Satsang  –   Volume 10, Number 12: November 11, 2007
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All Beings Are in the Heart of My Mother

If Yuktaanand’s mother was not there, he could not speak, because he was born to her. I too cannot speak if I do not remember my Mother – my Mother is the mother of all the persons, human and animal, birds, insects, creatures, earth, water, the ocean, fire, the sun, air, storms and the sky.

All the beings, sentient and insentient, are in the heart of my Mother, and my Mother has love and attachment for all her children … as long as they are there she gives them life, she gives them food, she gives them air to breathe, she gives light to see, she gives audition in the ears to listen, she gives the heart its pulsation, and she sees that every being is a loving being. Why? My Mother’s nature is only love.

If we are born of love, then we are the same effect. If a tree is born of mango seed, it will be mango tree all over. In the same way, if a mother is the mother of love and her nature is love, her nature is knowledge, her nature is light, her nature is life, then all the persons are lively because they are her children; all the persons have love because they are her children; all the persons have light because they are her children; all the persons have awareness because they are her children; and all the persons have a sense of uninvolvement, the detached state, and at the same time the attached state.

I am an elder brother, but I am one with all because all were in the vast space, the heart of my Mother. Therefore, I too am that Space. The result of this knowledge is that Space Mother alone is.

There are many different teachers and professions, but without one mother – Knowledge, Knowingness, nothing will come from your tongue. So, who is the teacher? Who is the teacher of teachers? That is Knowledge. Who is the love of all lovers? That is Space Love.

Now a mother has produced a human being with form, and each human being with form has the senses – eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch. The senses are different, but each person is one person. Where is difference in a human being? He is a full human being. But why is it that he thinks, “These are my eyes, these are my ears, this is my hair, this is my tongue, these are my teeth, these are my nails, this is my blood”? What is this that a person is one, but he speaks about so many parts, so many limbs, so many ideas, so many words? Mother is one. Why are there several mothers, several children, when there is only one? If we can understand “I am one,” then I am one throughout.

Why has a human being forgotten this fact? To remind him, there must be a teacher. Why is it that all religious teachers are teachers of their own religion when religion is one and all the religions are its parts or senses or limbs? So why do they talk differently? Because eyes will talk about forms, what is wrong with it? Ears will talk about sounds, there is nothing wrong with it. The nose will talk about fragrance or breath, there is nothing wrong with it. The tongue will talk about tastes, there is nothing wrong with it. And none is attached to each other – the ears are not attached to the eyes and so is the case with the other senses – they are independent. They are independent, but not separate. Each person is independent, but not separate. Why is it that a human being forgets this and thinks that he is independent all alone, an individual all alone? He is connected. He is one as a whole.

The Mother is one. And if love is there and love is the Mother, then all people and all creatures, whoever has love, is one Love. But why does everybody say, “It is my love,” “It is your love”? In the same way, with knowledge, if the Knowledge Mother is one, then all the states of knowledge are one. If Life is one Mother, how can the lives of people be different lives, from where will they come? Light is one. Any kind of light is one – whether you speak of a flame or light bulb or floodlight or sunlight or moonlight or man’s light, it is all one.

If love, life, light, knowledge is one, what is that one? If one is one, then they must all be one; there could not be any second, third, fourth or millions. One alone is, so what do I talk about? That is Oneness.

My little finger will not say it is a thumb; my thumb will not say it is the first finger; my wrist will not say it is fingers; my shoulder will not say, “I am a wrist;” my feet will not say, “I am arms;” my breath will not say, “I am hair.” And my life, what will it say? “I am all.” Because life is one, not a second, third, fourth. The whole body is one life.

But a human being with his language, see what he does: he says, “It is my language.” There are millions of languages, but sound is one. If sound is one, why are there so many sounds, and why did they become other sounds? If one says “other sound” it is alright – but it is sound.

It is one: though it may sound two, three, four, five, hundreds, thousands, millions, infinitude, but it is always one. And what is that one? Since a human being does not know, what does he say? “God knows.” If God knows one, then God must be one, and if one knows God, then one must be God.

But what does a human being want? That he should not be one as a father talking about his children, but his children should also be one with him. Why does he want this and a mother also wants it, yet a mother and father fight? What will be the result? Oneness will never come.

All the religions fight. All the travellers fight – one wants to go east, one west… There must be one direction that is the same. That is above, and that direction is of sky. And all of you have reached it. It is Shyam Space; it is blue Space; it is one Space. And under that you can be millions of travellers, but you must be one Being.

That Space you can understand very easily. If there are two thousand earthen jugs that a potter has made, they were not there before, so why has the space become two thousand? Who can understand this? Only a human being. Animals cannot. We do not talk about them. We talk about that child of the great Mother who knows it is all One, it is all Me.

And a human being wants to be one with that. So he acts, because of the body; he listens, because of the ears; he talks, because of the tongue and mouth and sound; he sees, because of the eyes. And all the formations of the active aspects of the senses are wanting to reach where? Where life is one.

Who knows life? I. Everybody’s I knows life. Therefore, I and life is one. But why then does a human being say, “I have life”? – as if I is separate and he has got a pot of life somewhere. That sense of difference all beings have, and that is the formation of the nature of my Mother.

My Mother is one and my Mother says, “You are many.” So each person will talk and say, “I am separate.” It is only the Mother, the Mother of Oneness, who will say, “I am One and permeating all.” All will not say this. Each one will not say this.

Because it is the true nature of my Mother, her self-existing nature – that “I am I and at the same time I am all my limbs; I am all my limbs and all my houses; I am I myself and all the trees and all the leaves and all the seasons.” And when the Fall season comes, the leaves fall, but that does not mean they die – again leaves come. So where is the death of your mother? Or the death of my Mother? We should know that is our Mother, and all the human mothers should know that is their Mother. It is only one Mother Space. That Mother is One and has one Love.

In the light of that Love I assure you that you are from that Mother. You can definitely go through that same thread of love to Love. You cannot reach Love through any other thing. Love can be approached through the current of love. That is one current permeating all lives, all the forms of life, of beings on Earth. So this Earth is lovely because of the Mother.

Indians even call their earth Mother India. They do not know what India is, they know only Mother. A human being is born of mother and he will not know anything else, first he will know mother. All the parts of Earth are one Earth. Mother India means Mother Bhaarat [the name of India in Hindi]. Bhaa means Aakaash, the Space. Space is One and Earth is one with it. Therefore, Earth is not a solid thing, it is Space.

And when you reach that height of understanding it is called Highest Awareness. The result of the knowledge is Oneness. If one gets the state of Oneness, there will be no wars due to division, duality. There will be no deaths due to division, birth and death.

Mother is without hate and without division. And all her children hearing that Mother will have the same thought and the same love. This is the place of Oneness – we love each other. We know our fingers are five but our hand is one. There can be a hundred people here, but Space is one. All the trees are there, but Space is one. River is there, but Space is one. Mountain is there, but Space is one. All the animals are in the valley, but the valley is one, Space is one. There are varieties of people and countries, but Space or God is one. If God is One, One should be worshipped, or God should be united with.…

My dear brothers and sisters, that Mother has one sense, and you are her children, thus you are one with her. That sense is the Guru sense, and that can never be polluted. Mother will remain Mother – no children can cut her, no children can divide the sense of Mother. However the children may act – one may become a king, one may become a judge, one may become a general – but they cannot make the Mother different. Mother will remain one with all of them. What a beautiful sense Mother has. It is one Being, one Mother.…

We may have seen varieties of pain and suffering and troubles, but when we become tuned in to that Mother who is sleeping in Silence, where is pain and suffering? In that Silence you come to know Oneness, where all the voices are tuned in to it. It is one instrument. When all the musicians sit quiet, it is one music. Today you have joined the music of Oneness. You have understood me not through complicated lectures; only through the message of the Self that is one with you and one with me: Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, I am Pure, Free, Forever, I am Immortal and I am Blissful.

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