Satsang  –   Volume 6, Number 15: November 7, 2003
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Wrapped in the Love of Oneness

Swamiji: If the ever-eternal Reality in the form of purity speaks, what will it say? Whatever it is. We as human beings are definitely the drops, waves, leaves, or forms of that Reality. He [Yuktaanand, who just spoke about his son Toby’s late godfather] was filled with that fullness where words could not come. Words come if somewhere there is the sense of otherness, or duality. So the godfather, father, and son are not a trio. Rather it is the trinity, it is the actuality, and it is Oneness. They say one, two, three. But one cannot be without Oneness, two cannot be without one, and three cannot be without two. So Purity is speaking about Purity.

Due to the body, which is born as a human being, a human being could not understand the voice of that Father. Therefore somebody has to be from the Father himself to say that there is no difference between the drop and the ocean. But however close the drop may be, being away from the ocean it is still a drop. So it doesn’t matter whether one is a son, a daughter, a person, a father, or a mother, human consciousness is drop consciousness, and drop consciousness has a relation with many drops on the canvas.

If you put three drops on a mirror, here, here, and here, all three drops will know each other. They will see each other. Also, human beings will see them as three. But there must be someone who can bring them so close from this side and that side that all the drops will meet in one drop in the middle. Then, they are no more drops. It will be the universality of the three drops—but it will still not be the universe. Because however big the drop existence is, however infinite it is, however much it is the Creator or however much a grass blade, or whether it is from the Creator to the grass blade, whatever it is, it will still be separate from that Space where this drop can fly and will never be a drop. A human being has that ability: ability in the form of awareness or consciousness, not in the form of blood, or a piece of skin, or an atom of a tooth, or a piece of hair. No. Awareness.

I am talking about awareness of Awareness. We are knowledgeable of our bodies, limbs, and senses. We are even knowledgeable of the subtlest mind, intellect, and ego. So we are knowledgeable of this obvious reality and also of the subtlest reality which is not seen, like the mind, intellect, and ego. We are aware. We are aware of saakaar [form] and we are also aware of niraakaar [formless]. Only a human being has the possibility or potentiality that he can work for, or can be more creative in, developing his intelligence and not keeping it confined or limited. He can bring his intelligence to that Space where there are no drops, no flakes, no waves, and no individualities.

Watch the ocean. Those people who give the example of the ocean, waves, and bubbles are not talking being the water. The water will not say, "That is my wave and that is my bubble." God, the Father, will not say, "That is my female world, my prakriti [nature], and that is my boy, the Purush [Spirit]." He will not say this. What will water say? Water alone. What is awareness of the water? Water alone. What is awareness of Awareness? Awareness alone. A human being is endowed with this power, although it is in potential form. That is why everybody is wanting to seek and search so that his awareness should not remain confined only in front of objects or in being an excellent human being drawing a drawing. …

Creativity is not a figure of a drawing, or a film, or a sound, or a flute, or an instrument. Creativity is that Father, that Heaven, that God Father. It is not poetry, not a drawing, not words, not meaning. Where is it? It is that which is vital. As he said, the one who is vital is always appreciative of Oneness. When someone’s vitality is reduced to weakness, then he condemns. When he is weak, he gets duality and just condemns everything. So if you have reached here and suppose have lost your vitality, then you have not gained anything. But whatever vitality was there in you, manifesting as a force of emanation in your body, has been enhanced. "Your vitality has been enhanced" does not mean that you have become physically big, rather your vitality has been enhanced in whatever is vital. Vital is that which in your language is called energy. You may equate energy with electricity and then light. But where is the one who is able to appreciate vitality? A dead man cannot. Therefore where is vitality? That is God.

So whether you say that love is God, vitality is God, energy is God, Self is God, gyaan [knowledge] is God, or bhakti [devotion] is God, to a human being it is all abstract. When you begin to understand and realize That, maybe through my words or through your hearing, then you realize that which I am saying. There is no such tool, be it the mind, ego, or intellect, which is involved in realizing That. That is your own realization. That is That. So if as a human being you have succeeded in unfolding That, which means unfolding that power of understanding, knowing, comprehending, and actually realizing it, then that is where Guru is, that is where Oneness is, that is where the world of duality ends, that is where birth ends and where death ends.

That is what the Pure Being, being trapped in a human tool, the mind-body, is seeking on the level of his mind. The Pure Being is wanting to be free so that the mind may not keep it suppressed—which it does. No human being has been able to describe why it happens that the mind suppresses it. The moment you are awake, the waking state suppresses it. Try to think of your deep sleep. It is not there, because the waking state has suppressed it. Yet you call deep sleep as darkness and the mind state as light, sun, awareness, or knowledge! It cannot be. Therefore what are we doing here? We are transforming the meaning of the words which have kept you suppressed and we are bringing you in the field of clear awareness—that it is all Awareness that you are. And that Awareness is aware of Awareness.

An unknowledgeable person calls that Awareness with a variety of names: this is a wire, this is emptiness, this is duality, this is the sense of otherness, this is pain, this is suffering, this is a river, this is a mountain, this is a mountaintop, and all that. God knows how many words they say. That is where human beings stand. So if you only remain human beings and are not unfolding your awareness to be in the lap of God Father, to be in the understanding of God Father the Purity, then you are talking from impurity about Purity. And that is correct, because what will an impure man say about Purity? What will a human being say about God? What a will a child say about his father? That which he has.

A child is that who, if you give him rubber dough, can make twenty pieces into forms. One can be a bird, another a bear, a bull, a monkey, a dog, a cat, and all that. They are forms. Now check baby consciousness and check yours and see if they are parallel or not. The baby consciousness—the ego, mind, or imaginary consciousness—sees the rubber dough as twenty forms of existence. What is the difference between a boy and a father, although both are human beings? The father consciousness sees those twenty forms, smiles, appreciates them, and appreciates the creativity of the child. Creativity. Many artists talk about the excellence of creativity, as if through creativity they are reaching there. So the father will appreciate the creativity of the child. He will say, "Oh, you have made twenty forms. You have made a nice bird. But you have left its feet. You have made its wings and beak, but where are its feet? Your creativity is not complete. You have made a monkey, but you have only made it one-legged. A monkey has two legs." You are condemning his creativity. …

Soon, in front of the baby, just to tease him, the father smashes his monkey. The boy is so angry and says, "Daddy, what did you do?! I cannot make such a monkey twice. I could only do it once." He is weeping. Why? He gave birth to twenty pieces, and now one piece has died. Yet the rubber dough is just there. Nineteen pieces are there, but one piece is now no form. So, where is the truth? Creativity is still there in the head of the child. He can make forty more forms, and better than those. So creativity is not the form of rubber dough, not the bulk of dough, and not the form of the fingers that make it. Where is that creativity? That is God, the Father.

We the children are hoping to reach at that Father Consciousness. I wish you and bless you with the unfoldment of that awareness that you should know that the forms are not rubber dough and rubber dough is not the forms; but rubber dough is not devoid of forms and forms are not devoid of rubber dough. The child is not devoid of the rubber dough and the forms, and all the forms and rubber dough are not devoid of the child. The child’s creativity is not devoid of the forms and the forms are not devoid of creativity. Then, Creativity alone is. You have come to know this. I thank you very much. …

Sita: … It is the tool of the mind which takes us to those spaces—sadness is of the mind.

Swamiji: But why should it not be lived? If sadness creates duality in the viewer’s heart, then sadness would be something which could even be blamed and for which the mind would be blamed. But sadness is the very manifestation of that Self. So if you are tuned in to the Self, then sadness comes somewhere, silently knowing, "Where was I up to this time?" That is why sadness comes. That is where I appreciate it. That does not mean that all of you should start being sad. [Laughter.] But if it happens… You can live sadness, and you can live being sorry over certain affairs, or over the memories of the past. It doesn’t matter—because it is Awareness.

Without Awareness, the Being, the Father as heaven, happiness is not there and sadness is not there. Of course when we describe it, as she said, it is mental. We understand this. But that does not mean that it should not be there. A human being is such that he has been trained into understanding that that which is called sadness—or when his heart, mind, and body do not feel comfortable—should not happen. Why should it not happen? Such as people say that death should not happen, yet we all know that death is inevitable. …

I read someone’s letter and I was sad, but I was not victimized by the sadness. And she is not victimized by sadness. Sita is going and I am sad. Joya also feels sad. … She [Sita] is so wonderful, so good, so loving of all of us, especially loving of the Space, yet we feel that she has to go somewhere just because we have treated her as a body. We think that because her body goes, her I goes, her talent goes, and her creativity goes, therefore we are sad. But it is not like that. We are sad simply because we will not be able to talk about God again and again. That is where the whole thing is.

Sita: That is why the mind is sad.

Swamiji: That is what the mind is—and that should be. That is why we are human beings. Otherwise, we could have been horses. The mind is just wonderful. It has been created in us, as the body has been created, just for making movies [Sita is an actress] and pleasing everyone, including ourselves. Even if we have a greatest tragedy show and you are that tragic that people want to die along with you, yet they love it—because it is a tragedy and it is mental. So the mental space is just wonderful and beautiful. [Laughter.] Yes.

Sita: Thank you Swamiji, thank you all for absolutely connecting me with that Space every time.

Swamiji: When all of you come, your departure creates a gap, a sense of absence. I am over here, and nearly every day I see you. I am sixty-five kilos, but in two years it has never changed. … If your departure would have affected me because of sadness, I would have been reduced to sixty kilos. [Laughter.] But it is not like that. So sadness has never, never destroyed this world. Watch. …

One part of the seed is the seed and the other part of the seed is the seed. But by balancing the seed and knowing this part is the seed and that part is the seed, knowing this and that, the sprout will never happen. The seed is split into two. The seed should be covered. It doesn’t matter that your duality is there, when it is covered with Oneness, it is wrapped up in the love of Oneness. So if Oneness covers you, then you will grow extremely well with your sprout, your branches, your leaves, your flowers, and in every spring season, your fruit. The life tree will be most wonderful if Oneness is accepted as Oneness.

We are happy that Sita has imbibed that space of Oneness and is able to know the characteristics of this Oneness and to know it is the Whole. If it is the Whole, then why is the seed not the sprout? Why is the seed not the leaves of the sprout, the shoots, all the branches of the tree, the top of the tree, and the fruit of the tree? The seed is the whole. When the seed is the whole, why is it not the taste of the fruit, the seed of the very fruit, and the earth when the seed falls down? Why are the earth and the seed not one and the same when they give rise to the tree? In this way, it is all one essence, one saar, one seed, one Being. …

Just go, write some plays and dramas, and shine. As long as you have that power of creativity, just shine. Because that is what our audience needs. Our audience needs the manifestation of Oneness through duality. So if you do not become appreciative of your duality, you will become sad and you will be sorry. Because your heart doesn’t like it, then sadness will become very bad, sickness will be all the worse, and then death will be the worst. This is where a human being has to unfold the sense of Oneness, and that is what you have come for. Having realized it, just manifest it. …

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