Satsang  –   Volume 5, Number 8: September 1, 2002
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You Will Not Feel Bothered When You Know There Is No Independent I

Vishaal: ....She's wanting to hold control and thinks she must be twice as wise as me. At times she's really hard work, and she still has the ability to push my buttons. I'd greatly appreciate any words on how to deal with her.

Swamiji: Your experience is very similar to that of ours. Each person here is independent they don't depend on anybody, and then they come over here. If you are independent, then she will not say anything. As long as you have a relation with her, or obey her, or ask her for some favor, then she has every right to lay a trip on you, whether you feel bad or not.

Vishaal: Well, I'm sort of very aware of that. It's been a real juggling act to keep control of my own being. I have had to be a bit harsh occasionally, but in the end I guess I've been in control of my own life. I feel a responsibility to her in the time of need. Aside from that, I feel quite free. It's more coming from her side when I try to accommodate her within my situation, she then puts her trip on me.

Swamiji: Then, at that time your sense of duality, your mind comes.

Vishaal: Right.

Swamiji: When you go to New Zealand, leave the mind with Me. [laughter]

Vishaal: Sounds like the deal of the century to me! [laughter]

Swamiji: As and when you'll have mind, you'll feel like that. So this is the main thing. This is the satsang point. Whatever he has said, all of you have heard. The truth is that a human being likes to have his mind; regardless of whether he likes it or not, the mind comes. When it comes, then he has to deal with it. In dealing with the mind, you have to deal with certain persons and situations, which means that the mind becomes more and more powerful. You can spend a hundred years time, but the mind will remain just the same. The mind eats you up completely, and you have no sway on it. The mind does that.

Now, if you are enlightened early, then treat it you will not mind anything in the world whether it be an older, younger, or parallel relation, or a relation of any kind. If you can have the power to not mind anything, then you can do this work. That is Oneness. The Temple of Oneness [which Vishaal hopes to create on his land in New Zealand] is when Oneness gets established in this temple [he points to the body], where there is absolutely no mind then it is Oneness. Then you do things with your eyes, hands, ears, and all that, and because you are not minding, you have no mind.

Then, even if she tries to control you, you can say, "Very good. I need your grace. Whatever you want me to do, I can do. These are the limitations of what I can do. The rest of the things, I'll do like that." You can say this, because you are not minding. The moment you mind, the first thing will be that everybody will say that you are bad which means, you change. This is with everyone. It's human. We talk about Truth over here because I'm aware of the fact that we are all human beings. When we are all human beings, then we have the mind. We have the mind, but we do not know that "I am separate and the mind is separate." You have eyes, but as a human being you do not know that "the eyes are separate and I am separate." When you will know that your I is totally independent, which means separate, then there will be no botheration felt from any relation, from anybody. Then anybody can say anything to you, but you will not be hurt. When you will not be hurt, then you can do this work of the Temple of Oneness.

Vishaal: I greatly appreciated your satsang of last week, when you talked about the relationship of the body. That made a lot of sense to me.

Swamiji: You are aware, so you understand it. Once you know it, for how long are we going to perpetuate the same knowledge? I say things so that you can execute what you have understood. I say that when you, as a person, were born, you were born alone. You have seen many people who in the end have a kind of little cart on the heads of four persons they ride on it all alone. No second person is put over there with them. You go all alone to the cremation ground. If you think you are the body and you develop this thought, and so you also think that a child is born and you were that, then treat it that for your whole life you will have to do that which all human beings do. You cannot be independent. But you can reach the stage of knowing that the body is seen by your mother, father, and people, but the one who knows mother's milk is not a body. That I am, that I remain throughout, and that never dies; that never goes into a coffin, or anywhere.

This is enlightenment. With this enlightenment, you can work better. If that is not there, then you will become the victim of your mind, and people will bring the mind in you. They will express such great emotions in front of you, such great pain and such great joys, happiness, and sports in front of you, that you will start doing that which is the mind. But if you are aware, then you will only be the Watcher, and you will use the body as a car. That is the stage of initiating the Temple of Oneness. ...

That which is the enlightened state has nothing to do with these things. You cannot say, "This and that is practical, and what should I do?" It's unending! You must know only one thing: You are the one who knows how to get mother's milk. That is not the body and those are not lips. I can introduce you to the Self which you are, but it is for you to realize it. Having realized it, how will anybody make you a mind? This remains forever. Those people who think that the whole world, inclusive of all the people in it, exists separate from them, they are the people who think that "this body is separate from me." That is not enlightenment. ...

You'll find such lessons in everything. Whatever you do, you'll find, "Why is it that I am able to do all that, but others are not able to do it for me?" You must know that you were born single and you will go single, so why are you not independent in between? Don't call it single or all alone, otherwise you'll feel lonely. But know the Truth. That is where the Temple of Oneness is. Thank you very much. ...

Vishaal: Here's my mind. [He offers it with a gesture]

Swamiji: There are certain persons. Suppose he is like that suppose he gives Me the mind. Then wherever he will go, he will never, never be disturbed, and his work will be excellent. That's the only thing. Be it through Yog, Gyan, or Knowledge, but you reach there.

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