Satsang  –   Volume 6, Number 13: August 21, 2003
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Read This Daily Before and After Meditation

The following was a dictation given by Swamiji in satsang:

Pure Being is a pure Substance, or it can be called Essence. Whenever there is a flame-consciousness, or awareness arises, it immediately says, "I am the creator." This creator is the mind, or Brahma, and from this consciousness the division starts.

This mind, as the ahankaar or sense of ego, always thinks, "I am the creator, and all that which I create will be my creation and separate from me." As long as this mind or ego-sense functions, then the senses function; and the functioning of the senses is always dualistic, or based on the sense of otherness. The world of bodies is created by this mind. It creates the senses, it creates the body, it creates things and forms, and it creates deep sleep, the dream state, and the waking state. It remains forever involved as a human being, who is called a jeevaatma or an ego-sense, and it never gets integrated in its Source, the Pure Consciousness or Pure Being.

Then it is only Guru, with his awareness in the form of his body, who tells you that "Man, or my dear mind, your Source has been That which is before the flame of consciousness. You are that Existence-Consciousness-Pure. Its name is Bliss. Another name is Krishna. Another name is the Self. Another name is Supreme Delight. Yet another name is Deathless-Birthless. My dear man, all this world is seen and known in the middle, when the flame of consciousness, samvaydan, or the knowledge of things and forms appears. It is only in meditation that the sense or the vaydan of knowing of the mind gets back to the Source. Whatever remains, that is You, He, She, Forever Pure—because it is Unborn and forever fearless, because it is deathless. Only a human being is endowed with this potential power, which when it is unfolded after the constant practice of ’I am Pure, Free, Forever,’ then one gets the Self-realized state. Then, it is held forever. Thank you."

Remember this daily and read it before and after meditation. Something is to be done regularly.
We have to get there.

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