Satsang  –   Volume 8, Number 11: July 27, 2005
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A Simple Thing: Create Happiness
(Farewell For Dikpal And Hridaya)

Swamiji inquires why people in the West come to learn meditation and is answered that it is mainly to tackle stress. …So the topic is: If you experience the Source of your thought, then your tension, stress, disease, and sickness will start flying away. [Speeches by those at the farewell.]… Well, I feel very happy to have been sitting in such a wise, learned assembly. [Laughter.] I am very thankful to all the channels or rivers that have been filled with the same being of God’s Water. They have continued flowing and have entered the very Being, the Ocean, God’s Water, from where they have taken that knowledge, that understanding, and have come on earth as different channels, or in different forms of human beings. There the thoughts are flowing in the head, the blood is flowing in the veins, and the love is flowing at heart. So all these channels as human beings are not one, two, three, four, or more than seven billion, as they have been counted. They are all from the same God Water.

All the waters running through all these channels must be known to that Ocean. That is why whenever each person forgets something, or does not remember his Source, it is said to him, “Well, God knows.” As no one asks God, “What does God know and what do I know?” so it is has been said that this awareness is totally opposite, or negative. A small channel thinks, “I am a small rivulet.” He does not see more water in it. He says he is his individuality. So when the water begins to flow, then each river develops an individuality. That becomes the mind of a human being. When in the body-river, or the body-container, the mind-consciousness begins to take place, then individuality is developed. Individuality is not only developed, it becomes firm enough not to give up in any way. Thus each person knows, “I am an individual.” And since this individual has been cut off from the Source, the Ocean Water, the Ocean God, or the Infinite Being of knowledge and knower, so this individual person with mind thinks, “I only know a little. But I want to know more.”

Thus, everybody’s search, seeking, or wanting is to know more and more and more. But to know what? Because he does not know that he is wanting to know the Knowingness, so he wants to use his knowing, whatever little he has, to know names and forms. But names and forms are changing. Therefore, his knowingness or knowledge of the mind does not become satisfied, because he is seeking that Knowingness which is infinite, unchanging, and undying. But he never finds anything in the world which is unchanging. He becomes tense, because he has exhausted so much energy yet he could not get the goal.

So he develops stress—on the level of his body, on the level of his mind, on the level of his thinking. He is always distressed, wherever he goes. Then he develops physical suffering. Not only suffering, he develops the fear state of mind. The fear of what? The fear of the end. Because the time is near. At that time he thinks, “I have been thinking my whole life, and I could not get the goal. Now, there is no time and no space for me. I’m going to be finished completely.” So he reaches the idea of death. Thus, by getting away from the Source and getting cut off from the knowledge of his own True Being, a human being is stressed, distressed, suffering, mentally agitated, sick and diseased, and has lost the sense of his own Self, his own Being, which is immortal, undying, unchanging. As he is born with things and forms on his body level, such as his eyes, ears, nose, and hair, so he thinks, “All this is my reality.” But that is changing. Although he is the Knower of the reality which he calls the body, he cannot go and find where the Knower is.

So humanity is suffering because of lack of a teacher, of an informer of that information of fullness—Guru Poorn, a full teacher, a perfect teacher. That is where the channel, when it reaches the end, becomes broad and vast. Until then, it is a river. When the water reaches the ocean, then it knows that “I have been the ocean.” And the river has not been exhausted. It is not a glass of water that you can throw and it goes into a tub or in the ocean and then the glass is empty. The river is still going on. It has never been cut off from there.

But the mind thinks, “I am small. I am cut off. I am a little rivulet. I am a little mind.” This smallness makes him weak. This smallness also makes him ignorant and so he thinks that “I am not full,” or “I am not big enough” or “My knowledge is small.” A human being does not know from where he is born. He is not a river that has come from a mountain or some waterfall. He is a human being. No doubt as a little baby, he is seen to have come from his mother’s tummy. But that is not what his mother knows. His mother knows that “No doubt there is some blood and some food of my own which I have eaten and drunk, but from where did the life come?” It’s not his mother who puts life in him. This life is your true nature, the ocean of Life, the ocean of God, the ocean of Knowingness. That is the ocean of Guru. Unless, as a human being, one gets the information about his own Source, although it is there, but his eyes are turned towards the outside…

A human being thinks, “I will be happy over there.” He never thought that if he was tuned in to happiness he was going to be stressed. But he does not know where happiness is. Happiness is his own heart. Happiness is the source of his thinking. Happiness is Oneness. Forgetting Oneness, a human being has become one, two, three, four—seven billion. Whereas before human beings were born, it was Oneness. Where all the human beings end, it is Oneness. That means it was the Oneness canopy, or the Sky, where all the drops of the clouds became individuals. But it is forever the whole Sky.

Once the knowledge of Oneness is given to a human being, just by hearing this knowledge he automatically becomes tuned in to the Source. All of you who have been trained and who have been enlightened of the light of Oneness are sympathetic to all the persons who you see who do not know that they are one with you—or you are one with them, their mother and father are one with them, the sky, air, and fire are one with them, that food and all things are one with them. Only a human being can have that sense of Oneness. In the world, many people are waiting to hear you—as to what you are bringing in and are prepared for, and how to remove stress.

Stress is a very minute thing. Not only stress, you have to remove the sense of the fear of death. So it’s not stress. Stress will come again and again—as long as fear is there, stress will come. If you lose money, you have stress. If you lose your house, you have stress. If you lose your friend, you have stress. If your friend becomes angry, you have stress. Whatever relations there are, they are all into stress, the fire of stress makes you more fiery in stress, you are burning and burning, and all the tension is reaching you. And you would like to remove it.

But in the first instance, how was tension built up? Why has it built up? It has built up because you have no teacher. Parents have given you food. It’s alright. But food has nothing to do with building tension. Tension comes when you are hungry, when you are weak, when you have no answer to your questions or to your thoughts. And tension definitely comes when you know that you are going to die. Tension also comes when you think, “Why am I born to suffer?” So birth gives you tension and death gives you tension, and in between all the knots and the pain and suffering give you tension.

So in the world full of tension, you are the only one who is going to be the sun in the darkness of this tension. If you shine over there, then the darkness will automatically be gone. Your job is not to go door to door and teach people. You just shine wherever you are, and all around there will be light. It has been known and it has practically been everyone’s experience that the sun has never seen darkness. And the sun will never see darkness. So a human being with the understanding of Oneness will never see the sense of duality, stress, and tension. He will always be sympathetic to all those people and give them whatever he has attained to become happy and free. He should not be a miser: he should tell everybody, because they are his own Self.

So the Source of a human being is the same Source which is the Source of yours. Therefore, nobody is other than you. Since the sense of “other than” has been introduced in society by parents and children, by philosophers, teachers, doctors, and engineers, with whatever reason it has been introduced, you are supposed to bring about that Light with which the sense of otherness is eliminated. The sense of pain, suffering, death, and destruction, all are the outcome of that cause which is the loss of Oneness. Bring about the light of Oneness. Bring about the light of Love. And bring about the light of Knowledge.

Then, whatever a human being is suffering from, such as disease, tension, etc, you can consult with him, and you can hear him, sympathetically. You should know that you are his own person, so he can reveal his difficulties to you, being free in your company. Then he will be blessed, you will be blessed, and the world will be giving you a lot of thanks. When the world of God has been the recipient of the blessings of God’s child, as you are, then God will be pleased. Then you will be pleased, your family will be pleased, the world will be pleased, and God will be pleased. …

It is not very difficult for you: just shine and be happy. My last words for you are: never, never bring your happiness down. That is what the greatest gift is that any person can give me. I’ll love him. Thank you very much. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. See, the stress or tension is being tackled by people. It should have been known that happiness is to be created. That’s all. A simple thing: create happiness. …

When anyone comes before you, you have already known him—that he is your Self, the very Life, the very Source. But if you know and he does not know, then what is essential? To make him aware of the Self, so that he should know himself as the Knower. The Knower you are and the Knower he is. The Knower remains with everyone—even a robin, a peacock, a cuckoo, and a chipmunk. The Knower is with everyone. Thus, a human being is endowed with this capacity and power of understanding that he knows names and forms, deals with relations, makes money, and builds houses—and behind all his actions, there is the Knower. So all people are tuned in to the centre, which is the Knower. But if a person is not there who knows this and tells them about the Knower, then it is not their fault: they suffer and remain cut off. Only by the introduction of this knowledge do they come to the Knower. From that very day meditation starts, and then happiness is the result. Thank you very much everyone. God bless you.

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