Satsang  –   Volume 11, Number 3: January 31, 2008
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Swamiji's Amaram Day:
Remember Your Liberation

Swamiji spoke in a mixture of Hindi and English, as more than a hundred people from the Kullu community joined the program of satsang, songs, meditation, garlanding, and a langar in honour of Guruji’s Amaram Day

Since it is a collective birthday, I wrote this two minutes before: [He translates the song from Hindi] “You have come on earth and we, filled with love in our hearts, shower the love and joy on you, with blessings. My love, your love, and the love of everyone, the knowledge you have given us, is in everybody’s minds. The purest love of your own, which is permeating our hearts and very silently living in our minds, is your shower, oh Sky. All the showers on earth are your own. Thus, you are the only sky as Pure Sky and earth and earthly beings. You live this love, and we shower and share the love with you.” …

For all of us, there is only one thing that we know. Whether we sleep, dream, or come into wakefulness, we know something that is always there. What is it? Your own life. But how do you know that your life is known by you, when the body is changing, when the age and things are changing and getting abolished completely? How would you know that I am the only one who knows you, or you are the only one who is known to me—always, always, truly I know. That is your I, the Source, which is the I everywhere, every thing, and every person, all the time. That I is known in the mirror of the heart, where it shines. So if the heart is purified, then you know “I alone am everywhere just the same in every being.” Then there will be no sense of duality or division while watching people, animals, or things, it will always be that I. …I thank you very much, all of you have sung so beautifully, and you played wonderfully. …

There are three shruti vaakyas [revealed statements]: That Thou Art, That I Am, and That All Is. This is being sung for ages and ages, from the very beginning. They are not man-made—just as the river flows, the sun shines, and the birds chirp and are not man-made. That who is before the world came into existence, That Thou Art. Also, when the world came into existence, That Thou Art. Oh my dear world as a whole, Thou Art That. And when many people began to say, “We, we, we, us, us, us,” then it is said, All beings, Thou Art That. This is being reverberated as a Guru voice forever, for ages and ages, in time and space. It always remains, being spoken by several mouths and tongues, and being heard by several people. …

People want to know what for Guruji’s birth has taken place on earth. What does he carry with him to convey to his friends, boys and girls, who grow into big persons, and who want to hear him while he is playing, eating, drinking, talking and running around? What is that which he wants to convey? What is that which a human being wants, even when he is quiet, speaks no language, or does every action and speaks all the languages? There must be somebody who should answer. Suppose you met me. You were all avdhoot at one time: you were not having any kind of conditions that you had to hear this or that, yet you were human beings. A human being is just like a little child who is born on earth without clothes. What is he born for? …

A human being becomes big, only then he comes to know why he has come on earth. If it is only for activities, then why is he a human being? He could be a bird or any animal or creature, but he is a human being. So what is a human being born for? … That is the information that we give while we are playing, running, eating or drinking. Everybody wants to hear that which he is. If you are among horses, then horses want to know that someone says they are good horses. If you have a bird, then each wants to hear that he is very good. Among all creatures, even snakes and scorpions, each wants to hear someone say that each is good. … All the things that a human being has come to know on the level of the senses does not give him the knowledge he wants. He wants to know what is that which he is interested in. … He is working, doing things, learning, and participating in all the events, yet he wants to know, What is that knowledge which he is missing?

Each person is missing the knowledge of himself. He knows a lot, and in that lot he knows he is a body. It’s alright. He knows he is endowed with the group of senses, organs, utensils, and clothes, he has friends, he has everything. But what is that which he does not have—and that should be there. A human being does not have the knowledge that he is God, Self, Pure Being, Free Being, Being forever divine, that he is Freedom—unborn, unchanging undying, that he is not ignorant, foolish or unknowledgeable, not weak, sleepy or dead. This is what a human being wants to know. And there is nobody who can tell him. He knows he is weak, that he is changing, decreasing and going to die, that he is losing all that which he has, all the possessions, friends and relations. Whatever he has, he is going to lose—he knows this.

And what does he want? That he should be able to have that knowledge that he has everything—enormous wealth, that which even the gods and goddesses do not have. He wants to know he has that supreme wealth which is forever with him. But people do not tell him what that is. So he says, “You tell me, you tell me where it is! You are playing with me, eating with me, running with me, doing things with me, speaking with me, hearing from me, yet you do not tell me what that is!”

For that there is only the one who is Guru, who came to know the fact of this world, the fact of this human being, the fact of every single sentient being, and of every object which is not even mobile.

What is that? We call it Pure Consciousness, Eternal Truth, indivisible—it cannot be divided by happiness or unhappiness. It is Pure Bliss. That knowledge a human being has come on earth to get.

Getting it, what will happen to him? Getting it, it should do something for him. If it’s written in books, he’s still the same person, it does not work for him. If somebody speaks about it, it’s on the speaker’s tongue, it does not work for him. Therefore, a human being wants that knowledge which he can exercise in his daily life, in his own body life. It should be so easy and simple that it doesn’t need anything—clothes, house, hearth, kitchen, food, bed, blanket, the world or celebrations. It should be with him so he can follow it.

For that, there is the attention on what a human being daily speaks, and that is I. … Daily, everybody says I, and the other person who listens, listens with I. But where is that I which is not the body? Because I is a sound, it is not silver, gold, wood, cloth, cotton, earth or fire. It is not skin, eyes, teeth or tongue. What is that which everybody says daily, I, yet does not know?

There should be someone who should tell him that you can see your I, you can know your I, you can hear your I, you can touch your I, you can smell your I, provided for some time you stop the functioning of the senses by giving them rest. Only give them rest, and you will know that which is your I. … A human being has become so needy to act, see and hear that he does not give rest to his own senses, let alone give rest to other persons.

He can get it if he closes his eyes. That Space is Self. That Space is Aham-Aatma [I–Self], not aakaar [form], not ahamkaar aatma [I-form self/ego-self]. Aakaar becomes the body, but Aham is I: I Aatma, I Space. This Space should not be compared with your I written in any language. That is only sound. So it is not name-I. When sound stops, there is only Space. This is it.

All that which you have come to know, that these are things and forms, all that knowledge is not there, and you have only closed your eyes. Those who are new or novices might not be able to understand what I’m saying, but they have this much knowledge that “I am.” Everybody knows “I am.” But everybody is taught from the very childhood that “I am the body,” with which he works. It’s alright. Along with the body, they have been given toys, but nobody knows “I am toys.” Cars, houses and work, all have been given, but nobody says “I am all of them.” What does he say? “I am the body.” What happened to a human being that he does not say “I am a tree”—or earth, water, or fire, but why does he say “I am the body”?

Somebody should be there who says “I am I.” And I is what? Because the body-conscious human being will not know what I is. Therefore, Guru has to say I is Space—Conscious Being, Conscious Space, not a conscious bird or person, the Space. Space is conscious, that is why it has made out of itself manifest form, such as sky, air, fire, sun, water and earth. That Space is Pure Consciousness. Pure Consciousness cannot be compared with the consciousness of things and forms, because as things and forms change, so too consciousness changes. That is why it is called Pure Consciousness.

Pure means not that it will change. It is Perfect Consciousness. So Perfect Pure Consciousness is your true nature, true essence, true being, true life, true self, true God, true total existence. That can only be understood when you are born as a human being. So birth is never to blame. Never blame things and forms, because they never touch the Space You, I, this or that. No space of any kind, sentient or insentient, can touch this Space. But this is revealed to someone who has come to grasp and realize “Space am I.” That’s why he can safely say “I, I am.” That’s correct. But the moment you follow the words of the people and copy them, you will say “I am my body and name.”

This is not your fault. As a child you have been taught this, and you got it. A wolf boy was never taught by human beings so he never got it, but whatever company he kept, he became that. His consciousness, his space, kept the company of the wolf mother and father and heard them, and he became like them. So the Space-I has the capacity to become anything it associates with. This I has associated with the mind, so it became the mind. That’s why a human being says “I am the mind.” It became the senses, so he says “I am the senses.” Then it associated with the body, so he says “I am the body.” It associated with time-birth and time-death, so he says “I am born and I will die.”

Today at this time, while celebrating the Space, its emanation, its form, and all its forms, know they are not at all to blame. Because they are only forms made for the purpose that Pure Consciousness is the whole reality. By saying “I am born,” the eternal existence or foreverness of Consciousness is not dead. By saying the chair is, the Knower is not dead. That Knower only a human being comes to know, no other creature. That Knower shines in your heart, but you do not get it, because your heart is full of names and forms and all kinds of meanings and words.

When you meditate, when you close your eyes and sit quiet for two or three minutes, you watch it clearly. It is pure Shyam Space. That’s why when Shyam was born, everyone came to know “He is me, he is me, he is me—Space is me.” Like all of you were forms, but you met me—Me, because you were Me. You knew that You was there in you. And I was talking about that Me. But to whom? To your name and body-form, which was seeing with eyes. But I was talking to your Me, which is my Me, your Me. Therefore, I had said it is the birthday of everyone, because Me is ever-eternal Existence. If Me is there, then even at the time of death it is before you. It is that Krishna who closes the eyes, and it is there—Krishna never dies, Shyam never dies, Me never dies, You never die. The information is that Pure Consciousness alone is the reality, and that reality it is so vast that even this space is just like a pebble, and all this little world is nothing but drops. That’s why we sang Kartay jao, kartay jao, dhyaan kartay jao [Meditate]. What do you need? Only to do this practice. …

He is surrendered to all. Why? He is all. For him, no action is bad, no action is good. Whoever is living his life, it is he himself who is living, so it is he himself who is experiencing. It is the play, in varieties of ways, of the Absolute Bliss Consciousness, the very absolute I. Therefore, go beyond the sense of blaming anything on earth and wanting to have anything on earth. It is only your body which is capable of producing this Space. Then you know this Space is Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. Amaram I Madhuram I, Amaram You Madhuram You.

I just wanted to give you only this information, at least from today onwards, when you have completely realized the fact that whatever you wanted, Swamiji was capable of giving you. Why? He knows you are Me—whatever you want, I want, whatever I want, you want. But many people want only things and forms and think they will be satisfied. For the body’s sake everything is needed, whatever the body exists for. But the purpose is siddhant: things and forms and company changes, siddhant does not change. Siddhant means the principle, siddhant is that which remains forever just the same—pure and free. That is what your reality is.

I am very happy today that all of you joined me with great excitement, with great joy, just to listen to me about “What is that which he knows, and what is that which I want to know, and would it not be nice that his knowledge and my knowledge should be just the same?” I said, Yes. And you can check now—it was all one and oneness. Now you open the eyes, and it is all two and many. It is not that you are going to be deluded by others, just open your eyes and there are many—you got caught. In a split second, the same Being, the very Space, when it opens its eyes, it is multiplicity. And it closes them, and it is oneness. It is so simple. That’s called Perfect Pure Consciousness. There is nothing that anything can be on earth except that Perfect Pure Consciousness Existence. Thank you very much. … [Applause]

Everybody should be increasing his joys and enhancing his bliss, health and happiness. I wanted to wish you that. I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to you. Saying “birthday” does not mean that Eternal Space is gone. It is only through your birthday that it is possible that you can know the Space. Therefore Pure Consciousness is communicated through the changing vehicle of the body, so it is not wrong at all, the body is alright. The body is wrong only at a time when you misuse it. What a wonderful figure and form you have been given, with this body, mind and understanding. Everything is so wonderful. But if you are misusing it—what is misuse? When you are doing certain things which will ruin your body and bring about early death. That is where good quality actions are needed, so you can be healthy. For health-sake, it is essential—whether you have to go to a doctor, a chiropractor, or an eye, ear, tongue, or foot doctor, those doctors are gurus for the physical self. But you also have to go to the one who talks about your self that is Eternal Existence. Sing Om Poornamida.  …

My appreciation and thanks to you. Happy Birthday to you. It has been a wonderful, wonderful time. [The audience says, Bolo Swami Shyam Satguru Maharaj Kee Jai] When you say Jai, Jai means “Remember your liberation.” Jai means victory, that you are that which is liberation. So Aaj Key Satsang Key Jai, Aaj Key Satsangeeon Kee Jai [Jai to today’s satsang and those who are in satsang].

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