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You Don't Have to Gain Freedom. You are Freedom!

Swami-ji: Good morning everyone.

Those who have come this morning should not feel that they have to speak. The main thing under the trees of the forest is how much freedom you have gained.
    In action there are two things: the doer and something to be done. When you say "seeing", then someone is seeing and something is seen. When you say "hearing", then someone is hearing and something is heard. When you say "knowing" there is something to be known and somebody has to be the knower.
    But when you say "freedom" you coming from duality. For it is not that you have gained freedom. You are freedom already.

Who is the knower?

One day Akhilesh asked, "Who is the knower in the mind?"
    So I told him, "Eyes see. Their action is seeing. The same is the case with the ears. They hear. But the knower doesn’t belong to the ears or the eyes."
    The five senses are are not called organs of action because their "action" is to sense. The sixth sense, or mind, will have its functioning but its functioning is not actually gyaan (knowledge of the truth) because it is not able to decide who knows "me". So mind cannot be gyaani (the knower of the truth).
    So gyaani is not mind. But unless and until gyaani comes out of the functioning ability of your mind, you won’t know aatma (the absolute Self) or gyaan.
    If you know that you are gyaan, then the job is done. That gyaan you can call your real identity. But it cannot be compared with your mind’s identity.
    You have understood the point.

Mr. Inaction decides

Now, how do you keep grabbing it, grabbing your identity as gyaan instead of your mind as gyaan? Today you say, "I am upset", so you made your aatma upset. Or you say, "I am doer", and you made your aatma doer, whereas in reality, aatma is non-doer.
    Slowly and slowly children keep adding to their sense. What happens? They gain experience and knowledge. After 10 years of experience, a doctor adds enough to his knowledge that he is called "expert". But he was a doctor 10 years before and in between as well. What got added? Expertise.
    So through action, a person becomes able. In that person, gyaan got added. Through constant action, even the karm yogi will one day become expert .
    All this time, that which is inaction existed parallel to the action. Due to this inaction, action was being performed. Inaction was always present, even though it was not known to the yogi. And only that happened which inaction wanted.
    So the whole world is acting. But the result which you see is ultimately that which Self decides.
    Ultimately it is that which Mr. Inaction decides.

You never acted

All this fighting is happening. Everything, whatever happens, is because God does it.
Everyone says, "Pakistanis did it" or, "Indians did it." And nobody knows really why anyone had to fight on top of those mountains. Higher than Rhotang Pass! But they did it and they won.
Behind all this is what? These soldiers were never born. So who came into existence? And who fought? Who did it? And who is doing it? For a human mind, it is not possible to know that Mr. Inaction is doing it all. All is being done by inaction, and man assumes that he is doing it.
    We say that the uninvolved Being is "That" but we think it is "this" but stretched a bit.
    Here we daily add knowledge to our active mind and keep growing. And one day you will become gyaani or realized. Then you will know that you never acted.

Thank your Self

Phillippa (Pip): I bring in the knowledge that God is doing all, but I still get caught.

Swami-ji: Well, that’s what you’ve already chosen – to become Phillippa and to become caught. You were born, so how did you become caught? You should ask instead, "how you can be released!"
    So in this lifetime keep thanking your Self whenever you feel free and easy.
    There is no way for you not to be caught, because you think you are this body. It is called adhyaas or identification.
    Ego sense is when the person takes that pure Self and superimposes it on body. With this ego sense we are born, and it is nothing new. From what state do we make relationship? From ego. From identification. However small the seed of the banyan tree, it still is banyan tree. 
    When you become de-identified, if you can figure it out, there is a way to know that true Self is true Self. True Self is none of these [Swami-ji points]: eyes or nose or body. But you have not heard this.You have not been taught this. Name and form has been taught, not sat-chit-aanand. Why would you say you are caught? You are never caught for me! [Laughter]

Pip: Thank you. Whenever you speak I get connected to my real purpose. Sometimes that human trap of joy has the opposite side. The only identification is with that Self….

Swami-ji: This power you have. This power can come. Out of milk the butter can come. But you have to start knowing it and practicing it. Out of daily practice that knowledge comes.
    Thank you.

[Swami-ji asks Pip to call other speakers.]

The wine of the waking state

Premila: [I have recently been experiencing ] a kind of sadness that I can’t live that which I know myself to be, that which I know I could. Is there anything you could say?

Swami-ji: You just continue living but don’t be sad! [Laughter]
    That is the phenomenon. There is a kind of process and you can’t eliminate that. But sadness is not necessary. Suppose 500 people are sad. If you die they’ll all remain sad. And if you again become alive they will still all remain sad. So you can know that you are not of the nature of sadness.
    When you neglect the Self, it is like a person who drinks wine. He never thinks he will forget his home address or his name. But he does. So a person who drinks the wine of the waking state forgets the Self. So when you drink the waking state you become sad.
    It takes so many incarnations to be free from these sanskaars (impressions in the mind).
    A sad experience is sad. A happy one is happy. So people try to get away from experiences. But sanskaars are still there. If sanskaar were a tree we could cut it. But it is not. How to get beyond that? You have to work it out. It will not be cut. But there is a possibility that sanskaars can be removed through the fire of knowledge. And what is that fire? That you have never been a Premila. This which you see is a system, not your true Nature. And when this knowledge comes it will wipe out all your sanskaars.
    If others realize, it does not mean that you are realized. You have to realize. I have given you many ways, but you still want one more way. If other ways have not worked, this way will also not work. It is just a way. You will be sad when you think you are sad. You need to just change your "I am sad, I am sad" into "I am never sad." Some of your intellect you have to use! God has given you a pretty good one.
    You are never sad!

Premila: It’s a new thing that came three days ago…

Swami-ji: Whatever you have been will come again. But you need to drink water. You need to see happy people. You have too much heat, so water is the remedy. Take showers also. I guarantee that you will realize – provided you listen to me.
    Ignorance eats all the knowledge and even all the happiness. Ignorance is nothing but intruders. [Laughter] So you need to remove it. And I am telling you that you are the one who never becomes sad or happy or young or old or rich or poor or birth or death. So practice it. You need to remember this and practice this.
    So now, wherever the deathless person goes, amaram hum madhuram hum goes.

The same mind, when not intoxicated, will remember

Prayma: The whole idea of practice is to bring the knowledge of the Self to the mind…

Swami-ji: No, no. Don’t think like that. You are intrinsically Self. Mind’s function is kriya [action]. I am giving a speech. What do you call it? Kriya.
    We are all gyaan and are made of gyaan. But mind’s functioning forgot it and has become intoxicated. That’s all. It doesn’t remember Self, but it remembers the gutter where a dog is peeing. The same mind, when it is not intoxicated, will remember: your source is the Self. That’s what I told Premila.
    So practice it.

Whatever works, that you do

Shiv Shakti: Why does it appear that when something appears negative or bad it’s more difficult to remember the Self?

Swami-ji: Because at that time the person has accepted that the moment is a moment of difficulty. If he remembered instead that no moment is a bad moment, he would have remembered sat-chit-aanand.
    If negativity exists, suppose, then you accept it. But in the Self, there is no negativity. It is all sat-chit-aanand.
    All three are one.
    Sat (Pure existence) is not negative to chit. And chit (Pure consciousness) is not negative to aanand (Pure bliss).
    All three are one.
    If you watch [a skirmish on] television and know your Self, then you will know that "I am fighting the war on both the sides" and enjoy.
    Why would you weep? Because some died? They won the victory! So why would you see death like that?
    You have to remember somehow. Practice is there.
     Just by losing the sense of duality, you get it [the knowledge of the Self]. Just that. In getting the victory, defeat is not there. So you should not think it is negative. It is all one reality. In the dream, which day is negative? None. Or positive? None. It is all one reality. Freedom is your true nature.
    I never drink Coca Cola, but today there was the war and I had to win victory over Premila’s sadness. It was war, so I had to win the victory. So Coca Cola! And all is fair in love and war [Laughter]. In war, whatever works, that you do.
    Your vision cannot become death or birth just because the television has flashed it.You be the Self. That’s your memory.

[There is a half-hour meditation at this point.]

Add the gyaan

Aatma and body are one reality.
    Father and son you know as one reality. Mother and daughter you know as one reality. But aatma and body you don’t know as one reality. That’s the ego sense.
    It took so much time to know we are using a nervous system, a machine. Why do we say that aatma is not the body and senses and relations and the world, when it is all one reality? 
    This vehicle, the machine, looks after the body. But the consciousness has not been poured into it. So we bring in higher and higher ability, adding daily to it. And just as you became an expert doctor or architect, so you add the gyaan.

Bring in the thought

Any thought can appear in the mind. When you observe this you will know that power and ability of the mind. So bring in the thought that Amaram hum Madhuram hum is your reality.

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