Satsang  –   Volume 18, Number 10: September 5, 2015
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As Long As The Unchanging
Has Not Come In Your Heart
Krishna Is Not Born

Before any song is sung, this is the introduction of today’s festival, Krishna Janmashtmi, that celebrates the birth of Krishna—which is the high of the day in the hearts of people.

When you wake up after sleep, ignorance of the Self, or Oneness, besets. Whenever it happens that Krishna comes, this ignorance is removed. Whatever remains becomes the dawn of knowledge. So the dawn of knowledge only comes when ignorance of the Self is removed. In our case, we have been talking about the Self in satsang for the last forty-six years.

The whole world is born and people are born—so the world has come out. When there was no world, there was no question that ignorance was to be killed or removed. Whatever was at that time, there was no name for it such as “knowledge”—because knowledge is only spoken of in view of ignorance.

Here in Bharat (India), Krishna is known as that Self, or Supreme Reality, which is the symbol of purity. If anyone is pure at heart, it means that in him Krishna is there. If Krishna is there in you, why would you be ignorant-born children? In the world, we are called God’s children. If we are God’s children, then we should have the quality or trait of God. But why does it happen that we become ungodly—without the knowledge of the Source, without purity—and become a human being?

The moment ignorance is born, it has to be eliminated one day, which means become dead. A human being who is born is changing. He lives, he works, he achieves, he becomes old and he perishes. Six traits are there with a human being. A human being is born, so the first trait is that he has to become. Then he has to exist. The third is he has to change. A moustache will come, his shoulders will increase, his feet will become big, so there will be change. When change is there, it will not only remain just a little, it will become bigger, which means he will increase. So the fourth is that he has to increase. When increase takes place, for how long will it go on? Maybe for fifty years. Then, decrease will take place. After that, the sixth is be that he is completely destroyed. This is a human being.

That is why experts want to see that a human being should not change. A human being also wants not to change. This means that in every human being, the Unchanging dwells. That is Krishna. Every human being has come from Krishna, from the Unchanging—which has no birth, no change, no death. So for us, in this age, at this time, all increased, intelligent people are supposed to apply their intelligence to know: What is that which is unchanging? As long as the Unchanging has not come in your heart, Krishna is not born.

With us now, it is not the telling of traditional stories about Krishna. It is not necessary for us to narrate stories and get high. Stories also bring you high. And the stories of death are depression. Today, when we are observing Krishna Janmashtmi, we are observing it at a time when it is Krishna Kal (the time of purity), Siddhant Kal (the time of the principle that is beyond time and space), or the time of God Consciousness. If you remain body-conscious, then death is there. For the last forty-six years, we have been speaking that death does not exist—in that which is unborn, unchanging, undying. But you have to hear it again and again, and get established in that Krishn Janm, Krishna Consciousness, God Consciousness, Self Consciousness or Pure Consciousness. Thank you. [Songs are sung.]


This is the song of Purity and Oneness: Radhay Shyam. Radhay Shyam are not two persons, one boy and one girl. When you close the eyes, that is Radhay Shyam, that is Oneness. When human beings were not born, what was the necessity of singing this? So all the festivals happened for human beings. From the elders’ side, they have tried to make people deathless and birthless. Birth is not Radha and death is not Shyam. But a human being is filled with the sense of duality, the ignorance of Oneness. Whenever Oneness is lost, you become full of ignorance and get deteriorated and do all kinds of things that bring about death.

But this is the song of Purity and Oneness. From everywhere, wherever a human being was living, a sound came out—Purity and Oneness, Purity and Oneness, Radhay Shyam, Purity and Oneness, Purity and Oneness, Radhay Shyam. Not only that, even the birds began to sing Radhay Shyam! [Laughter] Whenever it happened that Krishna dawned, beings were all into Oneness. All the birds chirp in the morning, but you never think they are in the sense of duality and that thousands of birds are singing. In the same way, at a time when cows were in abundance, the gopi and gwal (cow herders) had to look after the cows, and even the cows would say, Radhay Shyam, Radhay Shyam. [Laughter] In this way, the whole world was filled with the sound Radhay Shyam, Radhay Shyam.

You have seen, we do not do this kind of celebration every single day. Yet in five minutes you have sung and created an atmosphere that everyone is happy. Why? Because the sense of duality is gone from the heart and it reached, through sound, to the sky. And the sky is forever established in the state of Oneness


When love arises and creeps into our hearts, in the beginning it is like a beautiful little stream which flows very slowly, very gently. Due to that love, our hearts, slowly and slowly, begin to increase, to enhance. When this love is in manifestation, it appears that people begin to laugh and enjoy, the way a river does when it increases. It is like the rainy-season river, which begins to bubble up and begins to roar. Slowly and slowly, it just laughs and enjoys, as it takes many curves, many twists. It travels and travels. After many years, it slows down and reaches close to the ocean, becoming slow. Slowly it flows only in ripples, and then with no ripples. There it gets immersed in the vast ocean, the infinite ocean of love and bliss, and experiences that bliss absolute, the Absolute Bliss Consciousness. That is the glory of God Consciousness, which actually appears in the human heart and the human mind as God Consciousness.

But it is getting very difficult these days, because of the noise of machines, the noise of cars and all that atmosphere, which, at heart, even the modern man feels was not like that for him when he was a little child. When he becomes, then it is not a river of love. It is totally different with the noise of machines.

There are only a few persons on earth who are talking about the consciousness of love, the consciousness of peace, the consciousness of joy. We are only a few persons who began to love God, the very Self, so extremely that with the great, intense desire to love God, we created a satsang situation. Whoever comes, as the rain falls and drops arise, they arise at a place which is the flow of love and joy. Everybody joins in that God Consciousness. Children perceive it. People feel “What a beautiful atmosphere it is that we do not have to hear about the roar of guns and be afraid.” They become at peace, with joy, and have bliss at heart. Why is it called “bliss at heart”? The heart means the centre, the beginning of God. So God Consciousness is the heart. We call it Pure Free Forever.


I will wind up the whole session by letting you know what the flute of Krishna is. We, all children, are born with this flute. But people interpret that a child is born weeping and crying. Whereas when the child weeps, all the doctors, nurses and mothers think that he came into existence. What is that weeping? The sound of the Absolute. The Absolute does not sound. So whenever the child creates sound, there has to be division. Only in division can we enjoy—we can enjoy form, we can enjoy consciousness and learning—sounding, or experiencing. Sound stands for experience, and the flute stands for form.

When you realize, after realization, your body becomes like the flute of Krishna. Before that, you are full of prakriti (nature, which changes), or tattwas (elements), which change. Those elements are hungry, and they feed; they are hungry, and they feed. Then slowly and slowly, they get deteriorated, deteriorated and end. But you have seen that for millions of years Krishna’s flute is sounding. That flute is the best sound that came on earth and started sounding in the sky. This song, when they sang it with the flute, not only rang in our hearts, that flute has been singing and singing forever. I wish that everybody should be able to reach the height of the singing of Krishna’s flute. Where the flute begins, there is no sound. Where the flute ends, there is no sound. In the middle, there is all joy and happiness. Therefore, this Krishna Janmashtmi we bless you with that great bliss and happiness, which everyone should enjoy. Thank you. [Applause]

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