Satsang  –   Volume 4,  Number 2 : July 5, 2001
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Guru Poornima -Truth Never Dies

You are the Truth, or Aatma, which at the time of sleep you remain: Truth, or pure, free, and forever. But when you arise in the waking state as a conscious person with a mind, at that very moment You - the Truth, pure, free, and forever - become unseen and unknown. So the conscious mind concludes, "I am born because I am conscious, and the body and senses are born" and You - the Truth, before you became the conscious mind - go into oblivion and become dead. So this conscious "I" or "you," "he" or "she" is automatically born, and That from where the consciousness arose - that You, the Truth, pure, free, and forever - is said to be dead, because now it is unseen and unknown. And this keeps happening for a human being, forever, in the waking state. This is why the source of the conscious mind or the conscious I remains always dead, or unseen, or unknown. Therefore, that which is conscious says of itself, "I am the knowing mind, and I am alive, and I do not meditate because if I meditate I will be dead and nowhere." And since the Pure Being has already been lost to the mind, so even after that mind is gone the Pure Being is still dead to a mind which is conscious.

So the world's figures and people are said to be in manifestation, as if they are born; and You - the real Being, Self, or Aatma - remain forever dead just because a person is born as mind-consciousness, which associates itself with the senses, the body, and the world. This is why the whole world is mental: it is the world of this conscious mind. But when the mind sleeps, or does not exist consciously, there is no world and there is no source - which, to the conscious mind, was already dead.


Thus it is only Guru who, after having realized, knows this fact: You, the pure, free, and forever, are the Reality, and all else is like the figures of a dream and figures of the waking state. But it is only Guru who knows this. That is why, hearing him say that you are pure, free, forever Self or Aatma, you should just accept it without question - because you are the conscious mind, which, when it became conscious, lost the Self from its vision, so that the Self appears to have gone into oblivion or died. Try hard; you cannot know this without the information of the Guru, who has realized and who, as a person, is sure of it. He is the one who knows that there is only one You, the Self. There is none else, and none else, and none else - even if the unrealized one makes any.

Thatıs it!


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