Satsang  –   Volume 18, Number 9: Guru Poornima - July 31, 2015
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The Words of Guru
Are Nothing But Prasad

This is the happiest moment, today, on Friday, July 31, 2015. It is Guru Poornima! Why has this become a very, very special day? Because all of you have realized the glory of Guru, and that is known as Guru Poornima day. It falls on this poornima (full moon), where there is no waning or waxing of the moon, no decrease or increase in the moon. Guru is the same Existence, where there is no beginning and no end to it, no increase and no decrease in it. It is only one Being. Since one Being is that which is unborn, so there is no beginning to it. It is unchanging, so there is so no deterioration in it. It is unending, so it is not that it will ever be finished. It is ever eternal Existence, which is truth, knowledge, love and you yourself—as eternal Existence.

You have heard me for the last forty-six years, and I have heard Guru for the last ninety-two years. Guru Existence is always at my back, in front of me, on the left side, on the right side, on top—everywhere just the same. These are words describing it, but they can only be realized by intelligent people. Children can share with us, old people can share with us, the world can share with us, but only highly evolved, intelligent people can use their Pure Intelligence to know that Pure Intelligence does not fall in the category of language, which a human being speaks. Yet, without a human being, it is not possible that Guru Awareness—or Guru Poornima, unborn, unchanging, undying—can be realized.

All human beings know that they are forms, they are names, and they are born. On the first day of his birth, the whole world knows that a child is born, yet the whole world forgets from where the child takes birth. Thus, the Source is not known to all people who are in between time and space. No person with time and space can understand before time: no understanding in time and space can understand before time, no intellect in time and space can understand before time, no ego in time and space can understand before time, and no senses in time and space can understand before time. That is why, although many, many people have tried for many, many years to understand this, millennia have passed, millions of years have passed, yet there has been no trace found of where man is born from and from where the world is born.

Yet there is proof, even today at this moment, that while everybody knows that the Source cannot be known, still the Source is known. The Source is known of the world, the Source is known of the first man, and that Source has no name and no form. Yet unless Guru appears—with name and form—nobody can know the Source, because nobody can hear it unless he speaks. When Guru speaks then Guru hears, and that hearing does not belong to the senses or to the ears. Thus, nobody on earth can realize Guru without Guru speaking. Why? Guru knows that Guru Space exists. For this, many words can be used—such as “Pure Existence exists, free Existence exists, delightful Existence exists.” All of you have heard Sat-Chit-Anand (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss). Again and again, you have heard Sat-Chit-Anand. That is the offering of Guru, that is the prasad of Guru. [Prasad means peace, the offering of blessings, symbolized in the sweets that are offered to those who hear Guru in satsang.]

We extend congratulations, because we only know parents, we know only sky, we only know between the earth and sky, and we only know our own self. For a human being has been given senses: without the senses, he is not a human being. We cannot terminate a human being’s existence, the human being as a whole, or even the body that sleeps, just because he has senses. Those senses are in nature, or prakriti, because the body is made by prakriti. Prakriti has given all the qualities (gunas) in the body, or the three gunas, which are sattwogun, rajogun and tamogun (the powers of luminosity, activity and inactivity)—and that is the Source. Many people have tried to convey this. But in the Guru tradition, it has been said that the whole world came into existence in visible form only through the three gunas.

Now all of you, although very intelligent and highly evolved, in your childhood you never heard about the gunas. Even if you heard about the gunas, you never questioned from where they came. The gunas cannot come if Guru does not exist. Guru is that Space, which is shuddh, or pure. And a human being, with the help of all the senses and their might, strength or working, cannot know Guru. Thus, a human being is said to be in existence again and again, again and again, each time with birth and its end.

Guru says everything and you hear it—you, who are opposite [dualistic, opposite in nature to the Source]—with the help of the senses, which are made opposite; and the body, which is made opposite; and the end, which is made opposite; and birth, which is made opposite. Guru says that you do not have to worry about that which is made positive and that which is made negative. You just have to know Guru, that exists. Eternal Existence, that exists. All these words are being used for you to hear with the opposite understanding, viparyay buddhi, or the opposite intellect. With this opposite intellect, you are trying to understand that which is not opposite, which is the Whole, which is one Being.

Guru has only been using the words and meanings that you know. But in silence, no senses can function, no ego-intellect-mind can function, no human being can function. There, that remains realized which is not to be realized: it is realization itself, sakshatkar itself. Being exists, by itself. Pure exists, by itself. Guru exists, by itself.

Those children who have the sense that they are not born as human beings, somebody among them has to ask, “What is this that I am born and I am supposed to die? I am aware that I don’t want to die. I don’t think it should be that if I am born so I should die.”

This confusion remains all the time—unless it is withdrawn through a prasad through words. The words of Guru are nothing but prasad. If Guru’s words are not used, then all the time you remain in the field of knowledge which says that birth exists and death exists. This is confusion, and all human beings, who are born as children, have to be confused, because they are taught by confused people. The child does not know anything, he knows no language. He also does not know how he breathes in and how people breathe in. That shows that if this maya, this illusion, had not been constructed to appear on earth, the world would not exist, the individual would not exist, and sentient and insentient beings would not exist.

Thus, if at all there is a possibility for human beings to know reality—the truth, love and knowledge, pure or Guru Existence—it is only by closing the eyes. The words became prasad, and your realization became the eating of the words. For human beings, words cannot be if akar (form) is not there. So all human beings, including all sentient beings, are all ahankar (ego, ahan-kar; or  I, Aham, as form, akar). But Aham is not ahankar. No eyes can see Aham. Yet all human beings are wanting to be free from birth and from the end of birth. But they are born in time and space, so they cannot know the Source as time and as space.

Thus, it is a royal mystery, raj guhyam, it is a royal yog, raj yog, and that can be revealed to you on Guru Poornima day. All this which I have talked is a revelation to you. But if you do not read it, if you do not apply your understanding to it, then pure understanding will not come. You will continue saying, “Pure Intelligence, Pure Intelligence,” but without Pure Intelligence, only the intellect is there and a human being with intellect is there.

Now, there is no intellect. No question. No doubt. No confusion. That is why it is a very special moment of infinite delight—uncut, no division, indivisible, undivided, Pure Free Forever Guru Existence. [Meditation, followed later by songs]


These songs are not ordinary songs, or those which people sing for happiness or unhappiness, for sadness or the ecstasy of human life. These songs are full of bliss. Every song is nothing but the Source, which is Bliss. That is why it is not necessary for people to ever think they are going to be happy in it or unhappy with it. It is just Bliss.

Actually, Guru Poornima has to be observed or celebrated in this way, rather than by so many people coming while I am sitting over there, the basket for flowers is there, people are putting things and forms into it, and it takes two or three hours only in doing that. That is a kind of way of human beings. Guru is not a human being. Yet Guru is a human being. Therefore, for him there is no such thing as Absolute Bliss Consciousness by itself, or the consciousness and happiness of a mother who has given birth to a child, or the unhappiness of persons who end or depart. It is only one Being, one Reality, and that is what Guru Poornima is about.

The celebration of Guru Poornima removes the fear of any kind that humanity as a whole gets, just because they have been told that death will take place. Due to this, fear comes. Death and fear are together: use the word “fear” or use the word “death,” it is only just death. In Guru Poornima—which means Pure Awareness, which all of you have realized—you have become free from such an idea of fear.

On Guru Poornima day, we know that without Guru, there is no Guru Poornima. Without Gurus, there is no Guru. Without Guru, there is no you and without Guru there is no I. It is only a human being who reaches that height of realization, which is Guru Consciousness—the same is God Consciousness. But without Guru, there is nobody to tell you about the Supreme Reality, all-permeating. That is why Guru is the highest, and you are one of them. Without Gurus, there could not be satsang. Without satsang, there could not be Guru, and without Guru, there could not be satsang.

It has been most wonderful and a greater efficiency that you exhibited [people were informed at 6 AM that Guru Poornima would be celebrated at 7 AM], as last night all of you slept with the understanding that there would be no Guru Poornima. [Laughter] You were surprised to know that there is Guru Poornima. Thus, Guru Poornima is eternal Existence. …


Since Guru is one—before time, in time and after time—when the world was not, Guru alone has been. When the world will not be, Guru alone will be. All human beings who have come on earth in the past, all human beings who are now in the present, and all human beings who will come in the future—it is all one Guru. That is why Guru is one without a second. I appreciate and love Guru immensely. Because love is one, and one without any fuss. [Laughter] Thank you very much everyone. God bless you. Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum. [Applause]

One more thing. All of you are there. You are in that state of victory. Therefore,
Aaj key satsang key jai! (Victory to today’s satsang)
Satsangeyon key jai! (Victory to those who do satsang)
Guruji key jai! (Victory to Guru) … [Thunderous applause]

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