Satsang  –   Volume 20, Number 3: January 1, 2019
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Shyam, Pure Space, Is Eternal



Welcome to Shyam Space, 2019! Swamiji wrote a song on New Year’s Eve 2014 which perfectly conveys the spirit of this website, and its reappearance today–out of Eternal Shyam–on the occasion of the celebration of the New Year, 2019. Here is the song for you, and the meaning Swamiji wrote for it in English. You can also listen to a clip of it being sung by Alka and friends.


Shyam, Pure Space, Is Eternal

The year is new, my dear one, but Time is eternal. Today, we are celebrating the arrival of another year. With this celebration, the knowledge has come that what is called Time is Pure Awareness, the Self, which is free from beginning and free from end. Time is eternal. Time, or Kal, is Siddhant (the Principle, or Shyam). Time is Pure Space, which is known as Shyam Space. Thus Shyam–Pure Awareness, Pure Being–is forever in existence. Shyam is eternal.

That which is Eternal Truth, known as Time, is never born, and it is never destroyed nor disappears. The human being, who appears in time and space and is made up by the mind’s forgetfulness, says, “I am born as this form.” But before this forgetfulness, there is only the truth of Ever-Present Awareness. Time is always there, even when one thinks that birth, as this body, has taken place. Nothing is ever in existence without Time, the Self. It is forever in existence as Pure, Free, Forever Reality. My dear one, you should know that Time is eternal.

On this day of the dawning of the awareness of your own Self, I congratulate you and wish you Happy New Year! Congratulations to you, my own dear Self!Today is the celebration where I bless you with Eternal Happiness. This happiness is not of your birth, appearance and living as the body. That body will come to an end one day. Rather, this delight comes with the knowledge of your true nature. I bless you that this year should be filled with the blessedness of realizing Pure Space, Shyam Space, as your reality. That Time, Pure Space, is eternal.

The blessings of happiness, blessedness, and Pure Knowledge have no limits. Blessings are infinite. These blessings are not this world of name and form. The blessings and blessedness are just blessedness; they are not something given as an obvious, visible form to the human mind. They are just blessings! My blessings of your knowing yourself as Pure, Free, Forever–which is unborn, undying, unchanging–cannot be fit into any belief created by any mind or intellect. A human being has the sense of thankfulness towards something other than himself. But when you know that there is only one Truth, one Time, one Moment, then you are blessed by the blessings of Eternal Existence, or Shyam, to Eternal Existence, the very Shyam.

January 31, 2015  

This Can Only Happen In Satsang
(January 4, 2017)

Today is just the fourth day of the new year. Whoever has spoken has to speak, because we are human beings, and a human being must speak while the person whom he is speaking to must hear. If you completely withdraw speaking and hearing, then both persons are like tables. If the tables are withdrawn, then we are speaking and hearing. But we do not know how to withdraw. Once we are born as human beings, we cannot withdraw—although Chaytna said that Swamiji once asked, “If you can leave your shoes there [outside the satsang hall], why can’t you leave your ego, intellect and body?” To say this, even for me, is very easy. Everybody wants easiness. Nobody wants to exert and purify himself. Everybody calls his Self a body. How can that be purified? As long as you know you are a body, there must be some Knowledge that knows the body. All human beings know you are a body. You also, as a human being, know that they are bodies, or that the person you are speaking to is a body. This is a human being.

But why is it that when you sleep, neither are you speaking nor are you hearing? Why is it that when you sleep, neither are you a body, nor a table on this side and that side, nor are you language, speaking on this side and hearing on that side? In deep sleep, what happens to you? Every time you bring in something, so that you should be able to get it. It does not matter whether it is 1917 or 2017, daily you have to gain something. You are here today, you are hearing me, and you are getting something else, you are getting something else. So in satsang, it is possible for you to gain something else, to know something else—daily. Otherwise, all the laws of human beings are limited to birth and death, and in between the timespan and its length and breadth also.

Why is it? You have heard that in deep sleep you are neither a tree, nor a wall, nor a house, nor a bed, nor a language, whether English, Hindi, Hebrew, French, German, Zulu or any other language. You are no language. You are in deep sleep. Why is deep sleep not known to you? Because you never try to know it, and nobody has spoken to you about it. There are both sides: you personally never tried, and a second person never spoke to you about it. Then, what do you know every day? Your name and form. Why is it that your name, which was never there when you were born, became part of your form? And now you never leave it. You cannot leave it, because you were born with a name and with a form. The form is your body—maybe it is a child body which is one day old or a second day old, but it is a body. Your name was not known to you then. That shows that every human being has been informed that he is a body—by a second person, by a third person, by millions of people. Everybody says you are a body. So what else you can learn as a child, except whatever you have heard? And you had no language without hearing it.

So now you are learning, today you are learning: why is it that in deep sleep you are not unhappy? There is no question of being happy—you are not unhappy. You are not worried. You are not agitated. You are not treating it that somebody exists or does not exist. You are not treating it that the world exists or does not exist, or that the world was there a hundred years before and those people who were then have died now, or that millions of years before people were there and they all died—you don’t think about anything in deep sleep.

Knowing the fact that in the waking state you know that you are a name and a form, now my concern is for you to question, “Why is it that you know name and form, yet in deep sleep you do not know name and form?” You must get something, some knowledge. Or else remain quiet, and remain in the same ego-intellect-mind—that shoes are this, pants are this, a shirt is this, a beard is this, hair is this, or children are that. That would show that satsang has not been attended by a person and in satsang there is no Guru who knows Sat (Pure Existence, Self). It is clear that, even in deep sleep, Sat is not worried, not agitated, not feeling up and down, not feeling about the laws of the government for this or that, not feeling about income tax, not feeling about money, not feeling about a second person’s money or a third person’s no money. How is it that in deep sleep you are Sat? And you are always Sat. Yet you never care about it.

It doesn’t matter that it is the fourth day of the year, but you have to hear this. Because you are in the habit of hearing, or somebody is in the habit of talking, and we are sitting in chairs, yet we haven’t cared to talk about those in the seats—how long you are, how short you are, how deluded you are, how not deluded you are. Nothing has been talked about, yet you came to know you are Sat. This can only happen in satsang. It doesn’t matter if you came only for one day, but you are also hearing that why is it that in deep sleep you are Sat, but in the waking state you are thinking that you have become that much old and you will soon die, or you will become sick, or you will hear doctors, or you will go to the hospital, or you will talk about some kind of disease and sickness?

Each person is Sat. And Sat has nothing to do with unhappiness. Therefore, when you are awake, happiness can also not be—there must be some worries, some thinking, some vrittis (mental waves), and then you will be a human being. All human beings know they are born and they will die. Only in satsang, you will hear that you know in deep sleep you are neither dead nor alive, neither unhappy nor happy. All the language you have learned in the waking state does not hold good in deep sleep. Now, a situation like deep sleep is being created in satsang. And that is meditation. If you do not have meditation without any concern, it’s not meditation [for you]. But immediately, you will close the eyes: there is no world of happiness or unhappiness, of long or short, of how many days you have worked or how many days you have not worked, of how much money you have or how much money you don’t have, of how much money you can save or how much money you can spend. Nothing.

Everybody is able to hear. Why? Because you are not dead. If you are not dead, then you must be alive. If you are alive, why, being alive, are you worried, agitated and tense? Being alive and being dead both belong to a human being. So if being dead you are happy, why are you not happy while being alive? Such questions have never been raised to you without satsang. You come to satsang, sit down along with everyone, and keep remaining.

Like the day before yesterday, I didn’t speak a word. I kept listening to everybody. And everybody forgot that this is the new year, 2017, and they should talk about what I had spoken [on New Year’s Day]. Happiness! They cannot talk about Happiness, because they cannot be Happiness. They are alive, they have minds, they have their senses, and they do not know that they were never born. Nobody mentioned on that day that the world is non-existence. Today, even Gagan said it is non-existence—but he can say this when he exists. Without being born, you cannot even know non-existence. Therefore, the birth of a human being cannot be minimized. It is a hundred times better, a million times better, than that of any animal. If it is so, then why it is not better to know the Truth? A human being has come on earth to know the Truth. If he does plan for this in any way, if he does not adopt his life in any way to unfold the knowledge of the Truth, he has not done anything, and he will die without any purpose.

All of you have come to satsang, and you have heard today that even in deep sleep you are Sat. Why do you not hold that in the waking state you are Sat? Close your eyes. Each one of you can know that by closing the eyes, since your ego-intellect-mind does not work, therefore you do not like to meditate. You attended satsang, and you feel good being with people, but you have the power to sleep over the matter of your ego-intellect-mind. It is very simple, but even that you don’t do.

Bodies are such that the deep-sleep person becomes helpless in the waking state. In the waking state, worry will come, tension will come, agitation will come, concern will come, the past will come, the present will come, and the future will not be known—other than death. So if the design is such, and the design is considered to be wrong, why would you compromise with what is wrong? You have the power to change it! That is why you learn over here. It doesn’t matter if you come for one or two days, but you learn that you have the power not to follow the same system which you have been following for years and years. That is satsang. Know that you are Sat. And I’ll be quiet. . . .

Why cannot we understand for good that “Swamiji, we are doing our maximum, we cannot do more than this”? [Laughter] It’s very simple. There is a way of speaking, “Swamiji, because you are sitting, so I address you that ‘Look, I have done everything up to this time. I cannot do more than this. Therefore, accept me or do not accept me, but I will remain the ego-intellect-mind.’” [Laughter] But the ego-intellect-mind person will always be defending that he is not the ego-intellect-mind. That is a human being. Not just one person, rather all human beings have to defend, “I am not the ego-intellect-mind.” Why do we say that they have to defend it? Because actually they are not, truthfully they are not human beings. They are Truth. But because they are born to know the Truth, so they think they are born. And even if they have come to know the Truth, they never leave being born. That is where a human being is. . . .

A human being never thinks that he has the power not to follow the design of a human being. You have to change the design of a human being. You have never to compromise with the thoughts of a human being. A human being’s thoughts, the mind, man or a human being is rag and dwesh (attachment and aversion), achchha or bura, good or bad, good or bad, good or bad. That is a human being. So why should we not know that you keep knowing good, know more good than bad? Don’t hate anybody, love everyone. So that is there.

You just close the eyes in meditation, that’s all, and you have come to know that you were never a human being. A human being is not ordinary. He knows mathematics, alphabets, his age, his length, his weight daily; everybody goes to the bathroom and everybody has a machine over there. [Laughter] It is better to be a human being than to be an animal. A human being at least thinks, he does good things, and he helps people, so he is not bad. . . .

This is what we all are: sometimes happiness, sometimes unhappiness, sometimes this, sometimes that. I say this. But I do not say that you have the power not to continue under the deception of your name. You just don’t have to accept name. And you are free. How simple! I have given you many formulas. But you are rigid. Why? Because you kept dying. You kept taking birth. You kept dying. You kept taking birth. So you only know your birthday. You never know your death day. This way, in satsang we can talk many things and expect some brilliant person to be free from name and form. Being brilliant, if he has heard satsang, he will change. To change means to totally flip. It is not change like a long change. That will become old age. If I say, “Look, you were never born, that’s all” you must have come to know it—and just by saying, “You were never born!” Only Guru can say this. Otherwise, you will not accept it. That is why only those persons come to me who are accommodated as human beings who would like to do satsang. It doesn’t matter if it is for fifty years, or sixty years, or for many years. . . . If you remain bound by time and place, you will not have the result of satsang. In satsang, you have seen that many people said, “Swamiji is not predictable. He can come. He can not come. He can come late. He can come early. He can sit here. He can sit there.” Why? Because he is not a human being. And we have to be human beings! . . .


December 25, 2018  

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