Satsang  –   Volume 9, Number 11: August 10, 2006
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I am I is Eternal


Swamiji speaking at the end of a farewell satsang for Jayanti:

Practice, “I am I,” and I is that which never dies. Now, that is the human dilemma, that a person is always afraid of death—not only of his own, but of someone else’s death also. And this is a human being. A human being is so sensitive that he comes to know that death exists. The moment he is born, death exists for him. That is why it has taken close to forty years for me to keep saying, “I am I—Pure, Free, Forever—I am I.” And you are hearing it, but you are hearing with jaundiced eyes, so you need to purify your jaundice, which means the body nature. The body is never permanent. All the bodies have gone from this earth. Why? Because they had come. Bodies come and bodies go. But you, the “I” never came. Even when the earth came, I never came. The sky came, but I never came. And all the elements came, but I never came. But because of I they all came. It does not mean that because those manifestations came, so I came. That is the nature of I. I am I and forever free, even while witnessing everything.

Watcher is watcher even when it is an iceberg. It is witnessing it. It is sakshee, the whole rock, or iceberg, is nothing but water; but water knows “I am I” and not the frozen water. In this way, in time and space, it is only a human being, with his nervous system, that has been given this kind of understanding—that he will succeed in unfolding the kind of awareness that knows “I is eternal.” I have not to say that I was in the past when I say eternal. I have not to say that I is in the present—I eternal. I have not to say that I is in the future—I is eternal. That eternal I—I am I—is eternal. And if you know this, then you can easily say that realization has come like a flower in your hand, and then you can know it is a flower—not a mouse! In this way you can know it is the realization. And only a human being deserves realization, and that human being who listens to Guru, who knows the Guru—that Guru knows it—that Guru is his original Self; the Being who is Krishn; the Being Shri Hari, the Being Space; the Being "I am I." That is called Guru.

Why is he a human being? Because you have invited him here. He didn’t want to come; Guru came because you needed him. So he is nothing but the fulfillment of your need. You appeared, so wherever you are, when you need Guru, you just remember him and he will appear—because “I am I” is there as a Guru; it is forever there as a Knower. For you, the human beings, I especially want to say this, because others cause you to forget. All the relations cause you to forget. They say such things that you will immediately become a body and you’ll begin to say, “Can I help you, can I do this thing, can I do, can I do?” And you become a doer.

That “I” is just causeless cause. It is always free. Therefore, you have to know the worldly mathematics. That is where the alphabet, a-b-c-d; and the mathematics, 1-2-3-4 came from. And if you are on the path, you will know from where the alphabet came. It didn’t come from a rock. From where has 1-2-3 come? It also didn’t come from a rock. They came from a human being—who came from the Source. So the Source is ever free—I am I—even with manifesting a body. The flower is manifested by the plant, but the sap is always there. A tree manifests so many leaves, but each leaf is nothing but the sap. A leaf, being a form, may not know its Source, but the sap knows it, the tree knows it. Even if you say, “tree” it is sap. If you say, “root” it is sap. In this way, wherever you go, it is “I am I”—the Guru—and that is called Shyam Space. And you know it, you remain firm in it…and under all circumstances, you remember your Guru. It doesn’t matter what kind of Guru. You have a photograph or no photograph, a torch or no torch—but Guru is you…he is the one who listens to you. The one who speaks is Guru. The one who listens is Guru; the senses have got nothing to do with it. Even while you are speaking, your ears [hearing] can go anywhere. They have got nothing to do with listening. But whenever you listen, you will have to bring the ears back, so that they become the instrument, and become ready to listen to Guru, because “I am I” there and “I am I” here.

In very simple words, I have reminded you of your True Nature. Whenever you become body, treat it that difficulty will arise. And whenever you become “I am I”…just that—you can say yes or you can immediately say no—it is that quick! So then, it’s all right that you will be body, but at that time, in an instant you say, “I am I.” Then it’s complete, it is the whole, and with that holiness, Shri Jayantiji is going now, leaving all of you to be remembered by her, and you will remember her…You are blessed as “I am I”…Thank you very much, God bless you.


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