Satsang  –   Volume 10, Number 11: October 18, 2007
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Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam
Gaao Gaao Apanaa Gaan

One morning, Swamiji spoke about a mantr that had ‘dawned’ for him in the night. The meaning he gave was: Gyaata: Knower, Gyaan: Knowingness, Sanaatan: Forever the Same, Shyam: Reality or Truth, Gaao: Sing, Apanaa Gaan: Your Own Song Self.

Before we were born, we have been. But if we have been sky, then how will the sky dawn on earth? The sky is full of sound, word, air, fire, light, water, solid earth and all that which a human being sees on this planet earth. Forms of consciousness, or sentient beings, and forms of existence that do not have the knowledge “I am,” or insentient beings, are all in that sky. That sky is full of it all as a seed is full of the whole akshayvat tree, the indestructible tree, with leaves, flowers and fruits, roots and branches, in time and space, seeds after seeds and trees after trees. It is an infinite Being, infinite Existence in that very seed which is sky, which is seed, which is source. There our religious-minded people have come to know the religion, basis, or dharm, which is God.

So God is the religion of all human beings, wherever they are. Our religious sound or name could be anything, but the basis is That, which means the substance of the sky, the substance of air, the substance of fire, the substance of water, the substance of earth, and the substance of the varieties of tastes on earth. In a human being, substance is felt in the form of knowledge, so he can taste it, see it, know it, love it and interact with all the forms of his own. This has been possible when the sky dawned. This is mantr ootraa [the highest], the mantr where the human mind, which is in a body, is felt. But it dawned from somewhere, and the moment it dawned from that sky of Knowingness, then Knowingness must have Knowledge. So Knowingness, Knowledge and the Knower must be that one Reality. The Knower cannot be named without Knowingness, and Knowingness cannot be named without the Knower, and that which is known cannot be without Knowingness and the Knower. Therefore, God is Oneness.

Then, how can the human mind know that Space when it has not dawned? The human mind cannot know it. It cannot know that seed, the Space, from where the sprout and tree dawned and became big. However hard it tries, but that seed is not known. Who knows it? Only God knows. So watch: wherever a human being fails to enquire, understand and get the result of his enquiry, then he says, “God knows.” “God knows” is not very religious terminology. A scientist, maybe a human being, may be adamant not to utter these words, because God is there. Yet science knows: the scientific one says “I know,” but how without Knowledge and Knowingness can he know? How without God and Knowingness and Existence would there be anything?

Space is mantr, where mind is dissolved. As long as mind is there, it is functioning. When its functioning is dissolved, it does not mean it dies. Rather, it goes to the Space, it’s absorbed in the Space. That’s why many times when our beloved Prakaash [General Jerath, whose wife, Krishna, had recently passed] becomes a human being…after birth, what can he say? He is a human being. And when he went through all the stories and remembrances and said that Krishna died, he used the language of all people, because they don’t see her. But I see her. Because I had seen her. I kept seeing her. And I still see her. But people only see her when you show them a particular photograph, a little drawing.

So, Krishna never died. She is eternal. For me, it is an expression of somebody’s mind when he says “Krishna died” —not only his wife Krishna, but also Krishna whom people worship, Radha and Krishna, and sing the songs of and all that, for they say he also died, under a tree. That is the human mind. If the human mind has not become mantr, and if it has not dawned to him and he has not been enlightened, then a human being cannot say Gyaan is the reality, Gyaata is the reality, God is the reality, God Consciousness is the reality, and all that Gyaata Gyaan forever time and space was not there. Forever it was, before time, before space, Sanaatan Shyam. And that is the name: Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam.

So on the night of the sixteenth of October, I was meditating, I was gone. I was lying down and gone—you would call it gone, yet I was aware. But how should I communicate this? Inside was Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam, Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam, and I did not know what I was saying. But continuously it went on. I just opened my eyes. I got up and a pen and paper were there, and I wrote it down so I would not forget the rhythm and the knowledge of that: Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam, Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam, Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam, Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam. I said, “It has become a mantr. But, let us sing! So gaao, gaao.” This is your apanaa gaan, nobody else’s. It is your own true nature, it is your own song. So when I was listening to everyone today, everyone was expressing his own gaan, his own Self, his own song. That was the song connected to God. You are all that space of Oneness, beyond imagination, but that does not mean you do not know. Imagination does not know, but that which is beyond knows who you are and who Guruji is. A human being is mind. Mind is imagination, so mind cannot get the depth of that unless it dawns and becomes enlightened.

In every story told by anybody, God is there. That is the Knower, Gyaata Gyaan, Knowingness. So Knowingness alone is. But the human mind is just imaginative light. Early in the morning, I was saying that there are only two things: gyaan and agyaan [no knowledge of the Self]. Gyaan, a human being does not know. Why? A human being is nothing but God’s light. God’s light is like the sunlight we see. The very light makes the sun forget who he is. Unless it appears in water and somebody sees the sun, until then a human being does not know where the sun is. Sunlight makes the very consciousness, which is in the light, forget what it is. Sunlight says it is river water in the sandy desert, it doesn’t say it is sunlight. It’s all sunlight, but consciousness says that water is there. The deer says, “Water is there, let me drink” —and there is no water.

The same thing has happened to the light of God, or a human being, who says, “I have forgotten myself.” Light says, “I am this river water.” You have seen that a rope is there, and the rope says, “I am a snake.” A rope is never a snake, but rope, through the mechanism of a human being, says, “I am a snake,” and he is afraid. Yet there is only rope, and snake, and him. This is where a human being has forgotten who he is. God’s light is not separate from light, but when you say that the light of God became a man, then God became separated. Just by that. But by saying God’s light, then it’s God—God’s world, then it is God, God’s man, then it is God, God’s woman, then it is God. Say anything…it is God’s dog [laughing]. Anything you say, it’s all God. So when that God Consciousness becomes God Consciousness to a human being, then it becomes niraakar [formless], because there are no gunas, sattwa, rajas, tamas. So it is nirgun, it is without gunas, yet a human being is trapped just because of the mind, which is of three gunas.

At the time of this mantr, I was not there in sleep or in that waking state in which all of you say “I”—“I am going here, I am eating this, I am doing this, I am seeing this, I am hearing this, and I have digested this.” You say all this because of the body. But without God, you cannot say I. This means that God is in it—but hidden. Now if you sit down in God’s head, in God’s heart, in God’s I, how will any human being know that you are sitting there? You will see every person as a human being, because you will see yourself as a human being. Your vision is already trapped; it became agyaan. Agyaan does not see Gyaan. That’s why when Kim says, “I want to dissolve my mind,” it’s correct. But how can you dissolve it with the same agyaan? You cannot.

So, there must be a technique. We have evolved the technique to unfold Oneness, and when Oneness is achieved, then Oneness is there. When Oneness shines in the head and the heart and in the being of everyone, then there is nothing but Oneness. So God is nothing but Oneness. … On the level of existence and consciousness, God himself speaks, “I am Gyaata, I am all-knowing.” If your mind is open, you can ask how God could be all-knowing if Knowingness were not there? Then Knowingness and the Knower is one, you can figure it out. If the Knower and Knowingness is there, and if God says, “I am knowing my own world,” then how could he see the world if only Knowingness were there but the world were not there? He is existence and consciousness, with which he has made manifest this light. You call it sunlight so you can know it, but this light has made all the forms, all the drawings, like an artist with his imagination made all the forms. So imagination is the light of God, it is not other than God. But God’s light becomes imagination, and God becomes prior to this imagination. Imagination is absorbed over there. Therefore, even when religious people are there, if they can understand then they will be able to see the same Oneness. Scientists will be able to see the same Oneness. Because for me, or for the being who is enlightened, there is nothing else except that pure Light, or pure God, or pure Self.

Then Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan. It is forever. It is not religion. It’s a science. Science is forever, Knowingness is forever, the Knower is forever. So Knower Knowingness Forever Shyam is this sky blue, which you can call Shyam-blue. Shyam is that God which is Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam, all four names, but it is that when you do not utter the words, and you know. You hear the words, and you know. I know, and utter the words! Only this is the difference! [Laughter.]

Guru says all is God, so it is not a lie to say all is God. But when you hear this, you have not heard the right interpretation or right meaning, and that’s why you became religiously conditioned. As country-wise you became conditioned, as the duality of male or female became a condition, as a boy or an old man became a condition, or food or habits became a condition, everything is nothing but a condition. A condition means that which is solid. So when your mind becomes conditioned, when the oxygen and hydrogen become an iceberg, a condition solid, then it is not the quality of oxygen or hydrogen. Immediately, if a ship strikes against it, it will be wrecked and ruined. What happens? This becomes a solid world, a planet. The planet has never been there: it is all God. But not knowing, then a human being has to use his intelligence because he sees this and he cannot ask what it is. How has he been born? How have all of you come? Even the government with all kinds of planning and tourism cannot have these many people from different countries constantly in Shimla or the capital, Delhi. So it is not my work. Everybody is speaking about God. Actually, God is speaking about God. So there’s no duality, it’s all Oneness.

It’s a joy as a human being, for if God made human beings, then God lives with them, God loves them, and God wants to see them eternally existing in the same space. The body may not be there, but you will always be there. Therefore, when you realize this God Consciousness, then whether you are here or anywhere…Krishna was in a hospital in Shimla or Delhi, but she was eternal Reality. How could eternal Reality ever be un-eternal? But all of you hear the English word “mortality.” When you say immortality, how would mortality be there? But people say mortality first, and then somebody is talking about the immortal, and they say that’s not good. I am saying that Immortal alone is, Oneness alone is, and in Oneness your eyes are there, your ears are there, power and actions are there, different departments and countries are there, fights and wars and victories are there, and all that is going on, birth and death are there, everything is there, but Oneness is the canvas. All these are drawings on the canvas. All the sounds are the instruments. All the talks are nothing but sound instruments. All the vision is nothing but the light of that God, whether a small creature or a big creature. So when a human being is processed in the life of a human body existence, for him it’s a body existence alone, and therefore he seeks and prays, “I want to know what I am, who I am.” If you know who you are, then treat it that it has dawned, and that which has dawned will be this: you are Gyaata, you are Gyaan, you are Sanaatan, you are Shyam. Gyaata Gyaan Sanaatan Shyam.

If Guru’s finger is there, the finger is nothing but Guru. If his thumb is there, the thumb is nothing but Guru. If Prakaash is there, Prakaash is nothing but Guru. If Krishna is there and now body-wise is not there, it’s Guru. It’s one Being, one God Consciousness. I speak this to you nearly every day, whenever I come and you hear me. So it is our own reality, the originality, the truth. That is why when you are meditating, there’s nobody who knows, no senses that know. That is why it must be the attainment of that Guru Consciousness with which you see, “Well, if God has showered the grace and I have all the knowledge, then I’m always established in helping others.” There are no others, you are helping your Self. Wherever you are, you are helping your Self—provided you have come to know the Self is Oneness. Then, Oneness is helping Oneness. Now anyone who attains Gyaan comes to know how much agyaanis are suffering for nothing. They are all Gyaan, and if they know it and they are open, then they will be healthy and happy and not sick and suffering. They will have the power to not fall sick. It is possible that you can live the life free from any disease and sickness. And that is an ideal living that a human being can get, but he can get it only when he practises Gyaan, that Gyaan he is. Then he knows things and forms, but they are Gyaan. Therefore, Gyaan is serving Gyaan. For Gyaan, there is no other than Gyaan. Love is serving love. For love, there is only love.

But what can you do when a human being is dreaming and says. “I am a dreamer and she is my wife,” or “He is my brother,” or “She is my sister” in the dream? When you are enlightened you know that it cannot be that there are forms in the dream, yet they look just like forms. In the same way when we are sitting over here, if I say that all of you are in my dream, it does not mean that I am a dreamer and all of you are figures of the dream. It is the same Being I, Oneness, and all of you see me in the dream, and everybody acts on his own position—the ocean its own position, the mountain its own stability. Fire is there, the sun is there, deserts are there, camels are there, all that is in the dream, but there is only Oneness, and that is Pure Consciousness.

So if it gets unfolded, becomes enlightened, then that day and that moment you know it. You know it, but it is so sharp that when the same sunshine has gone and it has become evening, what could the light do? It was only darkness, it became agyaan. When the morning came, it became gyaan. And that happens to a human being. Yet only he with his nerves is made such that he can unfold this power of Oneness. So at that time we do not say it is God. Because if we use the word “God,” then somebody says, “The Christian God”, somebody else says, “The God Krishna,” and somebody else says, “I cannot take the name of that because it is a Jewish God,” or because it is a Christian God. What is this? And there a human being is. Therefore, one who is enlightened knows that it’s all Me. Wherever I am, all my leaves, all my flowers, all my fruits, all my bugs in the fruits, everything is just Me. There’s nothing other than Me. And that is the mantr.

You give people everything, but the agyaani head will still not understand. Therefore, you should understand how he will get it. With the agyaani it will be that he is born and he is going to die. All human beings are like that. So we speak, and while speaking you know that something has happened. To whom has it happened? To the same one who was trapped. When he was trapped, he was a mind. And when he’s unfolded, he’s Shyam. Only this. And that is Space. That is Knowledge.

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