you to listen to him.
    But you cannot listen to him because you are listening to your head, to your ego. You are listening to your preferences, your ideas, your thoughts.

The knowledge of your own true nature

A human being is brought up only to identify with the bodies, things, forms, and situations. The disciple’s need is to have the knowledge of his own true nature which is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, which cannot become a flower and die, which cannot become a horse and die, which cannot become a house and get broken. It cannot become anything which is made by nature.
    He is Amaram Madhuram, but he has no place to hear this. Only Guru tells him this because Guru knows that the disciple has never been a structure.
    At the time of conception in the womb of your mother, you had no bones, no blood, no hair. You were just life, and now you say that you are bulk.
    Guru tells you to drop this idea that you are bulk.
    But you say, "I need this tool to work and I can’t go to the office without my tool."
    Guru wants you to offer you sense of bulk and that is what you cannot do because of your ego sense.

What is a human being?

What is a human being? Mind.
    You cannot offer your mind to Guru. In offering mind to Guru, you are Guru because you are no mind of your own. But that is the only thing you cannot offer. Part of it you can offer. You say, "I picked up this beautiful flower from my garden. I thought to share it with you. You might like it because I like it."
    You offer your avocados. Guru likes oranges and not your avocados which are tasteless. You offer all tasteless things to Guru and the good things you keep for yourself.
    You see Guru as a person and treat him as a person according to your own ideas of what you need.

The value of offering

    Someone brought me a manicure set to trim my nails. I have no nails. I file them on a rock! What did I receive? Her love, not her things because Guru knows that you are not a person.
    Guru knows that you are God, you are Guru himself.
    Now disciple comes with great emotions and offers one flower when he is leaving, as if he is going to die forever, so Guru gives the knowledge worth one flower. But that flower is not a flower. It is the heart, the mind, the dedication of the disciple who has meditated one-pointedly day and night.
    Guru knows the value of the flower. Why? He knows, "You are just Me." Other than me, Guru expects you to offer everything, because Me and Me are one. Self and Self are one, and all the things and forms are not one with you. They drop you daily. They increase and decrease. Your beard grows white and demonstrates that it will leave you one day. Cheeks, skin, and hair change. They speak, "Don’t care for me. I am not yours. I will leave you." You don’t use their services for the sake of unfoldment. You put them in the ditch of learning.

" Give me this identification"

Your 'Me' is not this body which you hold. You have tons of looking glasses and every day you prepare your eyebrows, eyelashes, and cheeks. You became identified with your body. You are not preparing yourself.
    And then the body leaves you. It was already not yours, but you caught hold of it and made a relationship with it and never cared that it didn’t remain the same.
    Guru says, "Give me this identification." You are to get liberation from your sense of bondage, the sense of the caught-up ego-entity and relations. You are not to give tons of things. Guru eats only a few green pas.
    Your offering should be love.

Living with God Consciousness in the moment

Shiv Nath: I would like to live God Consciousness moment to moment...

Swami-ji: You will know you are God moment to moment when you have the knowledge of God.
    You have no value of God. You think that God is there for eating or taking care of people. You don’t know God’s value, so how can you live with God moment to moment?
    Ask Guru.
    You never ask about God. You ask about other things. Hearing the word ‘God’ you freak out. Scientists think that God doesn’t exist. We have to use the word God whether you understand it or not.
    You understand the ego and ego is your body. Only body consciousness creates problems. Bad and good situations are created due to body consciousness. Now body and God became a combined reality. Body is so bulky. God who is permeating every single pore of your existence is missing. God permeates every fibre of the grapefruit, but you think the seed gives energy to the grapefruit. The whole world is filled with God and that is why it exists.
    Without God nothing can exist which means Existence Pure is God.
    I never say that Ram, Jesus, Vyas or Krishn are God. I say you are that which can understand the reality. Why? Truth is that which is unchangeable—your body is changeable and you cannot figure out what is unchangeable. But you can figure out what doesn’t work for you in your life. Come on to the practical, down to earth reality. What do you want?

" I am not here to receive offerings—I am here to give"

Shiv Nath: I would like to offer totally the sense that I am body and mind.

Swami-ji: At that time you will not be I. You want to offer, but offering is not that you say, "Swami-ji, I offer my wealth, mind, and body to you."
    Even when you tell me this, I am not receiving. Why? You are offering me that which is not yours! I want you to offer that I which you held preciously and that is your ego sense.
    You want to offer to Guru. That is part of the literature that you have read. It is nice to express your thankfulness and sense of participation, but there is nothing to offer.
    I am not here to receive offerings. I am here to give. I am here to give. I am here to give and nothing else. What am I to give you? I am to give you that which you don’t have. Wealth you have. House and relations you have. A lot of headaches, difficulties, and problems of the world you have, but you don’t have the knowledge of your own true Self.

You are the manifest form of the Knower

Every human being is made of that Knower and people think they are made of the tattwas—earth, water, fire, and so on.
    You are the manifest form of the Knower. This you don’t understand. Many of you are here for the last fifty years, but fifty year old people don’t understand the Knower [laughter].
    They understand everything that the eyes see, but they don’t understand the Knower with which they see a flower and know it. They say, "Oh. It is beautiful." It is beautiful because of the Knower. Knower is already beautiful—Sat Chit Aanand.
    You say that people are beautiful because they are mounted with skin. I say, this dress you are not. It is tailor made. Cotton, wool you are not. I am not saying what you are. I tell you that you are not the dress and you understand.
    The one who understands is God. The one who understands is what you are. Butnly the human machine isn’t made to know that. Therefore you are brave and energetic to try to know something which you are not made to know.
    Animals don’t ask these questions. The most wonderful tool has been given to you and was brought up by your parents with great care.
    Now you know what the purpose of your life is. Do you think that the purpose of your life is to blow up the rocks from the mountain and make roads and shops and create tourism?

You don't get awakened without Guru

You are not awakened and you don’t get awakened without Guru. Everybody says that you are an expert—you are beautiful because they don’t see you thoroughly. They say you are a most wonderful human being.
    This tool is to be used to know that you are not an egg laid by a hen! But you say you are part of the Big Bang. You never heard the Big Bang. You never knew it. You are so educated, but you seek to know when dinosaurs came on earth and when man came on earth. You compare man to chimpanzees and call that your ancestry. They teach you Darwin’s theory that you are the progeny of animals. You want to change you ancestry, so you must be daring.
    You must know what you are for!

Knowledge starts when you don't have a solution

I asked you to ask something practical. You say that you are forty-two and [as an artist and illustrator] you spend your life drawing the faces of bugs! You should ask how are these bugs created—that I could answer.
    Knowledge starts when you become sick, miserable, agitated and you don’t have a solution.
    When I came here I didn’t bring a single pencil, and I am educated. Nothing belongs to Me. I came to know Me.
    When you know Me you are free and wherever you go you are free. When you first came [to Kullu]  you slept in your sleeping bags and bathed in the river by the Be-all tree. How much modernity since then! It has made you weak. You have a little cold and you go to the clinic every day.

You are the one who is like the clear sky

You have to come to know that you are the one who never falls sick, never feels worried, never fees agitated or short of something. You are the one who is just like clear sky.
    Close your eyes and be with the blue sky. You are that clear, without the dance of decay of the form.
    In this body you are the Knower. The Knower permeates the whole tree of life. The Knower permeates everything.
    Where is that Knower? You.
    This becomes difficult to understand because of the blockage which is your ego-sense.
    You have read, "Offer Guru something very precious." For you, things are not precious. You can throw them away when they are old and buy new things.
    But what is that which is most precious?
    Your relationship with the body—that is the key. How did it come? Is it real? If it is not real and you made it real, then offer the false sense to Guru!

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