Satsang  –   Volume 4,  Number 1: January 31, 2001
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Swami-ji's Birthday Talk

Gandharv Hall has never witnessed such an expression of joy and such radiation of love and delight, enthusiasm, confidence, oneness and unity with the heart. It is nothing but oneness.

When we use the word heart many people think of a person with a head, feet and heart, but that is not exactly the sense that you have been living. You are tuned in to the heart that has never known any form of mountain, river, earth or sky. The heart is that Self, that God, that immortal, infinite, eternal Being which you have just remembered and about which you have just sung a song. Salutations! Many, many salutations! Thousands and thousands of salutations to and oneness with that heart!

Why? Because we know only our heart. We know our individual person. Whenever we are awake to the individual heart or individual person, we call it “I,” but “I” is far away from the heart. We are trying to lead this I  there with our action, with our thinking, with our speeches, with our songs, and to get it tuned in to that heart which has always been, which is, and which has never become anything else but the heart-space, space of knowledge, space of love, space of light.

This evening was such a delight and joy that everybody felt it, and the expression that came out of all of you flooded the hall and flooded my heart, as well. I was drenched in it. I was saturated completely. I was in it. The songs came from the source, and you all sang with that delight and joy, because your tongues, your vaani, or speech, your sounds, came from that heart-space, the original One. And that is because you have meditated.

Those who have not meditated, no doubt, have been eating, drinking and working. That is not a big thing, because animals also eat, drink and work. Those who have never meditated have not reached the heart-space. They remain with the consciousness that says, “I am this individual body. I am mind. I am individual intellect. I am a thinker. I am a person.” They do not reach the heart-space because this individual space belongs to the body and the five tattwas, or material elements, of which this body is made. The moment the body-form was made or produced and was seen by the Being, the Knower, then the heart, which is always pure, accepted this vehicle or body made out of the five tattwas, and began to call itself “I am.” You have been removing and eliminating that mistake for ages and ages.

It was our good luck that we all got together and were born at this time. You grew and unfolded this consciousness. Individually, you have grown to the extent where you have come to know that when you speak, your tongue and mouth speak, but you forget who is speaking. When your eyes, which are just instruments, see, you forget who is seeing. So is the case with your ears; when they hear, you forget who is hearing. When your tongue tastes, you forget who is tasting. When flowers bloom and their fragrance is released, you smell the fragrance and think that the nose is smelling, and you forget who it is that receives the fragrance.

These five senses are so powerful that they have caught you in their net and you began to say. “This is me.” All the senses are working collectively, and you think, “I am working.” The body as a whole is busy producing actions and creating activity, and you think, “I am doing all the work, I am doing all the actions, and thus, I am going to experience all the results of my actions.”

This is our mistake. We have forgotten our own true Self, who alone is manifesting all the forms due to its own presence. It released its power, which is uninvolved and never caught. It has the power to construct the three gunas — sattwa, rajas and tamas, the constituents of all forms. The gunas, which are part of prakriti, or nature, have emanated as the world and are interacting with each other. A human being thinks and accepts that he is the one who is acting, whereas it is the pure Consciousness, pure Existence, pure Bliss, Sat Chit Aanand Satta. The very existence alone is here and there, everywhere and anywhere in time and space. It is like the sky which is ever free, but, being in association with the forms of jugs and mugs, begins to ooze out the consciousness that says, “I am jug. I am strong. I am small. I am long. I am short.” This sky-consciousness, which has developed its sense of duality, says “I, the sky, am one, and the jug is another.” In this way, pure Existence or pure Consciousness began to identify with its forgetfulness in the waking state of consciousness and now says, “I am the body. I am the doer. I am the experiencer of all that is being done. I am the experiencer of all that the senses are doing.”

Thus, the very constitution of a human being is responsible for creating individuality or individual awareness, but that individual awareness does not remain individual in deep sleep. If you think that individual awareness is very important just because it is always in gain and loss, mine and thine, love and hatred, possession or dispossession, then why is it that individual waking consciousness is not found in deep sleep? There is one thing that you have come to know when I talk to you: You are that which is forever, forever free, forever pure, who is never caught, who has no sang or sambandh — no relation with this elemental constitution of the human body. It looks like the whole body is being moved by you because you are sitting in the heart as an individual body, or in the brain as an individual mind, whereas you are just like sunshine. You are like the sky which makes all the forms, as if, and yet remains uninvolved. Forms get disintegrated, destroyed, or eliminated, but the sky remains forever uninvolved, uncaught, unborn.

The same is the case with all of you who have taken birth at this time. As the light came, your consciousness came in the waking state. The moment you woke up in the morning, you were born. That is why we are celebrating this seventy-seventh birthday — because I woke up early in the morning. When I woke up, I-consciousness woke up. That means I-body woke up, I-intellect and I-mind woke up, or I, a person, woke up in the dimension of time and space.

Therefore, whose birthday are we celebrating? The birthday of this I, which carries the light of pure Consciousness. Therefore, it is the day of Amaram. It is the day of Madhuram. We all became one with that and our hearts got tuned in to it. Vanday! United! We sang the song Vanday Amaram, Vanday Madhuram. That Amaram Madhuram dwells in every single heart, within every single cell of every human being.

So in the end I salute and appreciate you and I want to lead your attention to know that we have never, never been separate from that Amaram, from that Madhuram. It has always been, it is and it will always be. Thank you very much, everyone.

 Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum.

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