Satsang  –   Volume 6, Number 14: September 19, 2003
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Conduct Meditation on the Spirit

Meditation became a means to cure the disease of humanity by unfolding a power that lies dormant in a human being. Somehow people came to know that humanity is still not healthy. No doubt doctors are there, but because they are few and far between, they have not succeeded in making humanity as a whole healthy. And even by the time they may succeed in curing the disease of a person, he dies. So humanity still remains diseased.

Educated people do not have any other tool except their mind, intellect, or the knowledge with which they see the world. Highly educated people came to know that human beings can survive if facilities are created for them, and now the standard age of life expectancy is much higher, longevity much greater than it was a hundred years ago. People have came to know that if facilities are created, then humanity can live longer in time and space. Yet they have not yet succeeded to make possible that even if a person’s diseases are removed, a human being as he is will not die. So people have no way to control death.

Now, meditation is only used at this stage—people are only using it as a device or medicine to cure diseases and to make people healthy and able to work better. But this stage of meditation is still not perfect, because the greatest disease of humankind is death. It does not allow the body to remain in existence. They have not done that much meditation that they can make a human being free from death, the idea of which creates fear. So if they do not know the Spirit of the country or the world, the Spirit of a person in one home, in one city, or in one country, or the Spirit of people in the world, then they will never succeed in curing this disease so that a human being can feel that he is deathless.

The Spirit of a human being is amar, or immortality. Thus I have said that a human being’s duty is to unfold understanding out of his intellect just to enable him to know that his Spirit is immortal, undying, and unchanging. This can only be possible when he knows that immortal means that which has never appeared. Anything which has appeared must die. To say that “This hospital has so many doctors that they will make people deathless” is not correct. To say that “In this world so many millions of doctors are there that they will make humanity deathless” is not correct. For the Spirit of a human being, the very basis of his existence and manifestation, is that which is immortal. That which is immortal is that which is not born. Anything which is born, which has appeared, is mortal. From day one, if anything appears it will create a sense of division and a person’s attention will go to death.

I was coming up the steps and I saw a small farm, where yesterday or the day before a man had put seeds into the ground, and now there were more then twenty birds which were digging the earth and taking the seeds from it. And I got scared. [Laugher.] The sprouts had yet not come, but I got scared that there will not be a crop. The farmer thinks that there will be one, because he had never thought that the birds would come to know that there are seeds under the ground. So anything that is going to sprout or appear creates in a human head the fear of its destruction. And watch, the destruction has yet not even come! So the fear of death and destruction is infesting or overpowering the mind of a human being, rather of all human beings.

See, a human being’s disease is misconception. He began to conceive that there could be no death for a human being. He calls a human being a body and does not understand from where this idea is coming in him that “I should not die.” That ground is the Spirit. That is immortal, that is undying: it is unborn, so it is undying. That is unborn, so it is un-diseased. That is unborn, so it is unmixed. That is unborn, so there is no pollution in it. That is unborn, so it is all pure. Because it is unborn, so it is free from anything that is born. Because it is unborn, therefore death, kaal, or time cannot destroy it. And that is the Spirit of a human being, the Spirit of a country, and the Spirit of the world. If meditation is not conducted with that Spirit, on that Spirit, from the Spirit, then treat it that humanity will remain diseased and sick, however great the means are that it has attained. Right? [Applause.]

So that is Amar Dharm [The principle of Immortality]. In any country that you will go, you will never feel shy about what you think and on what you meditate. You meditate on the Spirit of a human being, which does not want to die. People will hear this. Maybe they will be confused and confounded, but they will agree that the Spirit is that which never dies. Then you can safely understand and answer that because it does not die, so it is unborn. If you know that the Spirit is unborn, then you know that it will not die. If you think that the Spirit is a human being and with his spirit he is very high and happy, then you will think that when he dies his spirit dies.

So you have to let people know to meditate on that which is unborn. They will not understand this, and they will ask you what it means. There is the information with you that you can give them that Unborn is that who knows how to create the world, how to create the body, and how to create birds and their eggs. It is not a question of a human being, or an animal, or death. It is that who knows how to create the seed, the sprout, and the tree, how to create heat and cold, how to create human beings. That means that Unborn is the Knower, and the Knower has never been separate from anything. As water has never been separate from waves or bubbles, so the Knower has never been separate from the form of beings, insentient and sentient. It is the Knower.

It is only a human being who can perceive that the Knower is within his heart and head, within his body or being, that it is allover Being, one Knower. So if it is the Knower, and the Knower has all the limbs, then all the limbs are nothing but the Knower. This means that the Knower alone is. If the Knower alone is, then where is the birth of the body or the death or disappearance of the body? So meditation leads one’s own mind (before meditation, it is the mind) to be absorbed in that which is the Knower. …

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